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Obama Says Sony “Made a Mistake” By Pulling THE INTERVIEW While we've been passing up more Sony stories than we've been posting this week (since we're declining to publish gossip-y emails and speculative scoops related to the hack), the fact remains that there is some actual, material news coming out of this situation.

Secretary Kerry Condemns North Korea for ‘Lawless Acts of Intimidation’ Against Sony Secretary of State John Kerry condemned North Korea on Friday for the hacking and threatening Sony Pictures Entertainment, the studio behind Seth Rogen and James Franco‘s satirical assassination comedy “The Interview.” “The United States condemns North Korea for the cyber-attack targeting Sony Pictures Entertainment and the unacceptable threats against movie theatres and moviegoers,” Kerry said in the statement obtained by TheWrap.

Watch Kevin Hart Teach Will Ferrell How To Survive Prison In The New ‘Get Hard’ Trailer Kevin Hart teaches Will Ferrell how to survive prison in the new 'Get Hard' trailer.

Rare 'Star Wars' Behind-the-Scenes Video from 1977 While everyone is waiting with bated breath for the next look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a rare behind-the-scenes video from the original 1977 Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope has surfaced online, and it shows a deleted scene coming to life on set. Though silent, this footage clearly features Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker working alongside director George Lucas, and we even get to see the infamous Biggs Darklighter.The first half of the clip has George Lucas, then in his thirties, going over this much-talked about deleted scene with cinematographer Gilbert Taylor.

Here's the 9 Films that Made the Academy's Foreign Language Shortlist The awards continue marching on, and the latest development comes straight from The Academy. They have announced (via Variety) the nine official films shortlisted for the Best Foreign Language Film. That means these nine make the cut, and will proceed forward into the next round of voting before being eliminated again down to five films for the official nominations annoncement on January 15th. On one hand, one of my favorite films of the year, Force Majeure, made the cut along with Pawel Pawlikowski's Ida.

Kate Winslet Could Join Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs Biopic And now, an update on the Aaron Sorkin/Danny Boyle Steve Jobs film that doesn’t come from a leaked e-mail. After Jessica Chastain and Natalie Portman passed on a role, it seems Oscar winner Kate Winslet is the latest actress up for the female lead in the film. She’d star opposite Michael Fassbender as Jobs, Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak and Jeff Daniels as John Sculley. Read more about the Steve Jobs movie cast below. Variety broke the news of the potential addition to the Steve Jobs movie cast. Winslet is currently in negotiations to join the film.

Robert Rodriguez’s Live-Action ‘Fire And Ice’ Movie Acquired By Sony There’s no doubt that Sony Pictures was in dire need of some good news, and thankfully, it may have arrived.

Sony Hackers Demand 'The Interview' Never Be Released Now that the FBI has confirmed North Korea responsible for the Sony Pictures hack, two days after the studio canceled the Christmas Day release of The Interview, the hacker group G.O.P. reportedly sent out two conflicting messages to Sony. The first message, which was sent to Sony executives last night and obtained by CNN, revealed that The Interview can never be released in any way, shape or form, while the other, which was found by Arts Technica on PasteBin, states that the film can now be released, if Kim Jong-Un's death scene is cut from the film.

Amy Adams Talks BATMAN v SUPERMAN; Teases Scenes With 'Wonder Woman' Get More: Movie Trailers, Celebrity News "Well, I was still doing a Superman movie! My part is mostly there, so I felt like that, but it was really fun to get to play with these other characters that were coming in and to get to have Gal there. To get to have another girl on set," Amy Adams responded when MTV News asked her about whether Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice feels more like a Man of Steel sequel or just a big universe encompassing superhero movie.

Sony Pictures Removes Latest THE INTERVIEW Promo along with All Clips; Cancels Worldwide Release Last night, Sony Pictures released a new The Interview spot proclaiming "In Franco and Rogen We Trust".  Sony had previously yanked the movie from theaters following the major theater chains' refusal to show the film after the cyber-terrorists who hacked Sony releasing a new statement threatening attacks on theaters that screened the picture.  The new promo provided hope that perhaps the studio was going to release the film on VOD, but it looks like their trust in Franco and Rogen has dissipated. The studio has now taken down the promo from their YouTube page as well as any clips from the f

First 'Ted 2' Photo Shows Mark Wahlberg Ready to Scuba Mark Wahlberg and his best friend, a living teddy bear, are ready to hit the high seas in the first photo from the upcoming sequel Ted 2. The image was released as part of Entertainment Weekly's 2015 preview, though it only hints at some of the highjinks these two are bound to get themselves into. The duo return to the big screen this summer.Seth MacFarlane returns to write and direct Ted 2. He also returns to voice the popular bear. While not much is known about the plot, it is known that Amanda Seyfried will be taking over the female lead from Mila Kunis.


Film Review: Annie

Latino Review - 3 hours 7 min ago

Film Review: Annie A new film of the musical "Annie" comes out this week, starring Quvenzhane Wallis and Jamie Foxx. Some online commentators have objected to the decision to change the main character's race, from Caucasian to African-American, but that doesn't negatively affect the film at all. The major problem it has is the producers' decision to tone down the musical's theatricality and cast many non-singers in lead roles.

Movies Podcast: The Interview, Spidey & The Hobbit Welcome back to Keepin' It Reel!

HBO Movie ‘The Normal Heart’ Wins Producers Guild’s Stanley Kramer Award The HBO movie “The Normal Heart” will receive the 2015 Stanley Kramer Award from the Producers Guild of America, the PGA announced on Friday. The film, directed by Ryan Murphy and produced by Scott Ferguson, Alexis Martin Woodall, Jason Blum, Dede Gardner, Dante Di Loreto, Ryan Murphy and Brad Pitt, was based on Larry Kramer’s play chronicling the early days of the AIDS epidemic in New York City. Also read: Why Mark Ruffalo Didn’t Want to Play Larry Kramer in ‘The Normal Heart’ at First The Stanley Kramer Award was established by the PGA in 2002 to honor fil

Peter Jackson Won't Helm A Marvel Movie; "I've Never Read A Comic Book In My Life" Peter Jackson has spent quite some time in Middle-Earth, and now that he's finished with The Hobbit trilogy, what could be next for the filmmaker? He followed The Lord of the Rings with King Kong and The Lovely Bones, and it appears as if his next project will be something more along the lines of the latter. "I don't really like the Hollywood blockbuster bandwagon that exists right now," Jackson told Movie Fone in a recent interview. "The industry and the advent of all the technology, has kind of lost its way. It's become very franchise driven and superhero driven.

New Photos From 2015's Biggest Movies Including 'Chappie,' 'Jurassic World,' 'Insurgent' And More Have you made your list and checked it twice? No, we're not talking about what you want from Santa Claus (and on the real, you should've had that locked down a while ago — Christmas is in less than a week), but instead what movies are the must-see titles for you in 2015. And if we had to wager a guess, it's likely a few of those movies are mentioned below. Entertainment Weekly is closing off the year by looking ahead, dropping a batch of new photos from some of the biggest films arriving across the next twelve months. So let's dive in, shall we?

MPAA’s Chris Dodd Calls Sony Hack ‘Despicable, Criminal Act’ The Motion Picture Association of America’s chariman and CEO, senator Chris Dodd, has called North Korea’s cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment “deplorable” and “despicable,” while expressing disappointment in “a lot of the media coverage.” The statement comes just minutes after the FBI formally named the communist country as the culprit behind the Sony hack attack. Also Read: Sony Hackers Issue New Threat In Wake ‘The Interview’ Cancellation, Says CNN “The FBI’s announcement that North Korea is responsible for the attack on Son

It seems Clint Eastwood succeeded in make another divisive movie with American Sniper, and watching the second trailer I can see where this differing opinions might come from. Based on Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s autobiography of the same name, American Sniper is about both some of the hardest missions he was part of in Iraq, […] Read The Second Trailer for Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper on Filmonic.

Buy an Xbox One, get a $70 Target Gift Card Continue reading…

We have the first look at Neil Patrick Harris in his role on the final two episodes of American Horror Story: Freak Show. This is definitely different than how we are used to seeing NPH. Click here to view the embedded video. Neil Patrick Harris Cuts His Way Into American Horror Story: Freak Show

Joe Quesada Appears On Stephen Colbert’s Final Night, As The Captain America Shield Is Taken Into Eternity Last night saw Stephen Colbert‘s final trip into truthiness, and saw The Colbert Report stage massed with a hundred past guests from Henry Kissinger to Patrick Stewart to Big Bird, singing we’ll meet again. And among them was a familiar face, multiple guest of the show, Joe Quesada CCO of Marvel Comics. Well, the studio was just round the corner from Marvel’s offices it wouldn’t have been a big trip. But as for the Captain America shield that was given to Stephen Colbert on the occasion of Captain America’s death a few years ago?

I suppose it's that time to start getting into the holiday spirit, so let's talk KRAMPUS! Based on the ancient legend of a pagan demon who punishes the wicked, Legendary Pictures’ KRAMPUS is a twisted horror comedy written and directed by Michael Dougherty (TRICK 'R TREAT). While KRAMPUS wont be released until December of next year, here are some nifty animated cards to tide you over.... Read More...

Next week’s Unbroken is Jack O’Connell‘s highest-profile gig yet, but he was doing fine work long before Angelina Jolie came along. Starred Up and ’71 are two of the roles that marked him as the Next Big Thing. The former opened a while ago, but the latter isn’t coming out for another few months. Directed by Yann Demange, ’71 stars O’Connell as Hook, a young British soldier patrolling Belfast at the height of the Troubles. When a riot breaks out, he’s accidentally abandoned by his unit.

A few days ago, we brought you a look at the premium figures based on the Iron Man Mark 43 costume worn by Tony Stark in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. The detail was amazing and gave us a deeper look at the damage to the superhero, potentially at the hands of Ultron and his mechanical minions. Now, we have new looks at several other characters from the film via their premium figures. A Hong Kong based website, Toy... Read More...

A grand, visually impressive adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s 1987 musical theater production, Disney's “Into The Woods” is at the outset enchanting, even entertaining. And if there were concerns that some of the darker, adult themes in the movie wouldn’t be addressed, well, this version is a lot more somber than you might imagine. But perhaps counter intuitively, this approach works to the detriment of the picture’s tenor, rhythm and initially vibrant energy: “Into The Woods” soon loses its spark in an enervating and overlong third act that winds up as a cul de sac to nowhere.

Cover Page of Ridley Scott's 'The Martian' Script Shot into Space While Ridley Scott's Biblical epic Exodus: Gods & Kings is still in theaters, the hype machine has already been started for the director's next film The Martian, and it's literally out of this world. Empire reports that the December 5th launch of NASA’s Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV), conducted as a 4-hour test flight 5600 miles above the Earth’s surface, had a capsule full of personal objects important to people involved in the project.

Film Divder tweeted out new images from the upcoming Netflix’s series Marvel’s Daredevil. Here we get to see Charlie Cox as both Matt Murdock and in the early black costume worn by Daredevil in the Daredevil: The Man Without Fear miniseries by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. The images are from Entertainment Weekly.   The new EW also features a piece on Marvel’s Daredevil show for Netflix. — Film Divider (@FilmDivider) December 18, 2014 New Images From Marvel’s Daredevil

The Cast, Clips and a Knight in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb opens today and if you liked the first two, then this should be right up your alley. Similarly if four new clips and two featurettes from the sequel sound good, continue below. At least they got just about everyone back for this third (and final) Night at […] Read The Cast, Clips and a Knight in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb on Filmonic.

Simon Pegg has built his career on playing charming, affable everymen, but ‘Kill Me Three Times’ presents him with a different sort of role: a charming, affable assassin. Decked out in a black suit and rocking the hell out of a sleazy mustache, the film looks like a delightful left turn for an actor who could have easily coasted for the rest of his career. Hopefully, there are more surprises lurking in the film than what is revealed in the first trailer. Continue reading…

Larry Flynt Offers To Distribute ‘The Interview’ For Sony On BBC’s Newsnight TV show airing on BBC2 right now, Hustler founder Larry Flynt stated that he was working on producing a porn parody of The Interview, which would as he said ” calling Sony a “bunch of scaredycats… this is a no-back bone situation….

The Florida Film Critics Circle has awarded "Birdman" best film of the year.

We’ve praised The Babadook since Sundance. It landed on Angie’s “Best Performances of 2014” list and our “50 Great Movies From 2014” list, and (spoiler) it’ll be on my ranked top ten of 2014, too. In short: see it! (Even Stephen King and The Exorcist director William Friedkin would tell you that.) The film is on VOD now and in some theaters, too, so you can see it for yourself. If you haven’t seen it yet and are still on the fence, however, maybe a little friendly greeting will get you to give it a shot.

20th Century Fox has just released a new International trailer for Matthew Vaughn‘s action-thriller film "Kingsman: The Secret Service" starring Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Taron Egerton, and Samuel L.

The things fans love about The Empire Strikes Back are not things present in a live read: John Williams unbelievable score, the breathtaking action set pieces, and locations like Hoth, Dagobah and Cloud City. At a live read, it’s just the actors, the script, a few images and the audience. As a massive Star Wars fan that was my big concern going into the latest Jason Reitman Live Read, presented by Film Independent.

George Clooney Wants 'The Interview' VOD, Tried to Rally Hollywood After major movie theater chains opted not to book The Interview to open on Christmas Day amidst threats of terrorism against any theaters showing the film, Sony Pictures decided not to release the film at all, and that includes VOD and home video for now. There's been plenty of discussion and rage about this decision fueled by fear of Kim Jong-un and North Korea, who are believed to be the driving force behind these threats and the hack of Sony Pictures, because of their distaste for the comedy about an attempt to assassinate the leader.

Hopefully over this past weekend, if you lived in New York and Los Angeles or trekked to one of the fourteen advance screenings across the U.S., Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Inherent Vice” finally unfurled its hypnotic charms after a run-up of various festival dates. A wide release in the New Year awaits those who didn’t see it, so some behind-the-scenes accounts will have to do.

We've already seen Amy Poehler and Tina Fey make a splash on "Saturday Night Live" but their team-up on the big screen in Baby Mama left something to be desire, despite being moderately amusing. But their next project coming next winter might be just what the doctor ordered. Formerly known as The Nest, the comedy is now called Sisters, and follows the comedienne duo as thirtysomething sisters coming home to find their parents’ house has been put up for sale, so they decide to spend one more wild weekend together there, bonding, feuding and finally growing up.


Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) has been going through some changes since Bates Motel began. And given what we know about where he ends up, that's not a good thing. Check out the first teaser for Season 3, which features a notable direct reference to Psycho, as a new guest at the motel, Annika Johnson (Revolution's Tracy Spiradakos), gets ready to take a shower... Not realizing someone is watching. Bates Motel returns in March. You can also check out our interview with Highmore, Vera Farmiga and executive producer Kerry Ehrin about Season 3 from this year's Comic-Con. Continue reading…

Since these are getting a bit more frequent, there's a good chance a full trailer will be with us soon enough. Keep an eye on the official ThreeEyedRaven website (link below) for updates.

Sony Pictures Entertainment legal was hit with a fourth class-action lawsuit related to November hacks and attacks carried out against the studio for making the “The Interview,” Seth Rogen and James Franco‘s satirical assassination comedy. The lawsuit was filed by two former IT employees at the studio on Thursday at the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

After facing monsters in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and creepy ghosts in The Grudge, this time Sarah Michelle Gellar finds terror in her own mind. Veronika Decides to Die is an adaptation of Paulo Coelho's book of the same name, and the first trailer for the thriller has arrived, even though the film was shot in 2008 and release internationally in 2009. The story follows a twentysomething woman who decides to kill herself, despite the fact that she seems to have it all: youth and beauty, boyfriends and a loving family, a fulfilling job.

After Sony Pictures canceled the release of their comedy The Interview, the hacker group G.O.P. seemed to indicate that the copious leaks of Sony emails and documents would stop, if they never release the movie. However, since there were so many leaks from the studio, more news has surfaced, with The Daily Beast uncovering an email from Sony's Amy Pascal, where she states that Idris Elba should be the next actor to play James Bond.

Welcome back to The Stack! While I'm doing gift guide episodes, I also need to do one or two regular episodes covering the other stuff that pours into ye olde office. But the truth is that all of this stuff makes for great gift giving. The following are some horror films that have arrived in in the last couple of weeks. Shock Waves (1977) is the granddaddy of Nazi zombie movies like Dead Snow (2009) and Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead (2014) know, all those other Nazi zombie movies.

She's dressed to impressThose who attended this year’s San Diego Comic-Con got a look at some elements from Guillermo del Toro’s new gothic horror Crimson Peak, mostly props and chunks of the set. Now we have a proper glimpse at one of the main characters, with a shot of Jessica Chastain in costume provided by The Film Stage. {Jessica Chastain Crimson Peak}Crimson Peak finds Mia Wasikowska as author Edith Cushing, who is freshly wed to the charming, heroic Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston). She moves to live with him in the titular massive, crumbling family pile in Cumbria.

James Franco has a tale to tellWith his constant barrage of side projects in film and on paper, it’s a wonder that James Franco has time to appear in other people’s movies. But here he is in a based-on-truth story, which sees him acting opposite pal Jonah Hill in a tale that will see neither of them using their comedy chops.

GKIDS Song of the Sea is a film as light as the wind, and as swift. As airy as the Gaelic song which rides above its plot like a mystical zephyr visiting from another world, it’s a unique fairy tale even among the many supernaturally inclined animated features that have entranced us this year. The Boxtrolls is more aggressively outrageous, The Tale of Princess Kaguya more overtly theosophical.

He knows the Bare NecessitiesAs Disney continues to raid its animated archives for film properties it can turn into live-action spectacles with updated effects, Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book is one of its prime productions. With the movie shooting, Favreau has revealed that Bill Murray, playing loveable ursine sidekick Baloo, will sing as part of the plot.That might raise some eyebrows, since Favreau has said before that this isn’t looking to directly replicate the beloved 1967 cartoon version.

He's set for a new comedyAnyone who has seen Anthony Mackie in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, or indeed most of his movies, knows he can bring the funny when called upon, even in the middle of intense scenes. He’s set to keep the laughter coming with a new film called Make A Wish.Dear White People director Justin Simien will shoot the film for Paramount, working from Zach Frankel’s script.

The Director’s Guild of America called on Hollywood to use the Sony hacking attack as a rallying point for the preservation of freedom of expression in the United States. “We hope that instead of the ‘chilling effect’ on controversial content, this incident becomes a rallying point for all of us who care about freedom of expression to come together and champion this inalienable right,” said DGA president Paris Barclay in a statement to TheWrap. The statement comes after the FBI formally named the communist country as the culprit behind the Sony hack attack. Also R

This past fall, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts interviewed David Fincher around the time “Gone Girl” hit theaters for "A Life In Pictures" event, and today you can watch the full interview on their site. In the interview, Fincher delves into his highs and lows and his early ambitions. “I was one of those kids who was really committed to being on sets and watching how shit went down,” said Fincher. “I watched talented people who I liked and admired get kind of spun, and I vowed never to let that happen.

Kieran Breen has been promoted to president of international theatrical marketing at 20th Century Fox, it was announced today by Paul Hanneman and Tomas Jegeus, the studio’s co-presidents of worldwide theatrical marketing, to whom Breen will report. In his new post, Breen will continue to be responsible for strategy, research, media, digital, publicity, creative and promotions for all Fox movies in all territories outside of the United States. Previously, Breen was executive VP of international marketing at 20th Century Fox, a role he’s held since 2006.  “Kieran has long been an invaluable me

In the midst of a crippling cyberattack, Sony allowed at least two dozen people on the studio lot on Thursday night without asking them for identification, including this reporter. Members of the media and Hollywood guilds were invited to see Russia’s critically acclaimed foreign language contender “Leviathan,” which Sony Pictures Classics opens in Los Angeles on Dec. 31. I brought my friend, independent filmmaker Matt Silverman, and arranged drive-ons for each of us, though we wound up riding together. The screening was to be held at 7:30 p.m.

Video on demand companies are declining to show “The Interview” after movie theaters pulled the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy from its original Dec.

ScreenCrush wraps up the latest in movies and TV you might have missed. Today, Kiefer Sutherland is done with Jack Bauer, Christmas morning is recreated in the style of different filmmakers, and a ‘Game of Thrones’ veteran joins Matt Damon in his new movie. Continue reading…

Watch: The Curious Case Of Copyright And The Story Behind 'It's A Wonderful Life' What's your Christmas movie tradition? Do you join Kevin McCallister in once again defending his house from bandits in "Home Alone"? Do you hang with John McClane as he walks across broken glass in "Die Hard"? Or do you cozy up to the heartwarming "It's A Wonderful Life"? If it's the latter, you'll want to check out this great video essay on the story behind the movie. The short version is basically this: Director Frank Capra produced the picture via his Liberty Films, and RKO distributed it, but it was a flop on release.

Writer-director Alex Garland breaks down the complex story of his new sci-fi thriller Ex Machina in a featurette that includes new footage and interviews with stars Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson and Alicia Vikander. The film landed distribution with A24 Films back in October, with the first trailer debuting shortly after that announcement was made.

@TheMCUExchange have posted some screengrabs of even more leaked "Sony Hack" emails from two years ago in which Marvel President Alan Fine tears apart the divisive The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He makes a lot of really good points, but makes himself look somewhat foolish in a rambling paragraph which indicates that he's under the belief that these movies are/should be prequels to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy! Forgive that though, and there's no denying that his harsh review of the sequel's script is spot on. Why repeat so much of what we've seen before?

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