'Horns' Trailer Debuts: Daniel Radcliffe Might Be the Devil


Whether writing talent is truly hereditary is up for debate, but aside from typing out a slew of bestsellers, Stephen King has also sired a pair of highly regarded young novelists in sons Joe Hill and Owen King. Now, Hill's well-received horror tome Horns -- about a man whose tormented existence following the mysterious death of his girlfriend is complicated by the sudden appearance of horns sprouting out of his head that compel everyone around him to share their ugliest, darkest truths -- is headed for the big screen.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe in the central role and featuring a supporting cast that includes Juno Temple, Max Minghella, Heather Graham, and David Morse, Horns is scheduled to arrive in theaters on October 31, which gives us plenty of time to figure out how the heck director Alexandre Aja managed to turn what's actually a pretty nifty (and not terribly cinematic) book into a movie that people will want to watch.

The jury is still out after watching this trailer, which debuted at Comic-Con -- it rushes through the major storyline beats and introduces a handful of the story's more context-dependent elements (snakes!) without much of an explanation. But hey, if you want to hear Radcliffe speak in an American accent and want to whet your appetite for some Halloween horror, there are probably worse ways to spend a couple of minutes. Check it out here:

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