China Box Office: Lost in the "Monkey King"/"Where Are We Going, Dad?" Bonanza is the Steady Rise of "From Vegas to Macau"

Chow Yun Fat and Nicholas Tse in "From Vegas to Macau"

When Wong Jing’s gambling action-comedy From Vegas to Macau debuted last week in China, it was overshadowed by the duo mega-performance of the fantasy epic The Monkey King and Where Are We Going, Dad?

The latter is a two hour edition of a popular reality TV show -- or as the representatives of The Monkey King lovingly calls their competition: “dog fart” made in a couple of days from a bunch of talentless hacks that is undeserving of the silver screen. Ah, China.

Anyway, back to From Vegas to Macau. It opened on Chinese New Year with $4M, which pales in comparison to the record-breaking $20M of The Monkey King and the $15M of Where Are We Going, Dad?

But throughout the week, the daily box office for the latter two films have steadily declined while the former have steadily gone up. As of today, From Vegas to Macau, which stars Chow Yun Fat and Nicholas Tse, has grossed a total of $30M, which is actually on the upper end of the two stars' averages. And the film is showing no sign of slowing down.

By the end of its run, From Vegas to Macau could end up in the $50M range, which would make it Tse’s top-grossing film and Chow’s third best behind Let the Bullets Fly and the aforementioned Monkey King.

(The trailer for Macau looks fun, with Chow returning to his God of Gambling roots, Tse providing the martial arts action, and Chapman To producing the laughs.)

Speaking of The Monkey King, it just swung past the $100M mark today, a third of the way to its $150M breakeven goal.

Where Are We Going, Dad? is at a staggering $77M. Being a reality show adapted for the big screen, it’s cheaply produced, so it’s already a hugely profitable film.

Below is the box office chart for last week. The totals listed are as of Sunday, February 2nd -- not the most recent numbers as written above.

China Box Office for the week of Jan. 27 - Feb 02
Rank. Title (Week | Total)

01. The Monkey King ($50.8M | $50.8M)
02. Where Are We Going, Dad ($40.6M | $40.6M)
03. From Vegas to Macau ($11.6M | $11.6M)
04. Boonie Bears ($5.8M | $35.8M)
05. Despicable Me 2 ($5.6M | $52.3M)
06. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit ($4.3M | $25.9M)
07. Ace in the Hole ($2.3M | $2.3M)
08. Hello Babies ($1.8M | $13M)
09. Meet the Pegasus ($1.7M | $13.7M)
10. Ender’s Game ($1.7M | $22.8M)


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