Ethan Hawke Explains 'Predestination' Confusion

Ethan Hawke in Predestination

Predestination is a time travel movie based on Robert Heinlein’s short story “All You Zombies.” We won’t spoil the real mind bending twists, but just imagine how confusing it can get when Ethan Hawke plays a time cop traveling between eras within his own lifetime. The film premiered at South by Southwest where Hawke took the stage to express his confusion.

“It was the most confusing movie for a script supervisor ever, the person who has to manage the continuity,” Hawke said. “What year are we? What outfit is this? Is this before you got punched in the mouth or after you got punched in the mouth? It sounds obvious when you watch it but it was a little confusing when you first read the script about which scene I was playing and which scene Sarah [Snook] was playing.”

Hawke compared his new film favorably to the recent hit movie Her, which might have been confusing to tell people about a romance between a man and a computer. Of course, once you see it, it makes more sense than you could imagine.

“I think it’s a genre that can speak about really challenging ideas without being pretentious,” Hawke said. “Even take a movie like Her this year, it’s such a fun way to provoke thought about what’s going on without having some intellectual dialogue about it. the best sci-fi is always challenging the way you think and making you think outside the box. Heinlein, this feels straight up vintage, old fashioned sci-fi that I grew up loving. So I think that’s what attracted me to the script when I first read it.”

Predestination reunites Hawke with his Daybreakers directors Michael and Peter Spierig, and Hawke is much happier with his role in this film.

“We did a movie together called Daybreakers. It was a really fun experience. I went down to Australia and met these guys and worked with them. I told them after I saw the movie that the movie was great and that my heart really stunk that I didn’t have a good opportunity to contribute. I said if you ever write another movie, write me a great part. And they did. This arrived in the mail and I was like, what the hell is this?”

Predestination is aiming for release later this year. (Photo credit: Ben King)

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