Top Movie News for February 26, 2017

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Inside the Spirit Awards 2017: 13 Things You Didn’t See on TV, From Matt Damon to Jon Hamm “Moonlight” was the big winner Saturday at the Film Independent Spirit Awards, with Nick Kroll and John Mulaney hosting the most casual awards shows on the calendar in a beachfront tent in Santa Monica. Although the show was telecast on IFC, those watching missed some action that only those attending the ceremony were privy to.

Batman v. Superman v. Hillary At The 37th Annual Razzie Awards Proving once again that Warner Bros can’t seem to do anything right with their superhero movie universe, even when it comes to doing everything wrong, Batman v. Superman has once again failed to live up to expectations. First, the movie failed to secure nominations in every category of the 2017 Razzie Awards. And then, to make matters worse, it didn’t even win the most Razzies, tying Hillary’s America with just four awards each. What a disappointment! Batman v.

What Simon Kinberg Learned From X-Men: Apocalypse X-Men: Apocalypse wasn’t the most poorly received of the X-Men films, but it came awfully close, ranking only a step up from X-Men: Origins – Wolverine in critics’ approximation. Even without adjusting for inflation, the film’s domestic box office did more poorly than the original film in 2000.

Logan TV Spot: X-23 Shows Off The Foot Claw It’s well-known at this point that Logan is set to be Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart’s final film as Wolverine and Professor X, respectively. Taking place several years in the future in 2029, the film brings an end to Jackman and Stewart’s 17-year long onscreen journey as the characters, catching up with both when they’re older than they’ve ever been before, and slowly dying together.

Get Out's Daniel Kaluuya joins Steve McQueen's heist thriller Widows As I'm writing this, Jordan Peele's recently released GET OUT is sitting at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, one of very few horror movies to be able to make that boast. Seems that people are pretty pumped about both the film and its star, Daniel Kaluuya. Audiences are likely to be keeping a much closer look at Kaluuya's future work, and Deadline reports that Kaluuya is set to join the cast of... Read More...

R2-D2 Gets a Voice in Star Wars Mashup Video For every Luke Skywalker, Jyn Erso, and Rey fighting against the Empire or First Order, there’s a droid out there standing right by their side. In many ways, the robots of Star Wars are the true unsung heroes of the franchise. After all, it was R2-D2 and C-3PO who delivered Leia’s stolen Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance. It was the reprogrammed Imperial droid K-2SO who sacrificed himself helping a squad of rebels infiltrate Scarif.

13 Hours Sound Mixer Disqualified From Academy Awards Tomorrow night, ABC plays host to the 89th annual Academy Awards ceremony.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Promo Image Reveals Kurt Russell’s Character The Marvel Cinematic Universe began the exploration of its cosmic side in 2014 with Guardians of the Galaxy and expanded to further dimensions last year with Doctor Strange. Given that Phase 3 will reach its highest point with Infinity War and will end with the still untitled fourth Avengers movie, bringing together the Avengers and the Guardians, the second Guardians movie will play a bigger role than the first. The release date for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ...Click to continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Promo Image Reveals Kurt Russell’s Character

Oscar Parties: Ava DuVernay, Meryl Streep Rouse Female Oscar Nominees (Photos) Considering all of her talents and stature, Meryl Streep seems like a stranger to the VIP section of hot Hollywood nightclubs. Yet on Friday night, hours before another trip to the Oscars, America’s acting deity and fresh liberal lion of Hollywood glided into Nightingale Plaza. That’s the same La Cienega haunt previously favored by Leonardo DiCaprio in the early 2000s and Sylvester Stallone a decade earlier. Also Read: Every Oscar-Nominated Movie You Can Watch at Home Right Now (Photos) The reigning Best Actress (Brie Larson) with potential Best Supporting Actress winner Viola D

If Deadpool Starred in Classic Disney Scenes For years, comic book fans everywhere begged and pleaded with 20th Century Fox to make a Deadpool movie that did the character justice. It looked like the studio was going to do just that initially with the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009 and the casting of Ryan Reynolds as the beloved character. Unfortunately, fans know what a disaster that version of the character wound up being, and it was another seven years before the character got a second chance at silver screen stardom, once again played by Reynolds.

Former President Barack Obama Watched Everything from 'La La Land' to 'Monster Trucks' in the White House It’s no secret that Barack Obama is a total cinephile — last year he and Michelle named their favorite films of 2015 (The Martian and Inside Out, respectively), and a few months ago he even listed his favorite sci-fi movies (mostly the agreed-upon classics). Being the President comes with its fair share of perks, including first access to any new releases he wants to watch. Now we know what was on the list he requested for his swanky White House screening room. Continue reading…

Report: Cress Williams Is Black Lightning In CW TV Show The CW has found its Black Lightning. Cress Williams has been hired to play the titular lead in the eponymous series, which was originally slated for Fox, but picked up by CW instead when they realized that every other show on their network is based on a comic book, so why not go all in?

Syrian-Born ‘The White Helmets’ Cinematographer Not Allowed to Enter Country for Oscars The Syrian-born cinematographer of the Oscar-nominated “The White Helmets” won’t be able to attend Sunday’s awards after being barred him from entering the country, according to the Associated Press. “The White Helmets” is nominated for Best Documentary Short, but 21-year-old cinematographer Khaled Khateeb can’t travel to Los Angeles, according to internal Trump administration correspondence, obtained by the AP, stating the Department of Homeland Security won’t allow him in the country. Khateeb was scheduled to arrive Saturday in Los Angeles on a

Many of us are old enough to remember when commercials were considered a necessary annoyance that we had to sit through while waiting for television shows to come back from a break. Now, they’re a think that we seek out and watch, on purpose, as a reward in and of themselves. We’re just talking about the special ones that play during events like the Super Bowl. Pretty much any commercial is considered a big deal, thanks to the age of the Internet, and the 24 hour entertainment news cycle.

Yondu to Return In Avengers: Infinity War? Michael Rooker offers a big hint that he's currently in Atlanta shooting Avengers: Infinity War.

Natalie Portman’s Expanding Family Means She Won’t Be Attending This Year’s Oscars Fox Searchlight Jackie star Natalie Portman is among five contenders in the running for this year’s very shiny Best Actress Academy Award. If Portman’s acclaimed portrayal of Jackie Kennedy wins top spot, it will make her second win in the category. Don’t count on the actress bounding up the stairs to collect her Oscar if she does win, though. Variety reports that Natalie Portman’s pregnancy will keep the actress from attending this weekend’s awards activity. The subject was addressed in a statement that laid the situation out in black and white.

Apparently Patrick Stewart Only Just Discovered He Isn’t Circumcised, And Hugh Jackman Can’t Handle It If our own Mike Ryan’s review is any indication, Logan sounds like the blunt, bloody superhero adaptation comic book fans have been waiting for. (Deadpool was pretty good, too.) Yet the film sadly marks what will probably be Hugh Jackman’s last appearance in the role he originated back in 2000’s X-Men, along with Logan co-star Patrick Stewart’s Professor Charles Xavier.

From ‘Wings’ to ‘Spotlight’ and all stops between.Continue reading on Film School Rejects »

Oscar 2017: Syrian Cinematographer Barred from US by Travel Ban Cinematographer Khaled Khateeb earned his first major credit on the Netflix documentary short The White Helmets. Now, the film is nominated for Best Documentary Short Subject at the Academy Awards. The 21-year-old Khateeb risked his life for the film to document the deadly Syrian Civil War and the work of the Syrian Civil Defense, also known as the White Helmets. The group is credited with saving over 60,000 civilians from destroyed buildings [and received a nobel peace prize last year for their selfless services].

While Marvel has a reputation for valuing continuity on both sides of the camera, it’s easy to forget that the first two phases of Marvel movies were essentially put together by hired guns. The early days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were populated by directors like Alan Taylor, Kenneth Branagh, Joe Johnston, and Shane Black, one-and-done filmmakers who were either not invited or not inclined to go a second round with the studio. Continue reading…

Gambit producer shuffles out some details on when we can expect the film Wait, are we sure that its Twin Peaks Day and not Simon Kinberg Day, because this dude is everywhere, this afternoon - including this JoBlo exclusive interview. Earlier, the writer-producer spoke about an alternate cut and the future of the Fantastic Four at Fox, now, he's spoken with about the state of Channing Tatum's on-again-off-again plans for an X-Men-related GAMBIT film. At... Read More...

Hayao Miyazaki Is Prepping For His Next Film, Four Years After Retirement There aren’t a lot of Japanese animators with name recognition on this side of the Pacific. We have Hayao Miyazaki — co-founder of Studio Ghibli and director of Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, and countless others — and…well, that’s about it. Sure, we can maybe point to Mamoru Hosoda or Makoto Shinkai as others with more universal appeal, but they’re nowhere close to the level of fame as Miyazaki.

Watch George Clooney Bash Trump at France’s Cesar Awards (Video) George Clooney used the stage at the Cesar Awards in France on Friday to take a few swings at President Donald Trump. “As we stand here today the world is going through some pretty momentous changes, not all for the best,” Clooney said.

Jodie Foster, Michael J. Fox, Keegan-Michael Key and Oscar-winning Iranian director Asghar Farhadi are all expected to speak on Friday at United Talent Agency’s “United Voices” rally outside the company’s Beverly Hills headquarters. Other speakers at the event — organized in response to the flurry of activity by the nascent administration of President Donald Trump — include UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer, California Lt. Gov.

The story of Robin Hood has been adapted for the screen many times over the years, starting back in the silent days when Douglas Fairbanks used the classic tale as a vehicle for his signature acrobatic swashbuckling.

All Five Oscar-Nominated Foreign Language Film Directors Issued a Statement Against U.S. 'Climate of Fanaticism' While #OscarsSoWhite doesn’t look like it’s happening this year, the Academy Awards have still been mired in their usual amount of controversy. What with our new President’s attempted travel ban that would have restricted people from primarily Muslim countries from entering the US, and the overall xenophobic malaise that’s been settling over the regime since Election Day, relations between our country and the rest of the world have been pretty awkward. Continue reading…

The dust has barely settled on the news that not only is The Batman moving ahead nicely, but DC Films will also be adding a standalone Nightwing movie to the DCEU… and things keep getting more interesting. With a director having recently proven to make a hit with the Batman family – and Dick Grayson in particular – with The LEGO Batman Movie at the helm, the hope of seeing some levity in Batman’s world sprang anew (just as Dick managed in the DC Comics).

Power Rangers Colossal Megazord Toy Reveals Where Each Zord Fits With Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast, Power Rangers and Ghost in the Shell releasing next month, March is shaping up to be full of potential blockbusters. Power Rangers sits at number 14 on our Most Anticipated List as fans wait to see how the upcoming reboot fares in translating the ’90s children’s TV series into a more mature big-budget film and possible franchise. The first trailer for Power Rangers established a “teenager out of water” vibe for the film, which made the five Rangers appear as social outcasts before becoming heroes.

Bryce Dallas Howard shares the first Jurassic World 2 set photo as production kicks off in England.

Never forget!The Fantastic Four reboot is one of the worst comic book movies ever and that goes right down to its inception. A project that was only made to hold onto the right is very, very unlikely to be any good. The rare exception to that is X-Men: Fist Class but Fantastic Four was not one of those exceptions. Everything that could have gone wrong with that movie went wrong but because of the rights issue 20th Century Fox has had to keep acting like they are going to make a sequel when no one wants that.

Skyfall and Spectre star Naomie Harris says that there is a very good chance Daniel Craig will return for James Bond 25.

Why Viola Davis’ Oscar Win Would Be Another Sign of Hollywood’s Gender Bias Everybody expects Viola Davis to win an Oscar for “Fences” on Sunday night at the Dolby Theatre, but does she really deserve it? I’m not saying Davis isn’t awards-worthy — after all, she won the Tony Award for playing the same role of Rose, the long-suffering wife of embittered former Negro league ballplayer Troy Maxson, in the 2010 Broadway revival of August Wilson’s powerhouse play.

"The DC Extended Universe is in trouble." That’s a lot of the narrative surrounding this universe from Warner Bros that began with Man of Steel in 2012 and continued in 2016 with Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Frankly, a lot of fans don’t seem to like these movies, and some have seen the last two films on the slate as a desperate attempt to catch up to Marvel’s own Cinematic Universe before they’ve earned their place alongside them.But is that really the case?

Justice League Green Lantern Won't Be Hal Jordan or John Stewart? A new rumor claims a member of the Green Lantern Corps. is showing up in Justice League, but it's not one of the more famous ones.

‘Get Out’ Races to $10.8 Million Lead at Friday Box Office “Get Out” got off to a roaring start at the box office on Friday, racking up $10.8 million to claim the top spot at the box office after making $1.8 million in Thursday night previews. Universal Pictures, which conservatively projected Jordan Peele’s directorial debut to gross in the high teens this weekend, is now projecting a weekend total of $28 million, well above independent trackers’ pre-weekend projections of $24 million. “Get Out” continues what has been a great year for Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions, which enjoyed another terrifying box o

Canon can be such a headache. I can remember being a Star Wars fan growing up and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stories out there that were technically interconnected. Novels, comic books, video games, television specials, and card games; everything with an official Lucasfilm license was plugged into the same growing and evolving storyline, and no matter how hard I tried to stay on top of things, I could always count on one of my more dedicated friends to “Well, actually…” my understanding of the Star Wars universe. Continue reading…

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Patty Freedman, an actress who had a long and successful career as a publicist representing such clients as Margo Martindale and Eartha Kitt, died on Feb. 17 at her New York home. She was 64. Freedman, the co-owner of Andrew E.

J.J. Abrams is very excited for the future of Star Wars and looks forward to sharing in the excitement with fans.

Tracy Morgan Joins An Already Impressive Array Of Comedians Debuting New Stand-Up Specials On Netflix Getty Image Just over a year after Tracy Morgan returned to the stand-up spotlight with his Picking Up the Pieces tour, the Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock alum announced his next comedy special will debut exclusively on Netflix. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Staying Alive will see the 48-year-old comic recounting his recovery following the 2014 traffic accident that landed him in the hospital with a coma.

Cool Videos: Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg make a short about a Walmart receipt Finally! Something good has come from Walmart! The chain of stores gave Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg a receipt with 6 items on it and asked them to tell a story using them any way they wanted. What you'll find is something you probably wouldn't expect from the duo who brought us THIS IS THE END and THE INTERVIEW, but is entertaining none-the-less. So if you're feeling in the... Read More...

Pamela Anderson has addressed the rumors that she is dating WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. “I’ve spent more time talking to Julian than all of my ex-husbands combined!” Anderson joked on the Australian radio show “The Kyle and Jackie O Show.” When the hosts pressed her for more details, she said, “It was never the intention to become romantic, it was just to join forces to do something important.” Also Read: President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence Assange had previously given an interview on the same show, where he said of Anderso

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Every article about FX’s Fargo series has to begin with the observation that this series had no right to work as well as it does, so here we go: FX’s Fargo series has no right to work as well as it does and creator/showrunner Noah Hawley can probably be filed away for future reference under “miracle worker.” And because two acclaimed seasons of pitch black comedy, criminal idiocy, and startling violence (not to mention 36 Emmy nominations) are not enough, the show is set to return in just a few months.

‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ Has Monster $34M China Debut Sony/Screen Gems’ “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” romped to a massive $33.6 million opening day (including previews) at the Chinese box office, easily beating out fellow video-game newcomer “Assassin’s Creed,” according to China analytics firm Ent Group. “Resident Evil” also topped the $21.3 million Paramount’s “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” earned during its opening day just two weeks ago, which was at the time the biggest February opening in China for any Hollywood film.

‘Collide’ Review: Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones Race Down the Road to Nowhere “Collide” opens, in earnest, with a preamble about reasons. The narration comes immediately. “We all have our reasons,” says protagonist Casey Stein (Nicholas Hoult), “and mine is love.” Currently trapped inside a flipped over car — we’ll get to that later — Casey is alive right now because of love.

20th Century Fox has been doing some great viral marketing as the days roll down to the release of Logan, the latest installment in their X-Men franchise and the third solo Wolverine film.

I've reported a lot on THE BELKO EXPERIMENT, the film about office drones stuck in their building and told they have to kill their co-workers or more people will die. For one, I love the concept - it's just so primal, and it immediately brings to mind thoughts of "what would I do in that situation"? (In my case, probably try to hide and get killed unceremoniously).... Read More...

“Homeland” star Claire Danes and “The Big Bang Theory’s” Jim Parsons will play a married couple in “A Kid Like Jake,” a transgender family drama adapted from a Lincoln Center play, TheWrap has learned. The film follows a couple raising a four-year-old son who prefers to dress up as a princess instead of G.I. Joe — a particularly poignant topic given President Donald Trump’s recent rollback of protections for transgender children.

Universal Pictures When it was announced that most of the Love Actually cast would be reuniting for a sequel sketch for 2017’s Red Nose Day, the initial delight at seeing what happened to everyone after that fateful Christmas was followed by a wave of sadness due to the loss of Alan Rickman.

Pushing the boundaries of what qualifies as news even for the Entertainment Media, podcast Meet the Movie Press is floating a new rumor that a cast member of hit show LOST is up for a role in Marvel’s Inhumans. “It is a veteran. I’m not going to say whether it is a man or a woman, it’s a veteran of the television show LOST,” said host Jeff Sneider via a transcription from Heroic Hollywood. “A LOST veteran, I think, is getting a big role in The Inhumans. There is like 80 people in LOST.

Producer Hisako Tsukaba is currently working on Summer of the Piranha specifically for Japan.

Earlier this week, SR published a round-up of the so far uniformly positive reviews that the new racially-charged horror/comedy Get Out – the directorial debut of Key & Peele co-creator Jordan Peele – had received over on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. At the time of that article’s writing, Get Out still only had about 30 reviews posted, and it’s not too uncommon for a highly praised film to start out at the 100 percent mark based only on early reviews, then have that score drop by the time said movie has actually arrived in theaters.

Like the vampire phenomenon before it, the zombie wave rose and crested, crashed and ebbed. The film industry took to it with dollar signs in its eyes and did what any proper horde of undead would do: they consumed all but the bones and gristle before leaving the genre to television’s ongoing custody. And into this post-opportunistic landscape wanders “Girl with All the Gifts.” Based on M.R. Carey’s novel, “Girl” marries well-worn YA tropes to brain-eating gore, and the result is, happily and occasionally quite grimly, more than the sum of those parts.

Asghar Farhadi Recruits Prominent Iranian Americans to Represent Him at Oscars Iranian director Asghar Farhadi has recruited two prominent Iranian Americans to represent him at the Academy Awards on Sunday. Farhadi’s “The Salesman” is nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, but the filmmaker is boycotting the event because of President Trump’s continued attempt to ban travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering America. Anousheh Ansari, who was the first female space tourist, and Firouz Naderi, a former director of Solar Systems Exploration at NASA, will represent “The Salesman” on Sunday night, despite having zero

Next week, on Legion, we delve deeper into David Haller's subconscious as and hopefully uncover a few answers about his past. Come check out nine new promotional stills from the upcoming installment now!

With this being the fifth season of Arrow, we know that by the end of the season that Oliver Queen needs to return to the island, Lian Yu. Which seems very far away from where he is now, fighting with the Bratva in Russia. asked Marc Guggenheim to tease just how that is going to happen: I can tease that it will either be by boat or plane. I can also tease he won’t be going back alone. I guess we can knock submarine, hot air balloon, blimp, and teleportation device off the list.

A recently discovered behind-the-scenes photo shows Margot Robbie in a never-before-seen costume from Suicide Squad.

  Last season, Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) was the leader of the team on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. He found a way to connect with everyone on the ship, most notably he helped Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) look at herself as more than just a killer. This season Rip has been missing for most of the season, forcing Sara into a leadership role and now that he’s back, he’s working with the bad guys. Last week they captured him and have him imprisoned on the Waverider, but if they can get him back to being the old Rip is still to be seen.

A regular fixture of both film and TV since the early ’80s, Danny Glover is still probably best known for his work as gruff cop Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon series.

How to Watch the 2017 Oscars Red Carpet Live Online The biggest night in Hollywood is just around the corner — no not the Oscars, the red carpet … because everyone knows that what celebrities will be wearing is a lot more important than the extremely prestigious awards they’ll be receiving. So how can you get in on the red carpet action without actually being there? Well, because it’s 2017 you’ll be able to livestream and judge all your favorite stars’ fashion choices from the comfort of your home. First things first — the Academy Awards will be on Sunday, Feb.

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  • 1. Lego Batman Movie, The
    Gross: $34,225,000
    Total: $98,791,314
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    Gross: $20,966,845
    Total: $89,663,300
  • 3. Great Wall, The
    Gross: $18,079,140
    Total: $18,079,140
  • 4. John Wick: Chapter Two
    Gross: $16,500,000
    Total: $58,692,083
  • 5. Fist Fight
    Gross: $12,015,000
    Total: $12,015,000

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