'Godzilla' Drops Suitably Gargantuan Full-Length Trailer


Legendary proved they were on their game with the first teaser for their upcoming Godzilla, and with the movie's debut full-length trailer, they've stepped it up a notch. It doesn't give too much away, but neither does it skimp on the good stuff -- this, folks, is how you promote a monster movie.

Of course, we're all familiar with the basic beats of Godzilla's story, including his nuclear origins and generally ticked-off nature, and the Godzilla trailer puts them both prominently on display. But director Gareth Edwards adds a human layer that's all too often missing from movies like this, not only by emphasizing the raw horror that could ripple in such a monster's wake (demonstrated by Bryan Cranston in one particularly moving clip), but by reveling in the size and scope of its destruction.

There is a difference, in other words, between watching stuff blow up (which tends to be fun) and feeling it fall apart -- which is entertaining in a different and arguably more meaningful way. If these couple of minutes are an accurate representation of what Edwards has been up to, this Godzilla will stomp squarely on the latter side of that divide, and filmgoers will reap the rewards.

Godzilla is scheduled to arrive in theaters on May 16.

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