Full-Length 'Hangover III' Trailer Debuts

Hangover III

Just when we think we're done with the Hangover movies, they pull us back in with a trailer that makes us wonder if maybe -- just maybe -- The Hangover Part III might prove a fitting finale for a film series that started out with so much promise before going off the tracks with a limp Part II.

Of course, a trailer is just a trailer. And there's every possibility that the laughs you find in this clip come from all the good jokes in the finished film. But given that Part III comes up with a pretty compelling reason to bring the Wolfpack back together again -- and put them back in the delightfully loopy orbit of the insane criminal memorably played by Ken Jeong -- this is, against all odds, starting to look like it might be a comedy worth seeing.

You've got a few weeks left to make up your mind before The Hangover Part III bows on May 24. In the meantime, here's a giraffe, some death-defying stunts, John Goodman, a little R. Kelly, and -- of course -- plenty of rude humor.

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