'300: Rise of an Empire' Trailer Shows (Literal) Guts in Pursuit of Glory

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Warner Bros. taketh away, bumping 300: Rise of an Empire to next March from its original August release date, but they also giveth when they can -- and as proof, here's Rise of an Empire's first trailer, which gives epic action fans a taste of the swords and sandals they've been craving.

Of course, the timing of this trailer's debut probably owes a lot to the fact that producer Zack Snyder, who directed the first installment, is in theaters this weekend with Man of Steel -- which is, you guessed it, another Warner Bros. production. Apparently, corporate synergy sometimes takes the form of brief clips depicting CGI-assisted, vaguely historical battles to the death.

If you watched the first film, you know what to expect here: plenty of perfectly sculpted bodies, often presented in loving slo-mo, with plenty of action and a dash of sharp cinematography thrown in for good measure. Getting moved from August to March usually isn't a good sign for any movie, but if you've been excited for a 300 sequel, the Rise of an Empire trailer won't do anything to dampen your enthusiasm.

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