fb.indiewire.com Given the film was first announced over a year ago, it's not much of a surprise that there has been a casting change on "The Look Of Love." But perhaps more surprising is that most everyone else has stayed on board. Hollywood.com has learned that Annette Bening has replaced Diane Keaton in "The Look Of Love," and more, Robin Williams has also come aboard.
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The Look of Love Synopsis and Credits

Annette Bening plays a widow who saw a man who looks just like her deceased husband (Ed Harris). Jess Weixler plays her daughter. Production is scheduled to start on April 9, 2012.

"The Look of Love" stars Amy Brenneman, Annette Bening, Ed Harris, Jess Weixler, and Robin Williams.

Directed by Arie Posin.
Written by Arie Posin and Matthew McDuffie.
Produced by Bonnie Curtis and Julie Lynn.


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