Top Movie News for September 29, 2020

Borat 2 Will Stream on Amazon Prime Right Before Election Day Sacha Baron Cohen filmed Borat 2 in secret and Amazon has picked up the rights to the highly-anticipated comedy sequel.

The Lion King 2 Is Happening at Disney with Moonlight Director Barry Jenkins Disney is moving forward with a sequel to last year's live-action remake of The Lion King with director Barry Jenkins at the helm.

The Craft 2 Is Coming This October, Here's How to Watch Blumhouse and Sony Pictures are bringing The Craft: Legacy home just in time for Halloween.

Zac Efron Takes the Lead in Stephen King's Firestarter Remake for Blumhouse Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile star Zac Efron will lead Blumhouse's upcoming Firestarter movie remake from director Keith Thomas.

Karl Urban teases Lord of the Rings reunion with John Noble on The Boys The second season of The Boys launched earlier this month and its popularity has soared to even greater heights as the season premiere has became the most-watched global debut of an Amazon Original series ever. There are just two episodes left before the season wraps up, and it seems that the next episode will bring us a LORD OF THE RINGS reunion we didn't know we wanted.… Read More...

Sienna Miller Shares Generous Move Made by 21 Bridges Co-Star Chadwick Boseman Sienna Miller has revealed a story from behind-the-scenes of 21 Bridges that demonstrates what a wonderful person Chadwick Boseman was.

Enola Holmes 2 Has an Open Invitation to Bring Back Sam Claflin's Mycroft Sam Claflin says he would love to return for a sequel to the Netflix hit Enola Holmes.

Lucasfilm Needs to Start Making Animated Star Wars Movies With Star Wars expanding the scope of the franchise now is the perfect time for Lucasfilm to begin making animated movies.

Jurassic World VelociCoaster Ride Is Coming to Universal Orlando in Summer 2021 Universal Orlando has confirmed a brand new Jurassic World roller coaster that offers dino-sized thrills.

‘No Sudden Move’, New Steven Soderbergh Heist Movie, Adds David Harbour, Noah Jupe, Brendan Fraser, Kieran Culkin No Sudden Move, a new heist film from Mr. Steven Soderbergh, is rounding out its cast. Don Cheadle, Benicio Del Toro, Amy Seimetz, Ray Liotta, Bill Duke, Julia Fox, and Jon Hamm are already on board, and now David Harbour, Noah Jupe, Brendan Fraser, and Kieran Culkin are joining the project as well. The film, previously titled Kill Switch, follows a group of small-time criminals in 1950s Detroit. A new Steven Soderbergh movie is always exciting, but a new Steven Soderbergh heist movie? Now we’re talking!

‘Saved By The Bell’ Reboot Gets a November Premiere Date on Peacock School is back in session, though Bayside High will be opening a little later than everywhere else. Peacock’s Saved By The Bell reboot, which features original cast members Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and Mario Lopez, has set its premiere date for this November only on the NBCUniversal streaming platform. Watch the Saved By The Bell reboot premiere announcement below. Saved By The Bell Reboot Premiere Oh nostalgia, you bitter pill.

Spiral Director Explains the Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson Relationship to Jigsaw in Book of Saw [Exclusive] Darren Lynn Bousman explains how Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson's characters are tied together by the philosophies of Jigsaw in Spiral: From the Book of Saw.

NBA superstar LeBron James is having a particularly good week. He just led the Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA Finals against his former team, the Miami Heat. And on top of that, his entertainment company, The SpringHill Company, has signed a first-look deal with Universal Pictures which will last for at least the next four years. James is soon suiting up for a new Space Jam movie over at Warner Bros., so my first thought upon hearing this news was to wonder if someone at WB dropped the ball (sorry for the basketball pun) on locking down a renewed agreement at that studio instead.

The coronavirus pandemic, which sadly does not appear to be ending any time soon, has inspired a new wave of layoffs at The Walt Disney Company, the time affecting approximately 28,000 cast members in the Parks, Experiences and Products sectors of the company.

Zendaya Is Ronettes Singer Ronnie Spector in Be My Baby Biopic The Ronettes singer Ronnie Spector has chosen Zendaya to play her in an upcoming biopic based on her biography Be My Baby.

‘Vampires vs. The Bronx’ Trailer: Teens Go to War With the Undead In 1995, Eddie Murphy played a vampire in Brooklyn in the not-so-classic film Vampire in Brooklyn. But twenty-five years later, the undead are moving into a different New York City borough in a new Netflix horror-comedy. Check out the Vampires vs. The Bronx trailer below, which seems closer to something like Attack the Block than Eddie Murphy’s ill-fated box office dud. Vampires vs The Bronx Trailer Oz Rodriguez (The Wire: The Musical) and Blaise Hemingway (Playmobil: The Movie) co-wrote the script for Vampires vs. The Bronx, and Rodriguez also served as the director.

The other day word broke regarding a Rashomon TV series based on the Akira Kurosawa movie of the same name. Now…here comes news of A Fistful of Dollars TV series, which is, of course, also based on a Kurosawa movie – Yojimbo. Directed by Sergio Leone and released in 1964, A Fistful of Dollars was Clint Eastwood‘s first starring role and turned him into a leading man.

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are falling: spooky season is soon upon us. October brings the fall, and with it, a new batch of TV shows and movies coming to HBO Max. Here are the best TV shows and movies coming to HBO Max in October 2020. Galaxy Quest The best Star Trek movie that isn’t actually Star Trek, Galaxy Quest is both a spoof of pop culture fandom and a loving homage to it.

Tenet Wins 4th Consecutive Weekend at the Box Office with $3.4M Christopher Nolan's Tenet has been steadily earning money overseas, while stalling in North America.

James Cameron's Avatar 2 is 100% complete, Avatar 3 at 95% Recently while speaking with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the 2020 Austrian World Summit, filmmaker James Cameron informed the Terminator star that he's made significant progress on two sequels for his Avatar film series. “We’re 100% complete on Avatar 2 and sort of 95% complete on Avatar 3,” Cameron revealed to the former Governator… Read More...

Lupin The Third is one of the most beloved anime icons in Japan who has been barely heard of in the U.S., apart from being a fun footnote in esteemed director Hayao Miyazaki’s career. The cocky gentleman thief created by Monkey Punch has been the star of manga, anime, feature films, video games, musicals, and many, many TV specials. But he’ll be making his big, flashy theatrical U.S. debut in a totally new format: CG animation.

Mondo's vinyl pressing of the Tron: Legacy score is sexy as hell When talking about Joseph Kosinski's TRON: LEGACY one can't help but draw attention to the film's stunning visuals, thought-proving themes, and of course, its epic soundtrack, as arranged by the enigmatic electronic DJ duo, Daft Punk. Speaking of which, today it was announced that Mondo is partnering with Walt Disney Records to present the 10th anniversary pressing… Read More...

We first heard about the sequel to Oleg Stepchenko's Russian ghost story Viy many years ago -- actually, it was early 2016 when our own Todd Brown wrote about the director's plans, noting the casting of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan to join returning star Jason Flemyng, who would be returning "as cartographer Jonathon Green, packed up by the King to map out the far east where he again encounters the supernatural." Now it's finally here, and we have visual proof in the new trailer for what is now called Iron Mask (simplified from Journey to China: The Mystery

Before WandaVision relieves Marvel fans from the drought of stories within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney+ will shine a light on some of the most passionate among them in a new documentary series coming this November Marvel’s 616 shines a light on the stories, characters and creators behind the most beloved characters of Marvel Comics (and some of the more obscure ones too) and how they intersect with pop culture and fandom.

Much like Twilight, Robert Pattinson enjoys the idea that he could mess up The Batman with everyone watching.

Gravitas Ventures gives Wolfman's Got Nards a new trailer which reveals the release date for The Monster Squad documentary.

Netflix has released a new trailer for Holidate, a holiday rom-com from director John Whitesell.

Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail has not one but two shows now set at ABC. The network scooped up Acts of Crime, which has landed a production commitment, and an Untitled CDC Project, which has received a put pilot commitment (a put pilot, for those who don’t know, is a pilot that a network agrees to air even if the show its representing doesn’t get picked up). Deadline says Sam Esmail, creator of Mr. Robot and director of the first excellent season of Homecoming, is ready to move to broadcast TV.

It’s been a while since a dystopian YA novel got itself a film adaptation, so here comes Uglies! McG is set to direct the film based on the Scott Westerfeld book set in a future where everyone is forced to have extreme cosmetic surgery when they reach the age of 16. Joey King is set to star in the movie, which is headed to Netflix. Uglies spawned three sequels: Pretties, Specials, and Extras, so there’s a good chance Netflix wants to launch a franchise here. Deadline says that Netflix is set to turn Uglies into a film directed by McG and starring Joey King.

With Disney being hit hard financially in 2020 the company is laying off thousands of employees.

Henry Cavill Really Doesn't Want to Talk About His Superman Contract It has been heavily rumored that Henry Cavill will be returning to the DC Universe as the Man of Steel.

Netflix's Spiderhead Gets Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett Netflix sets up its cast for the upcoming adaptation of George Saunders' short story, Spiderhead.

M. Night Shyamalan Surprises with Next Movie Title and Poster Looks like M. Night Shyamalan is back out there making his unique brand of movies! The UNBREAKABLE writer/director just took to Twitter to post an on-set pic as well as the first poster for his new film simply titled OLD. Have a look right now: Feels like a miracle that I am standing here shooting the first shot of my new film. It's called Old. #OldMovie @OldTheMovie… Read More...

The Resident Evil video game franchise already has an entire series of live-action movies, not to mention a handful of computer animated movies. Now the popular horror game title is heading to streaming with its first computer generated anime TV series at Netflix. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness was announced on Capcom’s virtual Tokyo Game Show stream, and Netflix quickly released the first teaser trailer for the series, which finds Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield each investigating mysterious happenings in the dark.

Basil Eidenbenz to play Eskel for Season 2 of The Witcher The Witcher has recast the upcoming role of Eskel with Swiss actor Basil Eidenbenz for the show's second season. Eidenbenz replaces Thur Ersted Rasmussen, who was originally slated to play the character. Rasmussen was named for the role back in February, but due to scheduling conflicts caused by the coronavirus, he opted to relinquish the part. For those… Read More...

The Supergirl TV show will end after its upcoming sixth season on The CW, and with Melissa Benoist seemingly done with the character, fans are understandably curious about what comes next for the Girl of Steel. It's highly unlikely that the character will be left on the shelf for too long, though! After all, there's a lot that can be done with Supergirl both on television and the big screen, and there's no way Kara Danvers' story should end just because her TV series is nearing its conclusion. In this feature, we take a look through everything Warner Bros.

Three crew members on the Scream revival have tested positive for COVID-19, but filming is pushing on. The crew members who tested positive will be immediately be quarantined and undergo more testing, with contact tracing put in place.

James Gunn praises Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn while sharing The Suicide Squad fan art.

Gravitas Ventures has released a new trailer for The Orange Years, which chronicles the glory days of Nickelodeon.

The Official James Bond Podcast Launching This Week Just in time for No Time to Die, here comes the official James Bond podcast. Appropriately titled No Time To Die: The Official James Bond Podcast, the six-part series will feature interviews with Daniel Craig, director Cary Joji Fukunaga, and more, with each episode focusing on a different aspect of the sprawling Bond franchise. NO TIME TO DIE: The Official James Bond Podcast launches this Wednesday, with exclusive interviews with cast and filmmakers.

Directed by David Charbonier and Justin Powell, the thriller stars Lonnie Chavis, Ezra Dewey, and Kristin Bauer van Straten. [Read the whole post on]

This essay is part of our series Episodes, a bi-weekly column in which senior contributor Valerie Ettenhofer digs into the singular chapters of television that make the medium great. This entry looks at the best episode of  Mike Flanagan’s The Haunting of Hill House: “Two Storms.” When you think of the best writing on TV, what comes to mind? For most people, the answer likely involves stellar characterization, clever dialogue, and well-built plots. All are key to making a television series great, but it’s a mistake to think that writing only equals words.

Writer and co-creator of the Bill and Ted franchise insists that a fourth movie is never going to happen.

When most of us think of Agents and THE MATRIX franchise, we undoubtedly think of Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving), the maniacal program who kept order within the Matrix until he was destroyed by Neo (Keanu Reeve) and resurrected as a renegade program, but there were plenty of other Agents in the franchise. Daniel Bernhardt is slated to reprise his role of Agent Johnson for THE MATRIX 4.… Read More...

Sofia Coppola’s films are imbued with a bratty strained independent punk rock aesthetic that often riffs on generic genres and themes with a strong focus on characters that refuse to conform. On The Rocks is a distant memory of this signature style; buttoned-down and formalized, hidden under layers of family and trust issues. It is a blasé and inoffensive effort that takes some time to accommodate its distant characters and set up the literal hi-jinx that breaks the mould, the movie is classified as Adventure after-all.

(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.) The Movie: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Where You Can Stream It: Netflix The Pitch: Repeat offender R.P.

Ruby Rose stepped down from the mantle of Batwoman after the first season of the series came to an end earlier this year. It was a surprising move from the actress, but it made way for the casting of Javicia Leslie, the first Black actress to take on the role of the DC Comics superhero. But instead of playing Kate Kane, she’ll be playing a new character named Ryan Wilder, and we’ve got a first look at her suited up as Batwoman for the show’s second season.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was recently pushed from next May to July, and fans excited to see the Master of the Martial Arts in action are now forced to remain patient for the Marvel Studios movie.

It’s hard to imagine an Indiana Jones movie without Steven Spielberg at the helm, but that’s what we’re going to get with Indiana Jones 5, which will be directed and written by Logan‘s James Mangold. The film went through several drafts and screenwriters before initial screenwriter David Koepp finally exited the project alongside Spielberg.

As Netflix nears 200 million subscribers worldwide the streaming service is expected to once again raise its prices.

Cobra Kai star Ralph Macchio says that it was the change in perspective that ultimately convinced him to revive Daniel-san.

Heads up, Shudder: there’s a new competitor in the world of niche genre streaming. Arrow Video, the distribution company that focuses on cult, classic, and horror cinema, is getting into the streaming service space by launching their own streaming service on October 1, 2020.

Disney's D23 Expo has been delayed to 2022 Disney's D23 Expo is a biennial fan convention of all things Disney that has grown to include all the various brands under the studio's umbrella, including Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and more. The last D23 Expo was held on August 23–25, 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, and brought with it the first trailer for The Mandalorian, a behind-the-scenes… Read More...

Avengers: Endgame featured a lot of unforgettable, amazing moments, but watching Captain America wield Mjolnir was an undeniable highlight.

Listen up, True Believers! Today, Disney+ unveiled the trailer for its upcoming original docuseries Marvel's 616, set to web-swing onto the service on November 20. The eight-episode anthology series gives viewers a deeper look into the creative world of Marvel, exploring Marvel’s rich legacy of pioneering characters, creators, and storytelling to reflect the… Read More...

We've known that Takehiro Hira would be playing the villain in Paramount's upcoming G.I. Joe origins movie Snake Eyes for a while now, but not much has been revealed about his mysterious character, who is believed to be an original villain created exclusively for the movie.  Speaking with Hira earlier this month while promoting his latest release Lost Girls and Love Hotels, the accomplished Japanese actor was generous enough to share details about his role in the Robert Schwentke-directed spinoff.  "I’m playing the villain in Snake Eyes, the G.I.

One of 2020’s best films finally has a release date. Sylvie’s Love, a swooning romance starring Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok), will debut on Amazon Prime Video on Christmas Day. Amazon acquired the movie after its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival back in January, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting word about its release because it was one of my favorite movies of the festival. Learn more about it below. Variety reports that Amazon has set December 25, 2020 as the Sylvie’s Love release date on the Prime Video streaming platform.

If you’ve seen and enjoyed ridiculous B-movies in the vein of Hard Ticket to Hawaii, it’s imperative that you put Action U.S.A. on your radar. In 1989, stuntman John Stewart made his directorial debut with his own outrageous, over-the-top piece of high-octane filmmaking, full of insane practical stunts and without a speck of CGI in sight. The movie languished in obscurity…until now. Check out the trailer below. Action U.S.A. Trailer Action U.S.A.

The mystery of The Blair Witch Project is maybe one left buried deep in the Black Hills Forest, but you’ll get a chance to return to those dark woods and investigate the mystery of the titular witch with the new Hunt a  Killer Horror: Blair Witch tabletop game.

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