Woody Allen & Sofia Vergara Join John Turturro's 'Fading Gigolo' With Sharon Stone
fb.indiewire.com Aside from only a small role in "Hannah & Her Sisters," it's actually a bit surprising that John Turturro never starred in a Woody Allen movie. He seems like the perfect, neurotic Allen surrogate but alas it has never come to pass. The pair also crossed paths nearly 15 years later in the little seen comedy "Company Men," where Allen had a cameo role.
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Fading Gigolo Synopsis and Credits

John Turturro plays a man who is in need of money and fast, so he decides to become a gigolo. Woody Allen plays the man's friend who will pimp him out to prospective customers.

"Fading Gigolo" stars Bob Balaban, John Turturro, Liev Schreiber, Sharon Stone, Sofía Vergara, Vanessa Paradis, and Woody Allen.

Directed by John Turturro.
Written by John Turturro.
Produced by Bill Block and Paul Hanson.
Production company/distributor: Millennium Entertainment.

Release Date: April 18, 2014


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