Specialty Box Office: Newcomers Drowned Out By 'Gravity' and 'Phillips'; Panetlion's Spanish Language Duo Keep It Coming
fb.indiewire.com As the studio box office continued to soar thanks to intelligent, Oscar-favored fare like "Gravity" (down just 21% in weekend two) and "Captain Phillips" (Tom Hanks' best opening in a half-decade), for once the smart options weren't necessarily at the art house. Which is perhaps felt in the fact that of the 8 new titles opening in limited release, not one scored a per-theater-average of over $8,000 (which both "Gravity" and "Phillips" did on over 3,000 screens). Of the newbies, the best per-theater-average came care of Roger Ross Williams' acclaimed doc "God Loves Uganda," which managed $7,300 from a single theater for distributor Variance Films.

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