Check out the new 'Goon' trailer There's probably some law against admitting this here on, a Canadian-based site whose northern contingent is very devoted to their hockey, but I'm not much of a punk man myself. My knowledge of hockey is limited to NHL '94 (Does Teemu Selanne still play?...) and my knowledge of hockey enforcers is limited to making little Wayne's head bleed.
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Goon Synopsis and Credits

Doug Glatt, a slacker who discovers he has a talent for brawling is approached by a minor league hockey coach and invited to join the team as the "muscle." Despite the fact that Glatt can't skate his best friend, Pat, convinces him to give it a shot, and Glatt becomes a hero to the team and their fans, until the league's reigning goon becomes threatened by Glatt's success and decides to even the score.

"Goon" stars Alison Pill, Jay Baruchel, Liev Schreiber, and Seann William Scott.

Directed by Michael Dowse.
Written by Evan Goldberg and Jay Baruchel.
Produced by André Rouleau, David Gross, Don Carmody, Ian Dimerman, and Jesse Shapira.
Production company/distributor: Magnet Releasing.

Release Date: March 30, 2012