First 'Thor: The Dark World' Trailer Promises Epic Action

Thor 2

One of Thor's unexpected pleasures was just how disarmingly funny it managed to be, while still making plenty of room for the straight-faced epic adventure the comic is known for. Given its title, we've been expecting something a bit grimmer from the upcoming sequel, Thor: The Dark World -- and those expectations have been confirmed by the movie's first trailer.

In a nutshell, Marvel's first Dark World clip does everything a trailer is supposed to do: It lays out the parameters of the story (without giving too much away), tosses in a few glimpses of returning characters (including Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, and a brief, dryly funny appearance by Tom Hiddleston as the duplicitous Loki), and includes enough tightly edited bits from the rest of the movie to give you a general feel.

So here's what we know, based on the trailer embedded below: Before the universe, Odin tells us, there was darkness -- and some form of that darkness has decided to make trouble for Earth, which is enough to bring Thor back here and reunite him with Jane before all the battling begins.

Of course, Thor loves few things more than battling, but the stakes seem to be a little higher in The Dark World -- including a moment that may force him to make a painful sacrifice. Check it out below, and be ready on November 8, when Thor: The Dark World arrives in theaters.

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