Donnie Yen's "Kung Fu Killer" Retitled to "Kung Fu Jungle"

Donnie Yen in "Kung Fu Jungle"

A couple of days ago, I briefly stepped into the Filmart section of the Convention Center in Hong Kong during the Hong Kong International Film Festival. The Filmart is where Asian film studios try to sell the foreign rights to their movies.

I saw a booth with a large display showing stills from a Donnie Yen film titled Kung Fu Jungle. From talking to the organizers of the booth, I learned that Yen’s film Kung Fu Killer has been retitled yet again. The first version was Last of the Best.

Of the three titles, Kung Fu Killer is the best, but it’s also the title to a David Carradine TV movie made in 2008, which could be why it was changed.

The latest title Kung Fu Jungle is the worst. It sounds like a silly Kung Fu comedy for kids, not an adult thriller about catching a serial killer who murders Kung Fu masters of various fighting styles. The title probably refers to the various styles that resemble wildlife animals.

Still, Kung Fu Jungle just sounds silly. I hope between now and its August release in China, Emperor Motion Pictures, the studio behind Kung Fu Jungle, will make another adjustment.

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