First 'Planes' Trailer Reiterates Disney's Commitment to Talking Machinery


Because Cars and Cars 2 weren't enough, Disney's going back to the anthropomorphic well this summer for Planes, starring Dane Cook as the voice of a talking crop duster named...Dusty. Really, do we need to keep going from here? We do? Sigh.

As you can no doubt glean from Planes' August 9 release date, this isn't a project the studio has a lot of faith in -- in fact, it was originally earmarked for the direct-to-video market. Someone up the executive chain at Disney must have seen a theatrical hit in the making, presumably while taking in footage that wasn't included in this trailer.

This isn't to say that what's on display in the first Planes trailer is bad, necessarily; it just isn't demonstrably up to par with anything that's supposed to take place in a universe inhabited by Pixar-derived characters (even ones who come from a franchise as critically unloved as Cars).

Did we chuckle? A couple of times. Is the animation beautiful? No doubt. Does the whole thing give off the appearance of a movie originally intended for home video screens? Absolutely. Still, while the studios are burning off their blockbuster dregs during the dog days of August, Planes could attain reasonably impressive elevation. Watch below:

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