A Late Quartet
collider.com The first trailer and poster for director Yaron Zilberman’s drama A Late Quartet have been released. The film stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken, Catherine Keener and Jeremy Northam as members of a world-renowned string quartet struggling to stay together “as they mark their 25th anniversary in the face of illness, competing egos, and insuppressible lust.” The trailer gives the viewer the feeling of watching a really great play, and it appears that we're in for a masterclass of acting with stellar performances from the whole cast.
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A Late Quartet Synopsis and Credits

When the beloved cellist of a world-renowned string quartet receives a life-changing diagnosis, the group's future suddenly hangs in the balance: suppressed emotions, competing egos, and uncontrollable passions threaten to derail years of friendship and collaboration. As they are about to play their 25th anniversary concert, quite possibly their last, only their intimate bond and the power of music can preserve their legacy. Inspired by and structured around Beethoven's Opus 131 String Quartet in C-sharp minor, A LATE QUARTET pays homage to chamber music and the cultural world of New York.

"A Late Quartet" stars Catherine Keener, Christopher Walken, Imogen Poots, Mark Ivanir, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Directed by Yaron Zilberman.
Written by Seth Grossman and Yaron Zilberman.
Production company/distributor: eOne.

Release Date: November 02, 2012