Top Movie News for June 26, 2016

Weekend box office: 'Independence Day: Resurgence' debuts at No. 2 Disney/Pixar sequel holds onto No. 1 while Blake Lively's 'The Shallows' impresses with $16.7 million

Jared Leto Talks Playing the Joker in 'SUICIDE SQUAD' Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto was interviewed recently for his upcoming role in Warner Bros. Pictures "SUICIDE SQUAD" starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie. Leto was asked what audiences can expect going into theatre saying:"You can anticipate a lot of chaos and a hell of a lot of fun. And, I think, something completely different than other movies in the genre."On what is was like portraying the Joker, Leto said:"Aww, it was a role of a lifetime.

Star Trek Beyond Soundtrack Details & Cover Art Unveiled Rihanna has contributed the song Sledgehammer to the Star Trek Beyond soundtrack, with Michael Giacchino providing the score.

New trailer for Lights Out wants you afraid of the dark I have been hearing nothing but fantastic things about LIGHTS OUT from those who have had the distinct pleasure of seeing it early, and the latest trailer Warner Bros. has dropped on us today offers up support for all that high praise.  Directed by David F. Sandberg in his feature film debut, the film is an expansion of his 2013 short that caught the eye of producer James Wan. While... Read More...

Did Ben Affleck Almost Direct Star Wars: The Force Awakens? In a recent interview Ben Affleck hints that he turned down a huge job, which was most likely Star Wars 7.

Silver Sable Movie to Be First Spider-Man Spinoff at Sony? A new report claims that Sony is planning a Silver Sable movie as part of their Spider-Man spinoff plans.

Daniel Radcliffe Calls the Rise of Donald Trump ‘Scary as S—‘ Daniel Radcliffe recently compared the UK’s vote to leave the European Union to the rise of Donald Trump in the UK, calling both terrifying. In an interview with Vulture, the “Swiss Army Man” star voiced strong negative opinions about both, saying, “It’s the worst kind of nationalism, the worst kind of patriotism, and it’s scary as s—.” Radcliffe, who had previously voiced support for the UK to remain in the EU, currently stars in “Privacy,” a play inspired by Edward Snowden which examines the vulnerability of personal information in

'Deadpool 2' production eyes an early 2017 start Deadpool 2 is a no-brainer: The first film grossed more than $778.6 million worldwide, breaking a number of box office records in the process. Ryan Reynolds will return as the title character with director Tim Miller for the sequel, which producer Simon Kinberg says is looking to kick off...

Lex Luthor is DC Comics’ Brand New Superman [WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for “Justice League” #52.] – It’s strange days for DC Comics, as the company’s “Rebirth” initiative is changing up the status quo for most of their headline heroes and titles. Batman’s got new teammates, Wonder Woman’s origin is one massive lie, and there’s even a Flash returned from the (editorial) grave.

‘Mon Mothma’ Will Be Utilized In ROGUE ONE Much More Than She Was In RETURN OF THE JEDI In Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, Mon Mothma appeared and briefed the Rebel Alliance on the plan for the Battle of Endor. Aside from that moment, she didn’t really have a pivotal role in the film. Mothma in Return of the Jedi was portrayed by Caroline Blakiston, however, in Rogue One, she will be played by Genevieve O'Reill. This isn’t O'Reill’s first time portraying the Rebel Leader. She portrayed Mothma in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. Don’t remember? Well, you wouldn’t, unless you own the DVD version.

Season 6 may end with more than one whimper, more than one bang.Continue reading on Film School Rejects »

Michael Sheen Adapting Green River Killer Graphic Novel Emmy, Golden Globe, and BAFTA-nominated actor Michael Sheen has never been shy about dipping his toes into many different genres and styles over the course of his decades-long career. Sheen has played roles as varied as werewolf anti-hero Lucian in the Underworld films, a vampire elder in The Twilight Saga, journalist David Frost in Frost/Nixon, and more recently, groundbreaking sex researcher Dr. William Masters on Showtime’s critically acclaimed drama Masters of Sex.

We interview The Shallows star Blake Lively! THE SHALLOWS may very well end up being one of the sleeper hits of the summer, and a large portion of the credit must go to Blake Lively. Playing a woman stranded on a rock and hunted by a ruthless shark, the actress gives a performance that is not only compelling, but pretty darn believable considering about 90% of the film was shot in a studio - no ocean, no shark. Lively's convincing bouts of fear, anguish and... Read More...

The modeling world is dark and vicious.Elle Fanning stars in this dark thriller horror THE NEON DEMON as an aspiring runway and fashion model in Los Angeles. As her career blossoms, the modeling life is a terrifying world with beauty and jealousy.The movie also stars Jena Malone, Bella Heathcote, Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves and Abby Lee.Latino-Review had a sit-down interview with the Elle Fannie. We discussed on the lure of this dark movie, VALLEY OF THE DOLLS and the modeling world.THE NEON DEMON is currently out in theaters today.Watch the interview below.

Roland Emmerich Sci-Fi Film Moonfall Acquired by Universal Roland Emmerich films tend to take on the form of either science-fiction adventures (Stargate), disaster movies (The Day After Tomorrow), or sci-fi/disaster films (Independence Day) – with the occasional exception, such as the historical conspiracy drama Anonymous or the buddy action/thriller, White House Down.

A new Masters of the Universe movie has been in the works for years now, but it's finally beginning to gain some traction with McG likely to take the helm for Sony Pictures. In fact, it appears as if the filmmaker has already started meeting with actors, as Twilight star Kellan Lutz has revealed today that he may be in early discussions for it. However, he doesn't specify who exactly he's being eyed for.  Hey @HeManTheMovie and all MOTU fans, Had an amazing meeting with @McGsWonderland and @ItsMaryViola talking MOTU! ITS IN GREAT HANDS!

The Verge recently had the chance to catch up with Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, and the filmmaker shed some light on how he's prepping to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe after making a number of low-budget, critically acclaimed movies. Production on the threequel begins on July 4th on Australia's Gold Coast, and Asgardian sets (and possibly even spaceships) are being built right now.  "It hasn't been that different. So far it's been good!" Waititi revealed.

Star Wars creator George Lucas has a new hope for his planned art museum — and it no longer involves the Windy City. Officials at the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art announced Friday they are abandoning plans to build the project in Chicago, ending months of contentious debate about the $700...

Image via IGN Author's Note: This article contains spoilers for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.While last year's ANT-MAN didn't necessarily set the world on fire, it was a nice palate cleanse following AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. It took the Marvel films back to a much smaller scale (pun not intended), and managed to make a film surrounding one of the most potentially laughable characters into a fun ride in the theater.

Marvel and Fox Rumored to be in Early Talks for Superhero Collaboration When Marvel began producing its superhero movies in-house with Iron Man in 2008, with the intention of launching the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the excitement was slightly undercut by the realization that so many key properties were in the possession of separate studios like Sony, 20th Century Fox, and Universal.

Listen to Kelly McGillis’ Chilling 911 Home Intruder Call (Audio) Kelly McGillis lets out blood-curdling screams for help in 911 call audio as a woman breaks into the “Top Gun” actress’ North Carolina home. “She says she knows me, but I don’t know anything about her,” McGillis says. When asked if she’s injured, McGillis says, “She grabbed at me, but –” before she breaks into tears. McGillis described the bizarre incident in a lengthy Facebook post shortly after it happened. Laurence Marie Dorn (pictured above), a resident of Illinois, entered the home and confronted McGillis when she came home.

Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One Casts Killjoys’ Star Ready Player One, originally a novel by Ernest Cline, takes place in the near future and highlights the drastic differences between the war-torn desperate reality of 2045, and the perfectly structured virtual world known as OASIS. A virtual world where main character Wade Watts escapes to find solace and to continue his search for a hidden fortune. And just like walking into an arcade, it’ll only cost users a quarter to join OASIS. Steven Spielberg was attached to the adaption back in March of 2015, and since then, the small cast has filled out.

In a preview of next week’s Outcast, demonic forces continue to creep into Rome and Kyle’s attempt to reconnect with his daughter goes badly. Meanwhile, guest star Brent Spiner may be hiding a few things from Reverend Anderson as other forces hope Kyle will point the way. Click here to view the embedded video. Outcast airs Fridays on Cinemax. Darkness Is Spreading In A Preview Of Next Week’s Outcast

The season finale of The Flash had the Earth-2 Harrison Wells, his daughter Jesse “Quick” Wells and Jay Garrick of Earth-3 heading off back to Earth-2 making it look a lot like they were leaving the show for a while. Turns out, nope.

Comic Book Reviews: MARVEL ROUND UP This week I try to find some diamonds in the rough of Civil War Ii mania! Can Power Man Luke Cage Fly? What happened to Banner after Amadeus became the Hulk? Is Hank Pym really back? All these questions answered and more! Got a book you’ve been thinking about reading but want to know more before picking it up?

Ewan McGregor’s Directorial Debut American Pastoral Gets a Trailer Ewan McGregor is going to be a very busy man over the course of the next year. The actor, who is currently reprising his role in Trainspotting 2, will also be pulling double duty on FX’s Fargo in the show’s third season, and has even admitted that he’d be open to reprising his role as Obi-Wan Kanobi if that opportunity was presented to him. Although McGregor will be popping up on both the big screen and the small screen in the coming months fairly often, what fans and critics haven’t seen to this point is his potential off-screen as he tackles the role of director.

var l_ttlPages = 5; var l_url = location.pathname.replace(location.hash, ""); var qs = (function(a) { if (a == "") return {}; var b = {}; for (var i = 0; i 2 && l_page The internet exploded with a whole host of reports from the London set of Zack Snyder's Justice League the other day, and fans were treated to a wealth of new information about various aspects of the production.

If Kiefer Sutherland had his druthers, we wouldn't be having any discussions in the future about the potential for his Jack Bauer to surface on Fox's relaunch of the 24 series with 24: LEGACY, which stars STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON's Corey Hawkins. That's because Kiefer Sutherland really wanted Bauer to make the ultimate sacrifice for his country when it came to... Read More...

As we continue to countdown to Fast & Furious 8 (due out next spring), details from the film are slowly being revealed. Production is still underway on the movie that has gone from Havana, Cuba and Mývatn, Iceland to Cleveland, New York, and Atlanta in the US since shooting began in March. It’s truly a global franchise at this point, and it shows in the big action sequences, guest stars and expensive cars. So while we really don’t know the plot of Fast 8 yet, for now it’s just time to take in the sights and sounds while waiting in anticipation.

Hollywood doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to adapting anime/manga properties for the big screen, as evidenced by the underwhelming box office returns (and at best lukewarm, at worst hostile, critical reactions) for such live-action films as Dragonball: Evolution and Speed Racer, as well as the animated Astro Boy – all three of which hit theaters in the late 2000s, as it were.

There may be a reasonable explanation for the absence of the original Ghostbusters in Paul Feig's upcoming reboot.

John Boyega may have risen to superstardom with his role as Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but for many, their first introduction to the actor was in 2011, when he first demonstrated a knack for tackling threats from a galaxy far, far away. That film was Attack the Block, written and directed by Joe Cornish who co-wrote The Adventures of Tintin and worked on the screenplay for Marvel’s Ant-Man with Edgar Wright prior to the behind-the-scenes maneuverings that resulted in them both leaving the project.

After helping to launch The Hunger Games franchise with a $700M hit, some would assume writer-director Gary Ross wouldn’t have much trouble making another film. And yet, following that box-office and critical success, Ross still struggled to get a passion project of his made.

Transformers: The Last Knight: Director Michael Bay revealed the first look at two costars in Transformers: The Last Knight. Bay is pictured with actress Isabela Moner and a new character, a robot known as Squeeks. Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Jerrod Carmichael and Anthony Hopkins star in the movie, set for release on June 23, 2017. [Twitter]   Three Christs: Julianna Margulies, who recently concluded a long run as star of TV's The Good Wife, is in final negotiations to...Read MoreRead Comments

Brexit impact on British filmmaking could be devastating, industry insiders say After news broke Friday morning that voters in Great Britain had decided the country should exit the European Union, movie and TV industry leaders cautioned that “Brexit” could have disastrous consequences on Britain’s film and media industry. As part of the EU, the U.K. benefitted from film...

Oscar nominated-writer Michael Herr died Thursday in New York.

Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling took some time to talk about the upcoming film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which is out this fall. She started off the short speech by saying: “My heroes are always people who feel themselves to be set apart, stigmatized or othered.” You can view the whole thing below: A new hero for a new era of the Wizarding World. Meet Newt Scamander. #FantasticBeasts — Fantastic Beasts (@FantasticBeasts) June 23, 2016 That’s definitely one of the reasons we loved Harry so much. Will we love Newt Scamander too?

This weekend marks the season finales of Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, and Veep, but HBO wants you to know there’s nothing to worry about — they’ve got tons of other great programming coming up on the horizon. We began this week with a new trailer for Westworld, followed by the first promos for Sarah Jessica Parker’s Divorce and Issa Rae’s Insecure.

With season two of HBO’s The Leftovers, showrunner Damon Lindelof and all involved were telling a story about geography. The show picked up and moved to Jarden, Texas, for thematic reasons, and, by moving to Australia, season three is pulling a similar move. In December, it was announced season three is the final season of The Leftovers, which, Lindelof says, will conclude with an ending they’ve structured the entire upcoming chapter around. Below, Damon Lindelof discusses The Leftovers ending. The first two episodes of season three were already shot in Texas.

Box Office

  • 1. Finding Dory
    Gross: $73,234,746
    Total: $286,552,648
  • 2. Independence Day: Resurgence
    Gross: $41,600,000
    Total: $41,600,000
  • 3. Central Intelligence
    Gross: $18,370,000
    Total: $69,302,458
  • 4. Shallows, The
    Gross: $16,700,000
    Total: $16,700,000
  • 5. Free State Of Jones
    Gross: $7,772,000
    Total: $7,772,000

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