The Download: We Talk Oscars!


The Oscars is this Sunday March 2nd, so we'll be spending this Download talking about some of the favorites, potential dark horses, and our picks to win. Let's talk Oscars!

Binh: The Oscars is this Sunday. Are you ready for it or have you completely forgotten about it?

Jeff: I forget it every day. I'm sure I'll forget on Sunday, too. I keep telling you guys, there's an awards-shaped hole in my heart.

Binh: That’s unfortunate, Jeff. What would they have to do to win you back? Bring back the streaker? Clint Eastwood doing one-handed pushups?

Jeff: I'm fond of art for art's sake, my friend. The awards always seem painfully superfluous.

Sara: My only defense to this line of thinking is: But the clothes, Jeff!

Jeff: Oh, that's the last thing I care about seeing. "Art for art's sake" is an indefensibly wispy way of summing up my feelings. It isn't like I don't want these movies to make money, after all -- it's just that after they've made all those millions, bringing everyone together in a posh ballroom to clap for each other while they swan around in formal wear and speechify seems a little over the top, you know?

Binh: Awards are a form of validation so they love them trophies in Hollywood. I see the Oscars telecast not as an award show, per se, but as a form of entertainment. They seem to forget the entertain part.

Jeff: Yeah, that's the other thing. It's SO LONG.

Binh: Let’s not argue over the show’s merit, and let’s talk about the nominees. Is there a reason why they shouldn’t ask the cast and crew of American Hustle to form a beeline to pick up their trophies at the podium? Cate Blanchett could join them up there too. It would shorten the show and everyone could hit the parties early.

Jeff: I'm willing to bet that Sara will be a better prognosticator when it comes to this stuff.

Binh: Ha! With numerous awards taking place before the Oscars, it’s no longer prognosticating. Sure, there may be an upset here or there, but in general, it will follow the script laid out by the other major awards like the Golden Globes.

Sara: Not much for dark horses, then? I agree about Blanchett and Hustle, but doubt the event would be politically correct without something for 12 Years a Slave. Not that I'd vote got it but that's one of those films the world thinks you're a jerk if you don't tongue bathe.

Binh: Who do you think are the dark horses? I agree that 12 Years a Slave is difficult to discern since it is so political. I think Gravity could take Best Picture, but we all know the SAG, the largest voting group, loves ensemble dramas like American Hustle.

Sara: In fairness, this year nominees just feel like the same 4 movies, I can't even remember what's special--though the animated and doc categories usually have one surprise or another.

Binh: I think American Hustle is going to be the big winner in nearly all of the major categories. Frozen should win Best Animation, unless they want to send Hayao Miyazaki off with a lifetime achievement gift for The Wind Rises. 20 Feet From Stardom should take documentary.

Jeff: Big Trouble in Little China for Best Picture!

Binh: You’re thinking MTV Awards.

Sara: Totally Act of Killing for best doc. The academy will look like it's full of rubes handing the Oscar to an uplifting music doc when Act of Killing is rocking a highly oppressed Asian nation.

Binh: Oh right, Act of Killing is another that could win it. So, what do you predict will be the talk of this year’s Oscars? Besides Big Trouble in Little China improbably, somehow, winning Best Picture, that is.

Jeff: I just read that Vegas is laying 33/1 odds that Shia LaBeouf will make some kind of trouble during the ceremony.

Binh: Do they just make stuff up for people to bet on? What are the odds for Michael Bay being attacked on the red carpet by someone with an air conditioner? 40/1?

As for my predictions: 1) Ellen DeGeneres will say sometime inappropriate about Woody Allen 2) 12 Years a Slave pulls a Crash-like upset.

Sara: I’m laying down $$$ someone talks gross about Woody. To answer the actual question: I think the talk will be about how little 12 Years won.

Binh: That’s it for this week’s Download. Check out who we want to each category below, and enjoy Sunday’s show.

Gravity - Sara, Jeff, Binh

David O. Russell, American Hustle - Binh
Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity - Sara, Jeff

Bruce Dern, Nebraska - Sara, Jeff, Binh

Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine - Sara, Jeff, Binh

American Hustle - Sara, Jeff, Binh

Before Midnight - Sara, Jeff
The Wolf of Wall Street - Binh

Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle - Binh
June Squibb, Nebraska - (tie) Sara, Jeff
Julia Roberts, August: Osage County - (tie) Sara, Jeff

Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips - Sara, Jeff, Binh

Ernest & Celestine - Sara, Jeff
The Wind Rises - Binh

Gravity - Sara, Jeff, Binh

William Chang Suk Ping, The Grandmaster - Binh
Catherine Martin, The Great Gatsby - Sara, Jeff

The Act of Killing - Sara, Jeff
Cutie and the Boxer - Binh

American Hustle - Sara, Jeff
Captain Phillips - Binh

The Missing Picture Cambodia - Sara, Jeff, Binh

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa - Sara, Jeff, Binh

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