New Images Of Blake Lively, Aaron Johnson, Taylor Kitsch, Salma Hayek & More In 'Savages' While Universal's decision to move Oliver Stone's "Savages" from a fall release date, to a prime summer slot on the same weekend that "The Amazing Spider-Man" hits theaters may seem like a strange choice, there a certain logic to it from a counter-programming perspective. And morevoer, it seems to be in the oddball spirit of the director himself, who usually doesn't miss an opportunity to provoke and challenge when given half the chance.
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Savages Synopsis and Credits

The story centers on two pals from Laguna Beach who share the same girlfriend and a thriving business growing and distributing the best-quality pot on the planet. When they resist being muscled by a Mexican drug cartel, the girl is kidnapped and the ransom is every cent they've made for the last five years. They agree to pay but hatch an alternate plan to get her back, get revenge, and then get lost.

"Savages" stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Benicio Del Toro, Blake Lively, Demian Bichir, Emile Hirsch, John Travolta, Mia Maestro, Salma Hayek, Taylor Kitsch, and Uma Thurman.

Directed by Oliver Stone.
Written by Don Winslow, Oliver Stone, and Shane Salerno.
Produced by Eric Kopeloff, Moritz Borman, and Oliver Stone.
Production company/distributor: Universal Pictures.

Release Date: July 06, 2012



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