Glenn Close Heads Up the Nova Corps in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Glenn Close

Glenn Close is finalizing a deal to join Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She will play the head of an intergalactic police organization called the Nova Corps.

Corps members get their powers from a super computer called the Xandarian Worldmind, and the amount of power they can withdraw is commensurate with their rank, meaning Close's character would be one of the most powerful in the movie.

As far as I know, the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy do not belong to the Nova Corps, but they may team up to take on a greater threat or may even butt heads from time to time.

Chris Pratt is playing Star-Lord, the leader of the Guardians. Zoe Saldana is playing the green-skinned assassin Gamora, and Dave Bautista is playing Drax the Destroyer. The actors playing the other two members, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, have not been revealed.

Lee Pace is on board as the main bad guy, and Michael Rooker is playing a space pirate named Yondu. John C. Reilly, if he commits, will play Rhomann Dey, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who's there to keep the Guardians in line.

James Gunn is directing, and production is scheduled to start next month over in the UK for an August 1, 2014 release.

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