EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Michael Hall, Danny Trejo and Mickey Rourke will star in Dead in Tombstone, the Roel Reine-directed action adventure film that begins filming next week. Mike Elliott and Glenn Ross are producing through 1440 Productions, and Shane Kuhn and Brendan Cowles wrote the script. Universal Pictures will distribute. Trejo plays Guerrero Hernandez, leader of the Blackwater Gang of outlaws.
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Dead In Tombstone Synopsis and Credits

A gang leader is double crossed by his half-brother during a heist and is killed. After making a deal with the devil, he returns from the dead to exact revenge. Danny Trejo plays the vengeful gang leader and Anthony Michael Hall plays his half-brother. Mickey Rourke plays the devil.

"Dead In Tombstone" stars Anthony Michael Hall, Danny Trejo, and Mickey Rourke.

Directed by Roel Reine.
Written by Brendan Cowles and Shane Kuhn.
Produced by Glenn Ross and Mike Elliott.
Production company/distributor: Universal Pictures.


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