China Box Office: "Robocop" Opens to Strong $21M, Worldwide Gross Up To $187M

ED-209 "Robocop"

Robocop might have disappointed at the domestic box office, but it’s making up for the difference overseas. With $52M after six weeks in the U.S., the remake looks like it’ll max out at $60M at the end of its run. That’s only slightly better than the original’s $53M, but with nearly ten times the cost.

The good news for Sony is, internationally, it’s doing well. With a budget of $100M, Robocop would need to gross $200M worldwide to break even. After topping the charts in China over the weekend, the sci-fi film’s worldwide gross has climbed to $188M. By the end of the week, it’s performance in the world’s second largest film market alone would push it over the break-even mark.

Although Robocop was the top film over the weekend with $21M, for the entire week of 2/24 - 3/2, it’s second to Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which took in another $27M in that period. After two weeks of release, the second installment has collected a massive $60M. That’s already $10M more than the first film’s total. Worldwide, the fantasy epic’s total is now at $922M.

Valentine’s Day holdover Beijing Love Story placed third with $9M, upping its total to a lovely $63M.

Wong Jing’s super leggy From Vegas to Macau cashed in another $5M. Total winnings is now an unbelievable $83M. It’s Chow Yun Fat’s second-highest grossing film and his co-star Nicholas Tse’s number one. The action comedy opened slightly less than Donnie Yen’s Special ID, but has now grossed more than three times as much. Of course, a 3D sequel has already been fast-tracked. Chow wants his boss to wait another year though because he already has three films to shoot this year, and that doesn’t even include the sequel to The Monkey King.

Just as leggy is Disney’s Frozen, which did $4.7M last week and upped its total to a magical $45M. The animated feature’s daily grosses were mediocre when it debuted weeks ago, so I thought, at best, the film would only get into the $30M range. It’s way beyond that now. Worldwide, Frozen just passed the $1B mark over the weekend. It won two Oscars (Original Song and Animated Feature) on Sunday, too - icing on the cake.

Placing sixth with $2.4M is the fantasy-actioner The Monkey King. With total earnings of $168M, it’s the third highest-grossing Chinese film of all time. The film proved to be more front-loaded than I had previously expected. With a record-breaking $50M opening, I was thinking the Donnie Yen starrer would at least get to $200M. Nonetheless, sequels are on the way.

Ex Files was steady with $1.2M, good enough for seventh. The romantic comedy charmed enough people to gather a solid $19M in total ticket sales.

Reality show adaptation Where Are We Going, Dad? is eighth with $0.7M last week and an unreal $112M total.

Rounding out the top ten are Shining Soul and People Searching Story of Cola Lee with $0.4M and $0.2M, respectively.

Overall, I’m just impressed that From Vegas to Macau, which opened with Special ID numbers, eventually went on to do Police Story 2013 business. Chow’s double whammy of this and The Monkey King moves him up the bankability ladder in the industry. Previously, with the exception of Let the Bullets Fly, his films (Confucius, The Assassins, The Last Tycoon) tend to gross in the high teens to low twenties.

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