The Smurfs Looks like some actors who should be and deserve to be doing much better things are going to buy themselves a nice vacation or perhaps put a down payment on a second or third house, as they've lined up roles in the inevitable "The Smurfs 2." Christina Ricci, Brendan Gleeson and JB Smoove have come aboard the not-highly-anticipated-at-all sequel to the depressingly smash hit film that took in more than $560 million worldwide.
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The Smurfs 2 Synopsis and Credits

Sequel to 2011 live-action/animation hybrid 'The Smurfs'. Christina Ricci will play an evil Smurfette and Brendan Gleeson has signed on to play Patrick Winslow's stepfather Victor Doyle. J.B. Smoove will voice the new character Hackus.


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