uproxx.com Russo brothers choosing what to put in the #AvengersEndgame trailer pic.twitter.com/U3f6jDJj8g — Rob (@robshentz) March 14, 2019 The second trailer for Avengers: Endgame arrived unexpectedly on Thursday morning (first trailer here), and — as with the previous trailer — people had strong feelings about it. Some were making jokes about the presumed “Quantum Realm” outfits: (TELL ME WHYEEEE)Ain't Nuthin But an Endgaaaaaaaaaame pic.twitter.com/dHyhxNnLQH — Kenny Keil (@kennykeil) March 14, 2019 Me, in my brand new outfit from Marshalls on the first day of school pic.twitter.com/xKfhu9EhLz — Ashley Burns (@MayorBurnsy) March 14, 2019 Fabulous new outfits, wonder where they got them, hold on a minute is that….

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