EXCLUSIVE: Heisenberg, on the Great Wall of China? Bryan Cranston is in early talks to co-star in The Great Wall, the Legendary Pictures film the great Chinese helmer Zhang Yimou signed on to direct. This development closely follows Deadline's Saturday scoop that Legendary and Matt Damon are trying to see if they can work out his busy schedule (he shoots Ridley Scott's The Martian and likely follows with the Paul Greengrass-directed Bourne Identity sequel) so that he can…
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The Great Wall Synopsis and Credits

An action-epic that tells how China's Great Wall came to be. Henry Cavill has signed on to star.

"The Great Wall" stars Benjamin Walker and Henry Cavill.

Directed by Zhang Yimou.
Written by Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz.
Production company/distributor: Legendary Pictures.


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