First Look 'Frozen' Trailer Promises Cool Slapstick Humor


It's still nearly six months away from theaters, but Disney's Frozen is ramping up its promotional campaign with a first-look trailer that offers a solid glimpse of the movie without actually giving much of anything away.

In fact, rather than showing anything to do with the movie's central plot -- which focuses on a young woman's (Kristen Bell) quest to find her sister (Idina Menzel), who's responsible for their kingdom's permanent winter -- this wordless two-minute clip focuses on two of the movie's non-human characters: a reindeer and a magic snowman named Olaf.

Olaf and the reindeer's silent comedy is good for a few laughs, even if it probably doesn't offer much of an indication as to what we can really expect from Frozen -- particularly the songs composed by Avenue Q and Book of Mormon vet Robert Lopez. Either way, we can certainly expect to see more between now and when the movie makes its theatrical debut on November 27.

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