'Guardians of the Galaxy' Trailer Threatens to Obliterate the Late-Summer Doldrums


Once upon a time, filmmaking technology made the idea of a serious superhero movie all but impossible -- and then directors' toys caught up with the times, enabling such stone-faced comic-inspired classics as The Dark Knight. But as powerful as those films were in terms of getting a broader audience to take superheroes seriously, they also took a bit of the fun out of watching people save the day; nobody wants camp, necessarily, but a good, light-hearted action-adventure romp with special powers could go a long way toward reminding all of us how much fun blockbusters used to be.

That's a lot to place on Guardians of the Galaxy's shoulders before it even arrives on screen, but if there's a superhero franchise with a prayer of making it happen, it's one led by the wisecracking Chris Pratt, featuring Zoe Saldana as a green-skinned alien assassin, Bradley Cooper as a talking raccoon-type thing, and Vin Diesel as a tree.

And oh by the way, check out this trailer. Action? Check. Quips? Galore. Sense of humor? Very much. August tends to be a dumping ground for cheapo horror and B-movie flicks performing above their direct-to-video level, but just as Marvel's been steadily stretching blockbuster season toward the colder months, Galaxy could be the movie that starts stretching it the other direction, into the fall.

Either way, it's the only only trailer you'll see this year that gives you the opportunity to watch space warfare to the tune of "Spirit in the Sky" and "Hooked on a Feeling." Check it out below:

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