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Fifty Shades of Grey Could Have Been a TV Series

1:57 PM 7/11/2014 by Fred Topel
Fifty Shades of Grey
While readers everywhere wait for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, consider that you might have gotten to see the ongoing story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele as a continuing TV series. And not a tame network series or even basic cable, but a fully graphic Starz show.

New Harry Potter Story Doesn't Mean Daniel Radcliffe's Back

12:11 PM 7/8/2014 by Fred Topel
Daniel Radcliffe
J.K. Rowling made big Harry Potter news when she posted a new story featuring Harry on the Pottermore website. The story is in the form of a Daily Prophet article by Rita Skeeter, but it mentions an adult Harry attending a Quidditch event. Her timing was perfect for the Television Critics Association, as Radcliffe appeared before the TV press group via satellite from Broadway to promote his British series A Young Doctor’s Notebook airing on Ovation.

7th Chucky Film In The Works, Cast Returning

11:43 PM 6/29/2014 by Fred Topel
It took 25 years for all six Chucky films to come together in one collection. When they finally did, they won the Saturn Award for Best DVD/BD Collection Release. Of course, Chucky: The Complete Collection was the first time the latest film, Curse of Chucky, was available at all. The straight to video entry was so successful, that Chucky creator Don Mancini confirms he is writing a seventh. “I’m in the middle of it,” Mancini said the night of the Saturn Awards.

Robert Rodriguez Talks Nerveracker Script, Cast, New Challenges

11:35 PM 6/29/2014 by Fred Topel
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez is always a busy man. He started a TV network this year, El Rey, and directed several episodes of its launch series, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, based on his own movie. On Thursday night, the makeup effects artist for his show, Greg Nicotero, won the George Pal Memorial Awards at the Saturn Awards.

Neil Marshall Talks Trollhunter Remake, Ditching Found Footage and Troll FX

11:23 PM 6/29/2014 by Fred Topel
Neill Marshall has been busy directing television these days, including series like Black Sales and Game of Thrones. He directed the pilot to NBC’s Constantine TV series and he showed up at the Saturn Awards to talk it up. I asked him when we’re going to see another movie from the director of The Descent and Centurion, and he gave me an update on his next film. “I’m still working on Trollhunter, to get that off the ground,” Marshall said.

Did Piracy Kill Kick-Ass 3?

12:53 AM 6/27/2014 by Fred Topel
Chloe Grace Moretz won the Saturn Award, from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, for Best Performance by a Young Actor for her role in the remake of Carrie. After she came back into the press room for photos, I asked her if she’s heard anything about a Kick-Ass 3.

Lin Shaye Promises Elise's Hidden Past In Insidious: Chapter 3

12:37 AM 6/27/2014 by Fred Topel
Insidious: Chapter 2
Lin Shaye attended the Saturn Awards to present awards to winning horror film The Conjuring and winning Young Actor Chloe Grace Moretz for Carrie. On the red carpet, I spoke to Shaye about the news that Dermot Mulroney was joining the cast for Insidious: Chapter 3. Shaye was excited to welcome him, but also told me that the third chapter would reveal much more about her character, the psychic and now spirit herself, Elise.

Jurassic World Director Colin Trevvorow Rolled In The Mud With His Actors

12:27 AM 6/27/2014 by Fred Topel
Jurassic Park 4
The Wolverine was nominated for a Saturn Award by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, though it lost to Iron Man 3 for Best Comic-to-Film Motion Picture. Representing The Wolverine, Brian Tee walked the red carpet where I asked him about his upcoming role in Jurassic World. “I get to be another badass,” Tee said.

Guardians of the Galaxy Director and Star Talk Music and Cameos. No, Not That Cameo!

12:19 AM 6/27/2014 by Fred Topel
Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn and star Michael Rooker presented the Saturn Award for Best Comic-to-Film Motion Picture to Kevin Feige for Iron Man 3. While Feige was photographed with his award, I got to ask Gunn and Rooker about the upcoming Marvel movie. By now you’ve seen the trailer with “Spirit in the Sky” and “Hooked on a Feeling” playing on the soundtrack.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 Shooting Script Expected Next Month

6:37 PM 6/24/2014 by Fred Topel
Beverly Hills Cop
Beverly Hills Cop 4 has been rumored since 2007, and was sidelined for a bit when a potential CBS TV series was in the works. The sequel has a fairly definitive 2016 release date now, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed he expects to have a shooting script within a month.

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