This & That: Donnie Yen's "The Iceman Cometh 3D" Begins, Jackie Chan's "Chinese Zodiac" Finishes

Posted 4:11 PM December 28th, 2011 by Senh Duong

Donnie Yen in The Iceman Cometh 3D
Now that Jet Li’s 3D martial arts epic “The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” is kicking massive butt at the box office in China, Donnie Yen has started work on his solo 3D movie: “The Iceman Cometh 3D,” a remake of a minor late 80’s hit starring Yuen Biao. The original film was about two frozen enemies from the Ming Dynasty who wake up in the modern era. Fish-out-of-water humor and martial arts mayhem ensue.

I didn’t think Yen would start work on this so soon because it was only announced recently. I also didn’t think it was worthy of a remake to begin with, but I guess it’s state law that Yen needs to crank out at least three movies a year so his agent has to find material for him. The only good I see out of this is that we can probably see Yen perform two styles of fighting in one film: the stylized wuxia fighting we’ve seen in “Wu Xia” and the more realistic modern day fights shown in “Flash Point.” Now if the producers can convince Biao to take a role in the film, then all is good.

Yen is shown being prepped for a mold of his head. Apparently, the producers will make copies of that and stick them into cinemas in China to promote the film.

This won’t be Yen’s first 3D movie. He has already completed work on another 3D film co-starring Chow Yun Fat called “The Monkey King 3D” several months ago. The special effects take a year to complete, which is why the film won’t be released until July of 2012. With a budget of $63M, it’s by far Yen’s most expensive film to date. Hopefully, it delivers the goods next year. There’s a good chance that “Iceman Cometh” might beat it to the theaters though.

In “The Monkey King 3D,” Donnie Yen takes on the title role of the Monkey King, the same character played by Jet Li in “The Forbiden Kingdom” which co-starred Jackie Chan.

Speaking of Chan, he’ll be done shooting “Chinese Zodiac” by the end of the year. He’s been shooting the film since June. It’s set for release on December 12, 2012 to take advantage of the Christmas and New Year holidays. Billed as his last action-heavy movie, we’ll see if he can achieve the same box office heights of Jet Li with “The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate,” which was released during the same period of the year. Since it’s a modern day adventure, I wonder if it’ll get a theatrical release in the U.S. I hope so. I would rather watch his last action spectacle on the big screen.

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