The Download: 'Beverly Hills Cop 4,' Avi Arad, and Some 'Star Wars'

Beverly Hills Cop

Eddie Murphy tries to turn Beverly Hills Cop into a TV series, but somehow it ended up getting him the fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie greenlit instead. We talk about that and more in this week's Download.

Binh: Hey Jeff, it's seems like your wish of Eddie Murphy returning to his '80s form -- you know, when he was still funny -- is close to coming true. Beverly Hills Cop 4 is a go, with Murphy returning to play Axel Foley.

Sara: I loved Beverly Hills Cop! Does his kid get in on the drug and whore fueled hijinks?

Binh: You mean for the plot of the movie? We don't know much about it yet, but it will be set in Detroit and, of course, Beverly Hills. Brett Ratner is directing so you better temper your expectations.

Sara: I think he's a great choice! He's good so long as the movie's a party, and we're watching it to see people having a good time. Ask for more and it's your funeral.

Binh: I expect Beverly Hills Cops 4 to be something like his Rush Hour movies, so if you like those, then yeah, he's a great choice because I expect something similar to those. But then again, one could argue that the Rush Hours were influenced by the Beverly Hills Cop movies.

Jeff: The split between setup and set piece in the first Cop movie feels rather quaint today, but it's probably the main reason why the original works as well as it does. I have a feeling that Ratner will emphasize quick-cut action and blaring tunes over Eddie's charm -- which might be just as well, I guess, because it's been a dreadfully long time since it's been in evidence.

Binh: To be successful, Beverly Hills Cops 4 has to be a Brett Ratner movie rather than a Eddie Murphy movie because the Eddie Murphy from 30 years ago is long gone. The movie is given a March 25, 2016 release, so we'll see if it gets moved to a slot in the cold winter months or not because that will tell us something.

Sara: Beverly Hills Copy 4-12, however, I'd like to see in a theater. With diet coke, popcorn and a whole bunch of unnecessarily loud audience members. Even if it's bad (and why wouldn't it be a little bad?) it should promise to be a good theatrical situation and I don't mean 3D. They gotta do something more than mess with the screen to get us into theaters, right?

Binh: It seems you are higher on Beverly Hills Cop 4 than I am. Murphy has aged quite a bit, so he can't do the same shtick anymore.

Jeff: I still remember the pain of watching Beverly Hills Cop III. I'll need a few drinks before I can color myself cautiously optimistic.

Sara: Reinvention is hard. Did either of you see him in...was it Dreamgirls? I feel like he got some good reviews from that musical.

Binh: Dreamgirls got Murphy an Oscar nom. I remember he left the show early when he didn't win.

Jeff: And a Golden Globe, right? I'm not saying he isn't talented. I'm just saying he doesn't try very often, which is worse.

Binh: It's not like Murphy's lacking opportunities to turn his fortunes around. I want to move on to producer Avi Arad, who is claiming credit for Marvel Studio's success. That's as silly as me claiming credit for the success of the internet, right? Or does he have something here?

Jeff: Well, he seemed to be pointing to some document or other when he was bellyaching to that reporter -- which we can all agree was a pretty crappy thing to do in public, right? On the one hand, he admits that this guy was fed allegedly false information; on the other, he castigates him for doing sloppy work.

Binh: That Bloomberg piece gave a lot of credit to Kevin Feige and barely mentions Arad at all. You know the Hollywood types, they're pretty egotistical, and reputation is a sort of currency. I can see why he's angry.

Sara: At the risk of sounding lazy (anything to be associated with Devin Leonard;-) but I can't see what use the dick-measuring is to Avid. I realize he's a big guy with a big ego but people in that position don't launch into publicity stunts without something to publicize. Also, the quote "it's like we have a built in GPS system for storytelling" says in 11 words what we've been bellyaching about for the last year.

Binh: It's like people spelling your name wrong, you know? It could be something as simple as that.

Jeff: Really, 90 percent of filmgoers don't know who Arad or Feige even are, so what this amounts to is a dick-measuring contest for a select few. I guess we ought to be honored that we're among the select few who are even aware?

Binh: Right, you are. The general public don't care who the producers are nor do they even know what they do.

Moving on, Disney says there are going to be three Star Wars spin-offs to go along with the new main trilogy. Do you think they'll take the Marvel approach and have them operate in the same time frame which will connect with the main story or are they going to be some sort of prequels about Han Solo and Boba Fett as rumored?

Sara: I'll bet they'll try to do both: i.e. do spinoffs about characters that weave their ways into the main plotline. That's very Lost of them.

Binh: That's what I think as well. It just doesn't make sense for them to have the spin-offs be independent of the main storyline. Well, that's all the time we have for this week. Thanks for joining us.

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