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The Woods Revealed To Be Blair Witch Sequel At Comic Con It’s been a little while since the Blair With franchise reared its head, which is actually quite surprising, considering the home made, handheld style that it helped spawn became so big. However, better late than never, it was revealed that a project previously called The Woods was in fact just a front for a new sequel called Blair Witch. It’s being directed by Adam Wingard who directed the criminally under appreciated You’re Next, so that is enough to peak my interest.

The survivors enter a new world in a Fear the Walking Dead season 2 trailer AMC's spin-off of the incredibly popular The Walking Dead hasn't quite reached the heights of its big brother, but I did find the first half of Fear the Walking Dead's second season to be an improvement over the first. That first half ended with, per Walking Dead tradition, blood and fire which splintered the group of survivors, some of whom set out on their own. AMC has... Read More...

Star Trek Beyond: A Message From Captain Kirk Star Trek Beyond, the third film in the rebooted Star Trek franchise, opened in theaters yesterday to the excitement of Star Trek fans everywhere – especially since this year marks the franchise’s 50th anniversary.

Here's Your First Look At Ghost Rider's Bike Car From AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 If you saw Marvel's Tweet earlier today featuring a large car shaped object hidden under a sheet, then chances are that you probably guessed that Ghost Rider's ride was underneath. That was confirmed about an hour ago at the San Diego Comic-Con and, well, it looks like a pretty standard car. Presumably special effects will be used to make it a little more visually exciting when Robbie transforms.  In the comics, the character drove a  69' Dodge Charger, and it appears as if that will also be the case in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Wonder Woman Shows Power, Grace & Wisdom in New Comic-Con Poster Gal Gadot shared the new Wonder Woman poster through social media, just one day before the massive Warner Bros. Hall H panel at Comic-Con.

Rihanna Will Head Over To BATES MOTEL And Play Marion Crane For Final Season Rihanna has been tapped to play the iconic role of Marion Crane, formerly played by Janet Leigh, in the fifth and final season of A&E’s hit drama series BATES MOTEL.

The Old Gods And The New Gods Go To War In First Trailer For AMERICAN GODS After the cancellation of his critically acclaimed show Hannibal, producer Bryan Fuller, alongside Michael Green, decided to set their sights on adapting and bringing to life Neil Gaiman's best-selling novel American Gods.

Get A Decent Look At The King In This Kong: Skull Island Poster We are expecting to see ‘something’ about Kong: Skull Island over this weekend, and my hope is that we will get a publicly released trailer during SDCC. Playing off the motion poster from yesterday, this poster has dropped, and it gives us our first glimpse of King Kong from the movie. It’s said he is going to be the biggest version ever seen on film, and that size shows off in this poster. Now I just want him in motion. Get A Decent Look At The King In This Kong: Skull Island Poster

Aquaman Getting a Rewrite from Gangster Squad Writer The Warner Bros’ DC Extended Universe has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start.

Here’s a fun thing for a Friday night.HBO have released the blooper reel from season six of Game of Thrones… and it kicks off with Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). Game Of Chuckles – The Game Of Thrones Season 6 Blooper Reel

Star Wars: Chuck Wendig Teases Empire’s End Novel WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS for Aftermath: Life Debt – As many Star Wars fans know by now, Disney and Lucasfilm have organized a cohesive franchise canon in which just about every piece of media set in a galaxy far, far away is connected and part of the same larger narrative. There’s so much untapped territory that the films don’t cover, using novels, comic books, and even video games is the perfect way to flesh out the universe and satisfy the craving viewers have for more things Star Wars.

Fantastic Beasts Comic-Con Poster Welcomes Newt to America Newt Scamander makes his way to America with his wand in hand in the new Comic-Con poster for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Behind The Scenes Of The Suicide Squad There’s a new behind-the-scenes video for Suicide Squad from Entertainment Tonight for their SDCC coverage. The video looks at the making of the new film starring Will Smith, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie. It opens August 5th. Behind The Scenes Of The Suicide Squad

The History Channel showed off the trailer for the fourth season of Vikings today at SDCC. The remaining 10 episodes of season four is slated to premiere this Fall. The series is from creator and sole writer Michael Hirst. Vikings Season 4 Trailer Debuts At Comic-Con

'The Lego Batman Movie': Will Arnett's Dark Knight suits up in poster Lego Batman, assemble! The Will Arnett-voiced Dark Knight is ready to suit up again in a new poster for The Lego Batman Movie.  Accompanied by the tagline “It’s on,” the new look was released on Arnett’s Twitter account. The character first appeared in The Lego Movie directed by...

Sia has been cast as a pony pop star in "My Little Pony: The Movie."

Dwayne Johnson is ready to kick all sorts of ass in new Fast 8 set-video We all know that Dwayne Johnson has a seemingly superhuman amount of energy considering he's got just about every second of his life for the next ten years devoted to a variety of projects, all of which he's incredibly excited about, but does he have what it takes to make it through a prison full of angry convicts and guards? I'm betting yes. Production on F. Gary... Read More...

Sausage Party 2 Already Planned Says Seth Rogen Seth Rogen says he wants to keep making Sausage Party movies for the rest of his life.

Jeremy Konrad writes, Before the screening of The Killing Joke tonight, a majority of the voice cast,including Kevin Conroy, Ray Wise, and Tara Strong. Also joining them were writers Bruce Timm and Brian Azzarello, and director Sam Liu. They began the panel by talking about adapting the graphic novel and how it was not enough material for a full runtime, so they knew they would have to add scenes and tweak things a little with the story itself, but take great care in doing it. Somewhere in the process, they decided to give Barbara her own story.

Is Idris Elba Too Old to Play James Bond? Idris Elba confirms that he has never engaged in any official discussions to play the new James Bond, and he thinks he's too old for the role.

For a while there, Pacific Rim: Maelstrom was very much in limbo. With the first Pacific Rim having had somewhat middle-of-the-road domestic box office sales bolstered by considerable success at the international box office, its sequel was an on again, off again, on again affair for quite some time. Fans were put at ease when a release date for Pacific Rim 2 was finally announced following the addition of Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega to its lineup.

There’s a scene midway through Oliver Stone‘s upcoming film “Snowden,” in which the titular Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is hanging out with documentarian Laura Poitras (Melissa Leo), explaining the actual reason U.S. government agencies are gathering every bit of data they can on every person alive. The whole threat of terrorism thing is just a pretense, he says. They’re really using that data for “social control.” They spy on everyone, including friendly nations like Japan.

Producers of Justice League Action showed attendees at SDCC a first look at the new Warner Bros. Animation series coming soon to Cartoon Network. During the show’s Thursday, July 21 panel, which also included voice cast members Kevin Conroy and Diedrich Bader, attendees were treated to this special highlight reel. Getting A Little Justice League Action At SDCC

Japan's New 'Godzilla Resurgence' Will Hit US Theaters Late This Year Good news, Godzilla fans! The new Godzilla movie from Toho Company in Japan will actually be hitting US theaters this year as well. Godzilla Resurgence, or Shin Gojira as its known in Japan, opens in theaters over there starting July 29th - this month. Announced during Comic-Con, anime distributor Funimation has revealed that they will be releasing Shin Gojira in US theaters sometime in "late 2016". The announcement was made on Funimation's Twitter, but no exact date has been set yet, though we expect to see it sometime late in the fall around November or December.

Teasers for Marvel’s Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders Here’s the next year of Netflix Marvel shows laid out in teaser form, from Comic-Con starting with Luke Cage, then Iron Fist and finally The Defenders. First up is the teaser for Luke Cage, which will be available starting September 30th. As usual for Netflix all 13 episodes will debut on the same day. We […] Read Teasers for Marvel’s Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders on Filmonic.

'Lights Out' Review: Not Memorable, But You'll Want To Bring a Flashlight Full disclosure: I’m afraid of the dark. As soon as I walk into a darkened room I rush to the nearest light switch. I’ll use my phone’s flashlight to guide the way if the switch is far, and sometimes I’ll leave all the lights if I’m home alone. Your eyes play tricks on you in the dark – What was that? Oh, just the cat. Wait, I don’t have a cat! There’s security and comfort in being able to see your surroundings, which makes the premise of David Sandberg‘s ‘Lights Out’ even more terrifying. Continue reading…

International Box Office: Ice Age Animates the Chart Animations ruled over the international box office with Ice Age: Collision Course finishing in 1st while Finding Dory was a strong 2nd. Ice Age: Collision Course got $53.5 million from 60 markets, bringing its current international total to a very early $134.9 million. Leading the charge are Mexico ($19.7 million), Germany ($13.4 million) and Brazil ($11.5 million). […] Read International Box Office: Ice Age Animates the Chart on Filmonic.

Expect a very serious and dour King Arthur film from Guy Ritchie if the new poster for KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD is any indication.  Featuring Charlie Hunnam front and center with a sword and pose that says "Winter is coming," this first one sheet looks to be leading into our first peek at a trailer for Ritchie's movie, which should premiere over the... Read More...

Stephen King fans search Comic-Con for mysterious storybook The shadow of 'The Dark Tower' looms over this mystery

Arrow’s Colton Haynes is making the move over to join the second season of Scream Queens. According to EW, the Fox series lead by Jame Lee Curtis and has already added John Stamos and Taylor Lautner for it’s sophomore run will now add the former Teen Wolf actor as a guest star in a mystery role.   Being only a guest star leaves Haynes open for guest appearances on other shows, like a possible appearance as Arsenal / Roy Harper. Scream Queens premieres Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. Colton Haynes Join The Scream Queens

Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Ratatouille) came to San Diego Comic-Con International 2016 for a preview of The Giant’s Dream: The Making Of The Iron Giant, which will be included on the upcoming Blu-ray release of the film this fall. The documentary by Anthony Giacchino is a beautiful and heartbreaking look at the Hollywood animation process, a must see.

"Firefly" alum Alan Tudyk revealed who he's voicing in Disney's "Moana" when HitFix chatted with him at Comic-Con. He also talked with us about his role in "Powerless," which will feature DC Comics superheroes.

Making his on-screen debut in Captain America: Civil War, T’Challa A.K.A. Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) captivated audiences with his power, grace, and charm. The introduction set the scene for an upcoming Black Panther solo film and boosted the launch of a new Black Panther comic written by acclaimed author Ta-Nehisi Coates with art from Brian Stelfreeze. After initial buzz around the first issue, it was reported that Black Panther #1 was already 2016’s best selling comic book.

Janel Smith writes, [MILD SPOILERS FOR iZOMBIE BELOW!] The iZombie panel was a fun look into what we can expect from the show’s third season. The season will focus on Liv trying to figure out her answer to the big question posed to her at the end of season 2. Is she going to be on the side of the zombies or humans if and when the war between the two groups that Vivian Stoll and Fillmore-Graves is expecting comes to pass. Writer Rob Thomas promised that now that everyone in Liv’s inner circle is aware of her zombie status that there will be no more keeping secrets.

Superhero comics are no longer the only material from the realm of sequential art suitable for big or small screen adaption. Terry Zwigoff shared that opinion back in the early aughts. In the latest fad, the small screen is becoming the new home for graphic novels. Shows like Lucifer or iZombie clearly demonstrated the hazards and limitations of page-to-screen transfer in an orthodox following of textbook TV series rules.

  Boozing broads Edina (Jennifer Saunders) and her BFF Patsy (Joanna Lumley) are up to their old tricks in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, which has the two aging "slags" living the high life – clubbing, drinking and shopping their way around London like they always have – until something bad happens at a fashion event and sends them on the run to... where else? The French Riviera. Watch the two stars and their cohorts talk about the...Read MoreRead Comments

Seems Jon Bernthal didn’t care that there wasn’t going to be much about the Punisher at the Marvel’s Luke Cage panel yesterday… he showed up anyway and chatted with Jeph Loeb for a few minutes before Mike Colter and the cast of Luke Cage came out. Bernthal talks about how he understands the importance of Frank Castle to not only the fans, but to members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Anthony Desiato writes… Warner Bros. kicked off Comic-Con International: San Diego on Friday in Ballroom 20 with its Inside The Big Bang Theory Writers’ Room panel, where Executive Producer Steven Molaro announced the casting of Katey Sagal (Sons of Anarchy) and Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) as Penny’s heretofore unseen mother and brother, respectively. The casting reunites Kaley Cuoco with her 8 Simple Rules mother, with whom she starred on the late ABC sitcom. According to Molaro, Sagal said she was “always ready to be Kaley’s mom” when approached for the role.

Natalie Portman has followed in the footsteps of her fellow Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie by directing her first feature film. A Tale of Love and Darkness, which premiered at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, is a Hebrew-language drama starring Portman as a young mother raising her son (Amir...

More than two decades ago, Bryan Cranston lent his voice to the Power Rangers TV series, and he’ll soon be returning to the franchise on the big screen. In the upcoming reboot, the Breaking Bad star will star as Zordon, the Rangers’ mentor. But as new team members Becky G, Dacre...

A lot has and will continue to be said about the Ghostbusters reboot, as the war rages on about people’s opinions on the film and the culture surrounding it. One thing that is hard to argue with though is business, and it seems at least Mattel is pleased with the franchise’s output for them. Speaking to Variety (via ScreenRant) ,VP of design and marketing Joe Lawandus has said that the company is incredibly pleased with the toy line’s performance. According to Lawandus sales are ‘exceeding expectations’.

When we last spoke with Canadian director Gariel Carrer (The Demolisher), he was about to unleash some violent Ventablvck conceptual footage at the Frontieres Market at the Fantasia Film Festival. That footage made its way online today and I'm not surprised to see it's as stylistically aggressive as the subject matter. The neon glow paired with underground fighting rings can't help but remind us of Only God Forgives, but I think Carrer's film will be another thing entirely.

To celebrate the Australian release of Slasher the TV series on home video, RLJ Entertainment is giving local readers the chance to win one of FIVE sets of the series on DVD!   Here’s a description of the series:   Slasher tells the gripping story of a young woman who finds herself as the centrepiece in a series of horrifying copycat murders based on the grisly killings of her parents.   Born amid a great tragedy, Sarah Bennett (Katie McGrath – Jurassic World, Dracula, Merlin) has spent many years feeling cast adrift.

Rick and Morty continues to be one of my favorite adult cartoons in its short two season life. It’s so very clever, and really pushes the seams of its reality with smart sci-fi concepts, before wrapping it up in grimy humour. The Rick and Morty Panel at SDCC has bore fruit too. This is very early look at one of the episodes in the upcoming third season, which doesn’t feature proper animation or colouring, but doesn’t stop it from being funny… or utterly horrific.

A few weeks ago, Matt Damon expressed his interest in possibly joining the DC Film Universe if only under the direction of his longtime friend Ben Affleck. Needless to say, fans took his words to heart and have been eager to see if the actor is actually ready to take on a superhero role. Well, it now looks like Damon's interest in the DC Film Universe might have grown in the last few weeks. While on Kevin Smith's upcoming new show GEEKING OUT, Smith put Damon through the ultimate superhero role test.

Wow, it’s been 20 years since South Park debuted. My first introduction to them was on the Kevin & Bean Christmas Album where they had Cartman signing Oh Holy Night… I had no idea what it was about, but the bit had me crying from laughing. Now, they’re celebrating their 20th anniversary and released this video. They’ve Been There For 20 Years – South Park Releases Video

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