"Chronicle" and "Woman in Black" Give Super Bowl XLVI Some Unexpected Competition

Posted 1:03 AM February 5th, 2012 by Senh Duong

I didn’t even bother covering this week’s movies because it initially looked like a boring week. It’s Super Bowl week, and all film fans can think about are the trailers that’ll be playing during the commercials.


Instead, I looked towards next week’s movies - in particular, the re-release of “Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace” in 3D.

That’s gotta be more interesting than a week with yet another horror movie “The Woman in Black,” another superhero movie “Chronicles”, and another save the dolphin - I mean whales - movie “Big Miracle.”

I had wanted to do a write-up anyway because the three films started the week off with very good scores on Rotten Tomatoes. All three films were Fresh and had scores above 70% on the Tomatometer, which was rare. “The Woman in Black” dipped to 63% by today, but is still a pretty good score for a horror film. “Chronicle” and “Big Miracle” did better with 85% and 71%, respectively.

I was also curious to see if Daniel Radcliffe can open a movie that’s not part of the Harry Potter franchise.

The numbers for Friday are out, and what started off as a boring week turned out to be pretty interesting. Both “The Woman in Black” and “Chronicle” did surprisingly well. “Chronicle” took in $8.7M and “The Woman in Black” was close behind it with $8.3M. Both did significantly better than expected and will end the weekend with $21M-$22M.

“Big Miracle” grossed $2.3M on Friday and will probably end the weekend with around $6M-$8M.

They would probably do a couple million more if not for the Super Bowl on Sunday.

“The Woman in Black” shows that Radcliffe can open a movie not named “Harry Potter” and that the horror genre has a very dependable fan base. It just seems like recently, every horror film can get a decent opening. “The Devil Inside” took in $33.7M on opening weekend despite poor reviews (5% on the Tomatometer).

“Chronicle” applies the found footage technique made popular by “The Blair Witch Project” to the superhero genre and scores big with critics and at the box office, something I definitely didn’t expect.

“Big Miracle,” despite solid reviews, will not be the hit that “Dolphin Tale” became. I guess people can relate to dolphins, but not something as big as whales. What am I saying - there are four “Free Willy” movies. Maybe that’s just it. There are already four save the whale movies on video. Or maybe it’s just too soon after “Dolphin Tale.”

Overall, it’s a pretty good weekend at the box office. Two $20M+ openings during a typically slow Super Bowl weekend.

Alright, enough with the box office. It’s time for Super Bowl XLVI trailers.

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