'Fantastic Four' Reboot Will Be 'Grounded, Realistic'


We know Fox is high on its prospects with the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot -- they've already started making plans for a sequel, after all -- and we know it's going to star Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic), Kate Mara (the Invisible Woman), Michael B. Jordan (the Human Torch), and Jamie Bell (the Thing). But we don't know much about what's actually going to happen in the movie, although with Chronicle director Josh Trank at the helm, we've kind of guessed that audiences can expect an altogether more realistic take on the fabulous foursome's origin story than the one we got the first time around.

According to Simon Kinberg, that guess is pretty close to the truth. "The thing I would say overall about the film is that it’s a much more grounded, realistic, dramatic version of the film than those are films were," the screenwriter told Collider, although he hastened to add, "Which isn’t to say it’s Dark Knight. It’s not."

Getting more specific, Kinberg continued, "I would say there’s a spectrum, and we’re on the spectrum between Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and Chronicle. It would probably lean more towards Chronicle. I don’t know where X-Men falls on the spectrum, so I’m just going to focus on those two things because I feel it’s a movie about young people coming of age. So it has some of Spider-Man and some of Chronicle aspects to it, but like Chronicle it’s much more real and grounded and real world than those other films."

All of which is a very good thing, as anyone who watched the earlier Fantastic Four movies can readily attest. But pressed for storyline details, Kinberg demurred -- and when asked whether or not FF baddie Annihilus would pop up in the reboot, he chuckled, "I’m not going to give any comment on that, but I’m happy you’re curious about it."

The Fantastic Four shoots this summer, and is scheduled to arrive in theaters on June 19, 2015.

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