Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' May Make New 'Friday the 13th' and 'South Park' Movies More Likely

Posted 3:39 PM June 5th, 2013 by Jeff Giles

Sometimes, the deals that go on behind the scenes of a movie are as (if not more) interesting than anything that ends up transpiring on the screen -- and while we aren't going so far as to say that studio intrigue will be anywhere near as transfixing as whatever Christopher Nolan has planned for Interstellar, this is definitely an instance where the wheeling and dealing associated with a film has the potential to make a fairly large impact on the box office.

Allow us to explain: Recent reports indicate that Warner Bros., in its quest to wrest the rights to Interstellar from Paramount, ended up entering into negotiations with their rival studio that ultimately cost them the film rights to a pair of valuable properties. The franchises in question? Friday the 13th and South Park.

The upshot of the deal is that Paramount now has complete control of both series' short-term destinies, and while that may not end up meaning much as far as South Park is concerned -- series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have enough creative control (and gobs of cash) to stave off any studio's efforts to bring the show back to the big screen -- it may have a profound effect on the future of Friday the 13th.

The series' long-standing status as a reliable cash cow was reinforced again in 2009, when the Warner Bros.-affiliated reboot racked up a $91 million worldwide gross against a $19 million budget. Plenty of sequels have been greenlit based on thinner profit margins, but the reboot never spawned a sequel, reportedly in part because the studios couldn't agree on a creative direction. With that problem out of the way, there's every reason to believe Paramount could get rolling on a quick, cheap Friday the 13th sequel/reboot/reimagining/whatever. With the "mythology" of the franchise already well established -- and no need for a big-budget cast or special effects -- we'd frankly be very surprised if this deal didn't lead to Jason Voorhees' return sooner than later.

Either way, expect Interstellar to debut to rave reviews when it arrives in theaters in November 2014. Will the next Friday the 13th show up before then? We're laying even odds.

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