The Download: 'Army of Darkness 2', 'Thor: The Dark World' Chinese Poster, and Wonder Woman

Army of Darkness

This week on The Download, the MWB gang talks about Bruce Campbell flip-flopping on the Army of Darkness 2 with him saying the sequel is all "internet b.s."; that Chinese Thor: The Dark World poster; and Wonder Woman.

Binh: Why is Bruce Campbell jerking us around? He told us recently that Army of Darkness 2 is happening, and Fede Alvarez, the director of Evil Dead, wrote on Twitter that Sam Raimi is going to direct it, pretty much confirming the movie, but now, Campbell is telling us that's all made up. Here's his exact quote,

"It's all Internet b.s. - there's no reality whatsoever. These random comments slip out of my mouth or Sam Raimi's mouth, next thing you know, we're making a sequel."

What's your take on this?

Jeff: I wrote about this in an earlier report for MwB, and like I said then, I really have no idea. Maybe he was being sarcastic when he said the sequel was coming, or maybe someone told him to clam up because it was too soon to spill the beans, or maybe he's just a lunatic. Whatever's really going on, this is probably one of the daffier debunkings we've seen in recent memory, right?

Binh: I think he's just playing with us and, at the same time, keep the movie in the press. What's there to debunk? I mean, it's not a secret AoD 2 is going to move forward, right? He knows what he's doing.

Jeff: No doubt he does. I'd like to think this is all partially motivated by him being really tired of being asked about another Evil Dead movie.

Sara: Just because it's a known commodity doesn't mean they're financed or people are clambering to write checks. I think he's obligated to keep his mouth shut and obligated to debunk.

I've never thoroughly understood how the rumor mill works when it comes to stuff like this but I will never forget Dragongate. Do you guys remember that? David Denby of the NYer wrote this admiring little review of Fincher's Girl With a Dragon Tattoo and Scott Rudin started saying the sky was falling because early press is always a destructive thing -- even when it's positive.

In reality, the real mistake isn't the debunking, it's the fact anything was uttered at all. This stuff should be quite for a million reasons, only 5% of which are logical.

Binh: It's not like he revealed any plot points or anything like that. Like I said, it's an open secret the movie is happening, and if there's any debunking to do, it'll coming from the studio.

In regards to Denby's early review, you know politics played a lot into that. Can't tell publications to hold off on reviews if you're only selectively enforcing the embargo.

Sara: But the point is that if it's discussed, rumors happen and everyone can publish, which means rumors can catch like wildfire and get picked up by anyone posting, from a tween's blog to USA Today. What Bruce Campbell did was more dangerous than a bruised embargo. In Hollywood an open secret is like a gaping wound advertising itself as a safe harbor for streptococcus.

Jeff: What fascinates me here is the way he shamelessly pretended he never said anything in the first place. I think there must be a peculiar sort of psychosis induced by watching oneself on screen for decades. I mean, if you told an amphitheater full of people one thing, would you have the elephant balls it would take to turn around and pretend that it was someone else's annoying lie later on?

Sara: You just made that sound like a practical joke. A practical joke only a scenery chewing schlock-hero like Campbell could pull.

Jeff: Bingo!

Sara: Well, now I wanna see! I mean, I'm worlds more interested in this practical joke than I am AoD 2, and I LOVED AoD. Not enough embarrassing zooms in my horror movie viewing.

Binh: Yes, that's the crazy thing about this. Maybe he's trying out an experiment to see if he could get someone to believe him if he repeated it enough times. I fully expect him to do an u-turn on this later.

You know what's definitely happening though? A 2015 release for Star Wars: Episode VII – December 18, 2015, in fact. Disny just announced the date.

Sara: I love the idea they'll stick to that date, but I change dates so constantly, and for perfectly huge titles, too. I can't help foreseeing random reasons for them to push/pull it. Somehow nailing down a future date is...a formality.

Jeff: Don't you think the rules might be different for Star Wars, though? Even after the prequels, this is still one of the more dummy-proof franchises in existence.

Sara: If memory serves, they moved the date for Episode 1 twice. But please know I'm not in a position to confirm this.

Binh: Once the machinery for the merchandises and theme parks gets moving, there's no holding back the movie even if it needs more time.

Have you two seen the Thor: The Dark World poster one of the theaters in China is using?

Jeff: I have not, although I wouldn't mind looking. I have a deep heterosexual love for Chris Hemsworth.

Binh: Check it out. I would like to know the story behind it though.

Jeff: Oh my God, that's awesome. I wish it was the official poster for all theaters everywhere. I kind of want to see it. I liked the first one a heck of a lot more than I thought I would.

Binh: Speaking of superhero movies, there's some rumors going around that Wonder Woman and Nightwing are going to be in the Man of Steel sequel, but you know what? I couldn't care less. Is it just me?

Jeff: It is absolutely not just you.

Sara: I have a glimmer of interest in Wonder Woman. The Meghan Fox pics I saw forever ago made me wish for a substantial actress for it

Jeff: Are you insulting poor Adrianne Palicki?

Sara: Who? And by that I mean YES. I want someone fierce like a young Sigourney, and physical like Linda Hamilton. And substantial. I like Adiranne Palicki fine, but she's just an action hero. May as well cast Gia Carrano or Michelle Rodriguez.

Jeff: She was in the failed Wonder Woman pilot, but more importantly, she was in Friday Night Lights, by which I mean to say she's quite talented.

Binh: Heard that Olga Kurylenko is one of the contenders.

Sara: I think I like her...but I can't stop seeing her as the convenience store Pocahontas in To the Wonder.

Binh: Regardless who ends up with the role, it won't be long-lived if she couldn't carry the stand-alone Wonder Woman movie.

Sara: Strong point.

Is Carla Gugino too old?

Binh: Carla Gugino is obviously awesome, but no way they'll let her play Wonder Woman.

Jeff: True. Maybe in 1996, but not now.

Sara, speaking as a woman and therefore our proxy for women everywhere for the purposes of this column, would you be interested in a Wonder Woman movie? She's such a weird character, fraught with bondage fantasies, and I wonder whether a standalone movie is worth filming.

Sara: I would watch that and the reasons you mention make me want it even more. She was iconic and strong. Not encumbered like Honey West or nagged like SuperGirl. She was confident and sturdy, more matriarchal than matronly and her sex appeal was evident but she's like the antithesis of our girl superhero now--she's the anti-Hit Girl. In fairness there isn't a female superhero out there that hasn't suffered at the thoughts of kinky male fans--it's like the penance they pay for their strength. But it's just why a Wonder Woman movie could matter. In my hopes and fantasies, a Wonder Woman movie could bring all this to light, and show fans that Sucker Punch may have honestly delivered in men's fantasies of fighter-girls, but it's cowardly and f**ked up.

It'd be hard to make a Wonder Woman movie, but I'd rather see a good ole college try than nothing at all.

Jeff: Marvel just announced that it's rebooting its Ms. Marvel title, with the character now being assumed by a Muslim teen. I think that would be a far more interesting movie than Wonder Woman -- like, Wadjda with superpowers! -- but we're probably at least 15 years from that even being a possibility.

Binh: Here's the thing, I have a feeling Warners wouldn't even entertain the thought of a Muslim woman playing Wonder Woman. That's the difference between the people handling Marvel's and DC's properties.

Jeff: Seconded! Warners has demonstrated a thorough lack of competence in that area.

Sara: Personally, I'm sick of teens superheroes.

Binh: And we'll leave it at that. That's all the time we have for this week's Download. Thanks for tuning in.

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