'The Grey' Ending Spoiler

Posted 3:09 PM January 30th, 2012 by Binh Ngo

Liam Neeson's battle with wolves in Joe Carnahan's The Grey is the top movie at the box office this past weekend with an estimated gross of $20 million, but it appears the movie left some viewers with questions, particularly on the ending.

Since we're heading into spoiler territory for The Grey, those who don't want the movie ruined for them, turn away now.

Just before the credits roll, we see Liam Neeson's Ottway constructs make-shift claws out of a knife and some broken bottles before letting out a shout and running toward the leader of the wolves. The movie cuts to black and the credits roll.

If you left at that point, you'd missed out on the extra scene after the credits in which Ottway and the wolf are both lying on the snow. It is suggested that the wolf has been fatally wounded, but Ottway's fate after the fight is purposefully left for the viewers to decide.

If the viewer is an optimist, Ottway survives; if not, he dies. There's no right answer, really, since what transpired is all we have to go on.

Here's what we know about Ottway and his transformation though. In the beginning of the movie, he wanted to take his own life, but was pulled back from the brink by howls of the wolves.

By the end of the movie, he no longer wants to die, but instead, chooses to fight back. He could have easily let it end there with him being the last man standing.

Also through out the movie, we saw him dreaming about lying next to his wife, longing to be by her side. We find out later that his wife is actually dead, so those scenes represent him wanting to join her on the other side. On a side note, Neeson's real wife, Natasha Richardson, died in 2009 due to a head injury sustained in a skiing accident.

At the end of The Grey, however, he no longer sees his wife lying next to him, but a wolf, further cementing the idea that Ottway no longer wanting to die.

As mentioned above, the movie purposefully won't answer the question on whether Ottway will live or die at the end, leaving that part for the viewer to decide.

So there you have it: the ending to The Grey.

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