The Download: 'Episode VII' to Take a Two-Week Break, Live-Action 'Dumbo,' and 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' Trailer

Exodus: Gods and Kings

In this edition of The Download, we talk about Star Wars: Episode VII taking a two-week break, Disney's live-action take on Dumbo, and the new released trailer for Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings.

Binh: Hope you all had a wonderful 4th. Not a lot to talk about this week so let's start off with some Star Wars. In addition to announcing two new cast members [1] -- Crystal Clarke and Pip Andersen, who is "a skilled practitioner of parkour" – Disney/Lucasfilm has revealed that production is shutting down for two weeks to make adjustments to the shooting schedule.

Disney/Lucasfilm says the two weeks off will have no impact on Episode VII's release date and the movie is on track to wrap production in the fall, so it may not be that big a deal. We know the movie will be release on December 18, 2015 not matter what, even if they need to break it into two parts.

Jeff: We also know it's shooting partially in IMAX, which excites me.

Binh: I know, right? We can see sand and more sand on an even bigger screen! You think Carrie Fisher will be doing work on the script during those off weeks?

Jeff: I hope so. She can write a new novel based on her thinly veiled experiences, and then star in a new movie based on the book!

Sara: Joke all you like (and in this case you're actually just reporting on what she's done 2x now) but I love the living heck out of Carrie Fisher. I hope she's in more.

Binh: Hey, that book could be titled Wishful Drinking of a Shockaholic.

Sara: Like all her titles: it makes me crave chocolate.

Binh: Really? That's what you think of when you hear the words "drinking" and "-aholic"? Okay!

We somehow ended up talking about alcohol again, so that means it's time to move on. A live-action Dumbo movie, anyone? I couldn't help but think that a new Dumbo attraction is in the works at Disney.

Jeff: I don't understand the perceived need for this. I guess Disney must have focus-grouped some piece of research that led them to believe audiences wanted to watch it, but I think Dumbo's got a fair amount of violent and/or horrific overtones that will be amplified in a live-action setting.

Binh: Disney is the best necromancer I have ever seen. They keep things alive because they help them print money. And because they cater to the family audience, who will watch anything with the Disney label, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being a huge hit and we'll be talking about a Dumbo 2.

Sara: That's a spectacular line, Binh.

Binh: Thank you!

Sara: Why is no one quoting the wise crow who saw a peanut stand and a rubber band but NEVER SAW AN ELEPHANT FLY?! The poop situation is horrifying on its own.

Violence and horror were high on the list, I agree with you Jeff, but that crow was no sanitized image either. Let's see them sidestep that one.

I hope the next one they revise is Song of the South.

Jeff: Yeah, at first I thought about Dumbo's mom's rampage and the drunk hallucination scene, but those crows are awfully problematic in their own right. Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, and Chris Rock will voice them in the new version, right?

Binh: To the young minds, can't be any worse than seeing Bambi's mom getting shot. I suspect the racially sensitive stuff will get whitewashed.

Song of the South is buried too deep in that vault of Disney's to ever see the light of day again.

Sara: I think the art of this recreation will be in the way it evades stuff. I mean the Bambi's mom was shot (for sport) off screen--not tortured and subdued by clowns. Just think what Stephen king could do with that.

Binh: I think losing one's parents has a bigger emotional impact than seeing someone getting tortured, regardless how it's portrayed. Stephen King already did something with a clown: It's called It. Can't believe it's talking so long for the movie version to come out.

Sara: That's my whole joke!

Binh: Oh.

Sara: OMG, you guys. Take a look at this!

Binh: Wow! So happy for the elephant. I see movie potential there.

Sara: Hopefully animated movie potential.

Binh: I was thinking a Zero Dark Thirty-like thriller.

Sara: Hahahahahaha....oh. That's so sad.

Binh: No, no, no...the elephant gets rescued at the end.

Sara: You trust Oscar bait too much, Binh.

Binh: Maybe. No one has asked me to help produce a movie yet.

Let's close this with the Exodus: Gods and Kings trailer. So, what do you think? It's kind of underwhelming for me. Under all the gloss, the story is too familiar -- I know, I know -- and I think it's better if Christian Bale's and Joel Edgerton's roles were reversed.

Sara: I don't know. I don't feel like either can carry that Egyptian eyeliner.

Binh: In their defense, not many can.

Sara: You're right. He's kind of a meaty dude. Like...a burly guy seems somehow not a logical choice for a pharaoh. I agree with you the roles might more logically be swapped.

Jeff: I keep trying to forget that this movie is coming out at all -- the whole thing seems terribly dull from this distance. Didn't we learn our lesson with Noah?

Binh: Apparently not. Although, I'd rather they make movies from the Old Testament instead of doing another Left Behind reboot.

Jeff: Hey, Nicolas Cage needs something to do between...all those other silly-looking action thrillers.

Binh: Hey, hey, don't kick the man while he's down!

Sara: Ridley Scott didn't learn that lesson from Kingdom of Heaven...

Binh: Kingdom of Heaven didn't have locusts or seas parting.

Sara: Or giant apes who scale the Empire State building! In the God (of Hollywood's) eyes all mysterious spectacles were created equal(ly stupid).

Binh: And we'll end with that. Thanks for joining us. Until next time.

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