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The Wolverine

Now that they've finished screwing around with the sadly requisite rounds of teaser trailer teasers, Fox has finally deigned to give us our first honest-to-Logan Wolverine preview, dropping 2:27 of action-laced goodness on the Wolvie-lovin' masses. In a word: Snikt!

Of course, a two-minute clip is nothing on which to base any sensible opinion of a film, but from the looks of this trailer, James Mangold's The Wolverine could go a fair distance toward rehabilitating the titular Marvel anti-hero's tarnished cinematic reputation after the doldrums of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Not that any Wolverine movie will ever approach the depths of the character's nihilistic violence on the printed page, but at the very least, The Wolverine makes a show of delving into some of the more interesting quirks of his abilities and his past.

Longtime fans know Wolverine is essentially immortal, which seems pretty cool (and has enabled Marvel to shoehorn the character into some fairly far-flung storylines) but also comes with a price -- one which an old "friend" offers to relieve in the trailer's opening moments. It might seem like a tempting bargain to a guy who's lived through centuries of death and destruction, but what happens next?

Well, we don't know, really -- but we can say Logan looks pretty pissed for most of this clip, which is just as it should be. Check it out, and mark your calendars for July 26, when The Wolverine is scheduled to bow on traditional and 3D screens.

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