First poster and trailer for Robert De Niro and Paul Dano in 'Being Flynn' The first trailer for BEING FLYNN has just gone online. The film is an adaptation of Nick Flynn's true life memoir, titled the far less marketable "Another Bullshit Night in Suck City". The book and film tell the story of a man who never knew his father and at the age of 27 had only met him three times, only to reconnect and examine the depressing lives they were both living.
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Being Flynn Synopsis and Credits

Academy Award-nominated writer-director Paul Weitz (ABOUT A BOY) turns his hand to this moving portrait of fathers and sons. Based on a true story, BEING FLYNN follows Nick Flynn (Paul Dano of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, THERE WILL BE BLOOD) who is shocked to have his eccentric and long-absent father, Jonathan (two-time Academy Award winner Robert De Niro) reach out to him unexpectedly. Still feeling the loss of his mother (played in flashbacks by four-time Academy Award nominee Julianne Moore) in the midst of starting a new relationship with Denise (JUNO’s Olivia Thirlby), the last person Nick wants to see is his father. But you can’t outrun fate and slowly Nick comes to realize he has been given the chance to make a real future not only for himself, but for his struggling father too.

"Being Flynn" stars Julianne Moore, Lili Taylor, Olivia Thirlby, Paul Dano, Robert De Niro, and Wes Studi.

Directed by Paul Weitz.
Written by Paul Weitz.
Produced by Andrew Miano, Caroline Baron, Jane Rosenthal, Kerry Kohansky, Meghan Lyvers, Michael Costigan, Nick Flynn, and Paul Weitz.
Production company/distributor: Focus Features.

Release Date: March 02, 2012


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