The Download: 'Fault in Our Stars' Edging Out 'Edge of Tomorrow' and Harrison Ford's Bad Break

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We talk about the The Fault in Our Stars out-grossing Tom Cruise's pricey sci fi actioner Edge of Tomorrow, Harrison Ford's unfortunately accident on the set of Episode VII and more on this edition of The Download.

Binh: Let's talk last weekend's box office. The Fault in Our Stars, this $12 million dollar movie, managed to handily, ahem, edge out Tom Cruise's $100 million plus effects-laden sci fi extravaganza, Edge of Tomorrow. TFIOS opened to $48 million to Edge's $28 million. According to Fox, the audience for TFIOS are 82 percent female. Hey, females go to the cinemas too! Jeff, didn't you say you were trying to take in a TFIOS screening, but the theaters in your area were all in on Tom Cruise?

Apparently, Warner Bros. was expecting a soft box office for Edge of Tomorrow and that's one of the reason why they pushed the Wachowskis' Jupiter Ascending back to February of next year. They don't want two expensive underperforming movies on their books in one year.

Jeff: It's fascinating to me. Popcorn premise, great reviews...why didn't people show up?

Sara: I thought, if anything, it too closely resembled Oblivion in subject, and that was no good.

Jeff: Tom Cruise stars in Tax Write-Off, a movie about an aging star who continually finds himself whiffing in the same futuristic action thriller!

Sara: Ha! Like taxes, he just keeps coming back. Out April 15th.

I hated Oblivion but Edge of Tomorrow was fun and cathartic. It's like watching Cruise pay penance for all his exhausting career mistakes. It's also a great metaphor--I interviewed this documentarian this weekend about how he keeps going and I was like "you think at some point the motivation to create becomes does Tom Cruise wake up and say "I have to work" or is the media and the publicity and the alien that pumps him with crazy juice what he needs to keep going?" It's a big question.

Binh: Maybe you just wanted to see Cruise get killed, Sara. And Emily Blunt is no Megan Fox or Olga Kurylenko, if you know what I mean. Did they show who or what Cruise is up against in the previews? I don't recall. Maybe that had something to do with it too. Can we also somehow pin this on E3 or the World Cup?

Cruise has stood the test of time and, like Harrison Ford, he'll be able to find work as long as he's able and willing. And that discipline to keep going is the reason for his longevity, I think.

Sara: I was sure Scientology was also part of his "secret."

Binh: Shhh...the first rule of Scientology is you don't talk about Scientology.

Speaking of Ford, he just broke his ankle on the set of Episode VII. I guess this means a fifth Indiana Jones really out of the question now.

Jeff: I hope Robert Downey, Jr. sends him flowers.

Binh: It sounds bad though. Supposedly, a hydraulic door fell on his ankle and fractured it. We're talking about a long rehab process here. You think this will affect the release date?

Jeff: Given the rumors surrounding Abrams' supposed lobbying for a later release, you have to wonder if the movie getting bumped would be such a bad thing. For everyone but the tie-in partners, I mean.

Sara: Are you saying you think the market on Star Wars band aids will go up?

Binh: Having more time to work on a movie is always a good thing, however, I suspect they'll just work around Ford's injury. Nothing a hood and a body double won't fix or just write his injury into the story. There's just too much tied up in keeping the date as you alluded to.

We spoke about Marvel meeting with potential directors for Ant-Man in last week's Download, and the one they finally got to replace Edgar Wright is Peyton Reed, who really wasn't in the conversation until last Friday. From the report, it sounded Reed only got the job because Marvel's other choices weren't that interested. So, Marvel got the director it deserves, yes? Just want to be clear: I'm not saying Reed is a scrub. I'm saying Marvel got the Yes Man (pun intended) they're looking for.

Jeff: Yeah, and it certainly seems that way. I'm reluctant to cast aspersions on Reed, much as his resume might seem to beg for it. And much as I'd love to believe other directors begged off Ant-Man out of deference to Wright or because they were repulsed by its doctored script, the fact remains that Marvel's made all kinds of questionable-seeming moves over the years, and they always seem to pan out. Who really knows what's going on?

Sara: I love the idea of using a director with a background in musicals. I know they're not playing that angle up but I remember reading that Hong Kong movies liked Kung fu actors to be balletic and that seems possible here too. Also possible: jazz hands!

Binh: You really can't dispute Marvel's track record, so we'll have to trust them on this.

Moving on, after sitting out her non-compete period, the indomitable Nikki Finke is back with a new site,, and one of her first posts includes Warner Bros.' supposed Comic-Con plans. If she is to be believed, the studio is finally going full-bore with its superhero plans in the next couple of years.

Jeff: If that Warners/DC scoop is on the money, she's gotten her new venture off to a very good start. Of course, that doesn't mean these DC movies are going to be any good...

Binh: I have bad news for you in regards to the DC movies, Jeff. Here's what WB's studio president Greg Silverman said in one of the article I've referenced.

"I have done really well in my career betting on Zack Snyder. If I can bet on him once or twice a year, I'd love it."



With that, we've reached the end of this edition of The Download. Until next time.

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