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While we enjoy our share of highbrow dramas about broken families and well-meaning documentaries on pressing societal and environmental issues, what really get our pulses racing are movies where we can just sit back and enjoy with a big tub of heavily buttered popcorn.

We're talking the kind of movies that cause an otherwise sane person to go out, create a fan site and spill endless digital ink just to keep other fans abreast of the latest news about those movies.

Essentially, this is what MoviesWithButter is about -- a destination where we and others of our ilk can discuss and keep track of the latest film developments from our favorite actors and directors. This means lots of genre films -- action, sci-fi, fantasy, comic-book and even some horror. Fans of James Cameron, Peter Jackson, and/or Steven Spielberg? We got you covered. Closet Michael Bay admirer? You too. What about Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, and/or Tony Jaa? Why, yes.

A Better Way to Consume News
To help us keep up-to-date with all the goings-on, we have build a system that tracks the big news stories of the day. How does it work? We group similar news articles together and then rank them by popularity. This way, we can tell which stories are deemed by the press as the most notable. We update every 15 minutes, so check back often for the latest.

If you operate a movie website and would like your RSS feed included, just send us a note.

People Behind MWB

Senh created and operated RottenTomatoes.com out of his apartment at one point before coming together with friends to turn it into a real company. After a couple of years away to pursue other projects, he's back to doing what he loves with Movieswithbutter.com.

Twitter: @senhduong
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Binh previously worked with Senh Duong on RottenTomatoes.com as its Editor-in-Chief. They reteam for the sequel which promises more action, more laughs, and more drama.

Twitter: @crumbtrail
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First, I'd like to thank Movies With Butter for turning someone who can press the spell check button into a legit columnist. I'm just your slightly above average movie-goer, lucky enough to have an outlet for simpleton comments. "Slightly above average" because I scour for the best reviewed movies before selecting one to watch. Unlike how I pick movies, my initial reviews are meant to deliver untainted perspectives from the trailers without any knowledge of movie synopses, reviews or news. Then, I go back and critique my reviews after reading box office stats and critics' reviews. I'm hoping I can give myself more pat on the backs then slaps.

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Sinclair is both the system administrator and coder. In addition to making sure that this site is up and running, he also maintains and builds site features.

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