Chloe Moretz Gets Freaky in First Full-Length 'Carrie' Trailer


Remaking Carrie seemed like a fairly crass and/or pointless proposition back when MGM announced its plans to produce a new film adaptation of the Stephen King classic, and while those feelings have been tempered somewhat by an impeccable cast that includes Julianne Moore and Chloe Moretz, the world still doesn't really need another version of this story.

On the other hand, if we have to have a new Carrie, this trailer makes it seem like it might actually be a lot of fun.

You can't argue with the acting, for one thing -- no one's arguing that Moretz is the next Sissy Spacek (yet), but she's certainly gifted, and during this 2:33 clip, she displays a wide range of emotions that would have outmatched a lesser talent. Moore, as her crazy fundamentalist mother, pretty much just has to play crazy fundamentalist -- but she's creepily effective in just about every frame.

As with the new Great Gatsby trailer that dropped earlier this week, the full-length Carrie clip is liable to send the anti-spoiler brigade into paroxysms of rage, seeing as how it gives away basically the entire story. But again, just as with Gatsby, the number of people who aren't familiar with Carrie's rough outline (and iconic climax) has to be incredibly small. Of course, this begs the question of why (other than money) anyone should have bothered filming it, but if history has taught us anything, it's that nothing can stop MGM from rolling out remakes. We should just be happy that this one looks like a fun (albeit rather terrifying) night at the movies.

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