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Pacific Rim

If you just can't wait to see Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim...well, we can't help you; you'll have to get in line on July 12, just like everyone else. But even if we won't be getting a look at the finished film anytime soon, we can take consolation in the slew of new images recently released by USA Today.

Del Toro also took a few minutes away from post-production work on Pacific Rim -- which he described as "the only movie I've done where I don't want it to end" -- to delve into the rich mythology behind the project. In surface terms, it's nothing more than an action thriller that pits giant monsters against giant robots (and hey, that's more than enough, right?), but Travis Beacham's script also drew inspiration from old-school sources like Japanese kaiju monsters (think Godzilla) and American westerns.

It's on that latter note that del Toro proves most expansive in the USA Today piece, referring to the station that holds the robot pilots as "basically the Alamo" and admitting that when they put their uniforms on, "we made it a point to put the sound of spurs like a cowboy."

Of course, del Toro being del Toro, even a classics-indebted picture like Pacific Rim can't help but exhibit some of the director's famous design sensibility. Asked to name his favorite giant monster, he hemmed and hawed a bit ("they are like my children") before singling out one named Leatherback and chuckling, "I find him very, very endearing. He has a big belly so I identify with him. He's no doubt my main man."

Take a look at our complete Pacific Rim photo gallery here.

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