Nicole Kidman Can't Remember in the Before I Go to Sleep Trailer A new trailer is online for writer/director Rowan Joffe's Before I Go to Sleep, starring Nicole Jidman and Colin Firth. Check it out in the player below, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.
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Before I Go To Sleep Synopsis and Credits

A taut thriller based on the worldwide best-selling novel by S.J. Watson, Before I Go To Sleep is the story of a woman (Nicole Kidman) who wakes up every day with no memory as the result of a traumatic accident in her past. One day, terrifying new truths begin to emerge that make her question everything she thinks she knows about her life - as well as everyone in it, including her doctor (Mark Strong) and even her husband (Colin Firth).

"Before I Go To Sleep" stars Colin Firth, Mark Strong, and Nicole Kidman.

Directed by Rowan Joffe.
Written by Rowan Joffe.
Produced by Avi Lerner, Liza Marshall, Mark Gill, Matthew O'Toole, and Ridley Scott.
Production company/distributor: Clarius Entertainment.

Release Date: October 31, 2014


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