Action-Packed "Once Upon A Time in Shanghai" Trailer Features Fast Punching and Flashy Aerial Kicks

Philip Ng and Andy On in "Once Upon A Time in Shanghai"

When I last interviewed Any On regarding Special ID and asked him about Once Upon A Time in Shanghai, he tells me action fans will be in for a "big surprise.”

Well, after watching the recently released trailer for the film, I agree. It looks pretty awesome.

After a brief intro featuring a singer in a set that looks like it came straight out of Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen, it’s all punching and kicking from there on out, with brief credit titles for the major players in front of and behind the camera. The first of which is action choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping. The second is Sammo Hung. And then the guy doing all those machine gun punches and flashy aerial kicks, Philip Ng. Conspicuously missing from the title intros is Andy On, even though he’s in the trailer.

The nearly black-and-white trailer also features weapon sequences involving axes, swords, and knives. And they all look pretty damn good.

In terms of fighting style, I can’t help but recall the Ip Man films with Donnie Yen. Sammo Hung’s influence is all over it, even though Yuen Woo-Ping is listed as the action director.

Once Upon A Time in Shanghai is produced by Wong Jing, who made a bunch of silly comedies with Stephen Chow in the early 90s. He also last collaborated with Ng and Hung in 2012’s Princess and the Seven Kung Fu Masters. That modest hit was surprisingly amusing and features some pretty good fight choreography by Ng, so I think their new collaboration will be more than ok in the action department.

“Once Upon A Time in Shanghai” is a remake of The Boxer from Shantung, a 70s Kung Fu film starring martial arts superstar Chen Kuan-Tai, who also has a role in the new film. It’s set to be released on January 9, 2014 in China.

I know everyone’s still talking about the teaser for The Raid 2: Berandal, but this trailer deserves way more than five thousand views on YouTube. If you’re a fan of Hong Kong action films, definitely check out this trailer.

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