Director Joe Carnahan is a pretty cool guy. The man behind Narc, The A-Team, and this year’s fantastic The Grey has become a fan of social media as of late, and he’s been using Twitter to share some seriously great material with his fans. Not only does he give frequent (and candid) updates on the status of the various scripts and projects he’s working on, but earlier this year when it became clear that Fox wasn’t able to move ahead with his take on Daredevil due to time constraints, he posted his great “sizzle reel” pitch for all to see.
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Continue Synopsis and Credits

An action-oriented "Groundhog's Day."

"Continue" stars .

Directed by Joe Carnahan.
Written by Joe Carnahan.
Production company/distributor: Fox.


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Don't let the lower case letterings in his name fool you. He's quick and deadly with the headlines and he's always on target. His delivery could use more work though.

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