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AVENGERS: ENDGAME - This Latest Poster Focuses On The Original Six Heroes' Tools Of The TradeAVENGERS: ENDGAME - This Latest Poster Focuses On The Original Six Heroes' Tools Of The Trade Marvel has debuted the third in a series of 10 posters for Avengers: Endgame which are being released in conjunction with Poster Posse, and this one focuses on the powerful weapons of the original six...

CHILD'S PLAY Trailer: Hear Mark Hamill Voice the Killer Doll in Studio Reboot Here is the second trailer for Orion Pictures' Child's Play film, directed by Polaroid's Lars Klevberg.   This is the first time we get to hear veteran voice actor (among other things, wink) Mark Hamill voice the killer doll since it was announced a couple weeks ago that he would do so.    Hamill joins Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman and Brian Tyree Henry. Child's Play slices its way into cinemas on June 21st.   ... [Read the whole post on]

Game of Thrones show-runners on which character has changed the most The battle for Westeros has brought change to just about every character on Game of Thrones, and those who are still alive have undergone quite the journey since the beginnings of the HBO series. While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Game of Thrones show-runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were asked which character has experienced the most growth and change. "Sansa,"… Read More...

FOX’s X-Men Series ‘The Gifted’ Canceled After Two Seasons Now that Disney has taken over the properties of 20th Century Fox, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are excited to see characters like the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool back home at Marvel Studios. But that means the other Marvel Comics properties are becoming obsolete. The X-Men film franchise is ending with Dark Phoenix this summer, and it appears the Fox television series The Gifted is following suit, because FOX has canceled the series after two seasons. News of The Gifted being canceled comes from Deadline.

New ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Trailer is All About Family and a Ton of Action; Here’s Everything We Know If you loved the antagonistic chemistry between Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in The Fate of the Furious, you're in luck because there's a spin-off in the works focused on their rivalry. Both actors began their respective roles in the Fast and the Furious franchise as antagonists of the main team, but they’ve become the breakout favorites of the series and will likely continue a new strain of movies to the side of the ongoing central installments led by Vin...Read MoreRead Comments

New Spider-Man: Far From Home images reveal new look at Spidey's suits AVENGERS: ENDGAME will not only bring an end to the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but to the entire Infinity Saga which has been growing since the MCU first began. I can't imagine that it's going to be an easy task following up that epic finale, but Spidey is certainly going to give it his best. The upcoming SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME will find… Read More...

Mickey’s Halloween Party Retreats to California Adventure to Get Away From Star Wars Here’s one for all you theme park fans out there: Mickey’s Halloween Party, Disney’s spooky-but-family-friendly alternative to scarier events like Halloween Horror Nights, isn’t happening this year. Instead, a new Halloween-themed event is kicking off and being shifted over to Disney California Adventure for the first time in a decade. The reason? Crowd sizes during the first year of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are expected to be too big to handle in the same park.

Tessa Thompson Suggests That A ‘Thor 4’ Pitch With Director Taika Waititi Has Been Made Marvel Studios Thor and Thor: The Dark World did little to advance further interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s take on the Norse god of thunder, but Thor: Ragnarok completely turned things around for the Chris Hemsworth-led franchise. That’s because director Taika Waititi, best known for his irreverent and eccentric comedies, managed to put his own spin on the series.

‘Rest Stop’ Movie, Based on a Stephen King Story, Will Be Directed by Alex Ross Perry Her Smell director Alex Ross Perry wants in on the ongoing Stephen King adaptation boom. The filmmaker will write and direct Rest Stop, based on a King story of the same name. King’s tale follows a mystery writer who intervenes in an act of domestic violence unfolding at a rest stop. The story is very brief, and even a bit anticlimactic, so you can expect Perry to take some liberties with his adaptation. Alex Ross Perry has had a bit of an odd career, jumping from under-the-radar indie titles like Queen of Earth, to big Disney movies like Christopher Robin.

The New ‘Toy Story 4’ Teaser Features Pixar’s Most Realistic-Looking Character Yet Pixar released a new TV spot for Toy Story 4 today centered on “Old Friends & New Faces,” including Bo Peep (she’s “got some ‘tude” now), Key and Peele’s Ducky and Bunny, and one extremely realistic-looking cat. Seriously, take a look at Scud in the original Toy Story versus Toy Story 4‘s toy-shredding feline. PIXAR PIXAR What a difference 24 years makes. Also, it’s been 24 YEARS since Toy Story.

James Gunn's The Suicide Squad Wants John Cena Wrestler-turned-actor John Cena may join Idris Elba and Margot Robbie in The Suicide Squad.

‘Tuca & Bertie’ Trailer: Ali Wong and Tiffany Haddish Are Birds of a Feather Ali Wong and Tiffany Haddish are winging adulthood together. Two of the funniest female comedians working today have teamed up with BoJack Horseman producer Lisa Hanawalt for Tuca & Bertie, an animated comedy series about two wildly different bird women who are nevertheless BFF’s. Watch the first Tuca and Bertie trailer below. Tuca and Bertie Trailer Ali Wong and Tiffany Haddish have insane chemistry in the recording booth, and it comes across in this frenetic animated series created by Lisa Hanawalt.

John Wick 3 IMAX Poster Invites You Inside the Continental Hotel IMAX has released an awesome John Wick 3 poster, which also contains an interactive portion on the movie's official site.

Sophie Turner Embraces Evil in Third & Final Trailer for 'Dark Phoenix' "She's not Jean anymore." 20th Century Fox has revealed the third & final trailer for Dark Phoenix, the next X-Men movie focusing on Jean Grey as she becomes the "Dark Phoenix". This might just be the best trailer yet, saving the best for last, after a few other mediocre trailers released in the last year. This movie is still connected to the previous X-Men series, and brings back most of the actors from the most recent films, but it also looks like Fox is positioning this as a grand finale (following in the steps of Avengers: Endgame opening earlier in the summer).

New NSFW trailer for Amazon's The Boys does whatever the f**k it wants If you like your superheroes with a heavy helping of blood, guts, and sleaze, then Amazon's upcoming adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s graphic novel The Boys will likely be right up your alley. The Boys is set in an America where the planet's superheroes have been morally corrupted by their celebrity status and often take advantage of their powers in reckless… Read More...


Review: The Curse of La Llorona

JoBlo - 11 hours 44 min ago

Review: The Curse of La Llorona PLOT: A widowed social worker (Linda Cardellini), raising her kids in 1970s Los Angeles, inadvertently makes her family the target of an ancient curse. REVIEW: The way THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA is being sold is puzzling. The posters all say “from the producers of THE CONJURING universe” but it’s actually directly related to that franchise.… Read More...

Full Cannes 2019 Movie Lineup Announced, But No Tarantino The full lineup for the 2019 Cannes Film Festival has been announced, with many female directors.

George Lucas Just Made It Possible For Kids to Get into The Academy Museum For Free The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has been working on building a new museum in Los Angeles, and it’s set to open later this year.

‘Swamp Thing’ TV Series Teaser Rises Up for DC Universe Earlier today, word broke that there was trouble in the world of the Swamp Thing TV series being made for DC Universe. The show’s shooting schedule was unexpectedly slashed, resulting in cast and crew being sent home. Then we learned the show’s original 13-episode order was shortened to 10. And then we got word of creative differences plaguing the production. Perhaps in an attempt at damage control, a new Swamp Thing TV series teaser has arrived. Watch it below. Swamp Thing Teaser What the heck is going on with Swamp Thing?

It's been announced that BLACK PANTHER breakout star Letitia Wright is set to star in DEATH ON THE NILE, a feature film adaptation of the classic mystery by legedary crime author Agatha Christie. Upon boarding the star-studded vessel, Wright will join previously announced castmembers Gal Gadot (WONDER WOMAN), Armie Hammer (CALL ME BY YOUR NAME), Jodie Comer (KILLING EVE), Tom Bateman… Read More...

Legendary Pictures has released a brand new poster for Godzilla: King of the Monsters featuring the king doing his thing.

Word has reached the masses that Clint Eastwood is circling a directing gig for THE BALLAD OF RICHARD JEWELL, an upcoming drama from Fox/Disney. Come to think of it, are we expected to get a proper name for this union, now that the deal is signed, sealed and delivered? It sure would be nice to not have to straddle both names when delivering the news. I'm not sayin', I'm just… Read More...

Russian censors decided to replace a reference to Stalin with one to Hitler in the new Hellboy movie.

Netflix to conjure The Witcher starring Henry Cavill for a Fall release While his Superman is off enjoying some much needed downtime, probably soaking his steel bones in the Fortress of Solitude's Paradise Pool, JUSTICE LEAGUE actor Henry Cavill is awaiting the launch of Netflix's THE WITCHER. Built as an eight-episode adaptation of the fantasy series from Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, the upcoming adventure revolves around the happenings… Read More...

Pablo Schreiber to star as Master Chief for Showtime's Halo TV series Showtime has found their Master Chief for the upcoming HALO television series in Pablo Schreiber. Upon boarding the project, the SKYSCRAPER and ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK alum will lead an adventure that finds Earth’s most advanced warrior stationed in the 26th century and leading the charge against the Covenant, a vicious alien race whose prime directive is the destruction of… Read More...

Glass Bashing Reviews Brought M. Night Shyamalan to Tears M. Night Shyamalan appeared at NYU's Stern School of Business at a Scholar-in-Residence lecture and talked about the ups and downs of his long career.

Future opposition researchers will have a field day with anyone who writes about Penny Lane’s documentary Hail Satan?. So I might as well lean into it and say –  here goes nothing – I was shocked to learn how much I agreed with the Satanic Temple. Not as a religion, to clarify, but as a political movement. Like probably far too many people, I reflexively scoffed and laughed off the antics of the Satanic Temple when seeing their name mentioned in a headline.

The Rise of Skywalker may not be the last we see of certain characters The upcoming STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER won't only serve as the finale to the Sequel Trilogy, but to the entire nine-film Skywalker saga as well. Obviously this won't be the end of the STAR WARS franchise as Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has previously said that they're busy planning out the next decade of the series, which will include a trilogy… Read More...

Farmiga & Daddario star in trailer for We Have Always Lived in the Castle Adapted from the the novel of the same name by "The Haunting of Hill House" author Shirley Jackson, the upcoming mystery/thriller WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE stars Taissa Farmiga (THE NUN) as Merricat Blackwood, a young woman who lives with her sister Constance (Alexandra Daddario) and her Uncle Julian (Crispin Glover), three survivors of an arsenic poisoning which killed everyone else in the family years prior. [SEEMORE] Bold and imaginative, Merricat uses rituals and talismans… Read More...

Marvel's The Eternals Locks in Train to Busan Star Ma Dong-seok South Korean actor Ma Dong-seok will make his American movie debut in The Eternals for Marvel.

Andrew Garfield stars in David Robert Mitchell's half-baked, superficial story. [Read the whole post on]

After over a year on the festival circuit and months of speculation, it was finally confirmed today that Issa López's Tigers Are Not Afraid has been acquired by AMC-owned horror-centric streaming service, Shudder for a release in late 2019. The film had its world premiere at 2017's Fantastic Fest, where López won an award for best director, and has been blowing minds all over the world in the eighteen months since, leading many of us - myself included - to wonder where it would eventually end up.

"Is it true what Desi said - that you're an evil man?" A24 has debuted an official trailer for an indie feature titled Skin, the next feature-length film from Israeli director Guy Nattiv. The title of this, Skin, is also the title of the controversial short film that won Nattiv and co-writer Sharon Maymon an Oscar (for live-action short film) earlier this year. It's not the same story, but similar.

Disney Flushes Fox's Mouse Guard Just Weeks Before Production Start Mouse Guard was originally going to be out by 20th Century Fox before the merger took place.

R-Rated Deadpool Won't Change Under Disney's Rule Says Marvel Boss Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige says Deadpool isn't broke, so there's no reason to fix it.

Sony's Masters of the Universe has been pushed back yet again, but is still reportedly on track to begin production this summer.

Guy Ritchie and Will Smith try and look at the Brightside of things when looking at the Aladdin Genie backlash.

Scream Factory reveals the new special features coming to their new collector's edition blu-ray release, complete with Tom Atkins action figure.

HBO Khal Drogo hasn’t appeared on Game of Thrones since season two, but he continues to cast a long shadow over the show. Daenerys’ dragon is named after him (leading to a wild resurrection theory) and the Dothraki still ride with the Mother of Dragons. Also, the actor who played him, Jason Momoa, looks basically the same now as he did then. Or he did, before shaving his beard. Momoa trimmed his facial hair to promote the use of recyclable aluminum (not plastic) cans for water. “Goodbye DROGO, AQUAMAN, DECLAN, BABA,” he wrote on YouTube.

Directed by Lukas Feigelfeld, the film features visceral and unforgiving terrors. [Read the whole post on]

Red Joan turns an incredible true espionage story into a boring film.

The proliferation of reality TV talent contests seem to have given young people (and older people) a false idea of what it means to have artistic talent: mainly, that you don't. All you need to do is win a contest and you'll be famous, without all that messy business in-between of actually developing and improving your skills. Teen Spirit tries to have it both ways, with a girl with some talent that is developed in record time in order for her to win that fateful contest.

Slaughterhouse Rulez will get a simultaneous theatrical and digital release this summer, with the DVD coming shortly after.

Rey and Kylo Ren are on opposite sides of the Force, but you know what they say: opposites attract, and there has been so much blazing chemistry between those two characters (ramped up considerably in Star Wars: The Last Jedi) that fans have dubbed the pair “Reylo.” But unfortunately for the Reylo shippers out there (including Kelly Marie Tran, who plays Rose Tico and appears to be slightly obsessed with that fictional pair), it seems like Daisy Ridley isn’t on board with that relationship.

Martin Scorsese's The Irishman is currently in the post-production process as it prepares for its Netflix debut this fall.

"It's like I was possessed…" Bloody hell! This looks trippy. A festival teaser trailer has debuted for an indie vampire film titled Bliss, the latest from eccentric indie filmmaker Joe Begos (Almost Human, The Mind's Eye). This is premiering in the Midnight section at the Tribeca Film Festival this month. In need of creative inspiration, a professionally stagnant and hard-partying Los Angeles artist recklessly indulges in a series of drug binges. As the narcotics fly out of control, so does her newfound and inexplicable, yet unquenchable, craving for blood.

‘The Next Generation’ Veteran Jonathan Frakes to Direct Picard Series Episodes; Alison Pill and More to Cast 20 years later, one first officer of Star Trek: The Next Generation is getting promoted to captain for CBS All Access’ upcoming Jean-Luc Picard series. Jonathan Frakes, who played William Riker in the beloved sci-fi series, has been tapped as a Picard series director, reuniting him with his USS Enterprise captain played by Patrick Stewart. However, Frakes, who has directed plenty of TV and Star Trek projects since he left the role of Riker, won’t be stepping in front of the camera for the still-untitled Picard series.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars in Julia Hart's dramatic new film, which asks significant questions in quiet, often mesmerizing fashion. [Read the whole post on]

"We just don't get to choose what families we're born into…" HBO has debuted the first official trailer for a powerful, emotional new documentary titled Foster, that aims to "upend some of the most enduring myths about foster care, going beyond the stereotypes." With one in eight American children suffering a confirmed case of neglect or abuse by age 18, there are currently more than 400,000 children in foster care in the US alone, a number that continues to grow.

‘Army of the Dead’ Characters Offer a Sneak Peek at Zack Snyder’s Netflix Zombie Movie Zack Snyder is returning to zombie movies with the Netflix film Army of the Dead, set to star Dave Bautista. The story focuses on a heist in Las Vegas in the midst of a zombie outbreak – sort of like Ocean’s 11, with the walking dead. New info on the Army of the Dead characters has crawled its way online, offering a little more insight into what Snyder has in store with his next film. Mr. Zack Snyder gets a lot of guff from certain film critics, and I’ll freely admit that I’m not a fan of his superhero flicks.

The Lodge was one of the best films I saw at Sundance this year – a chilly, slow-burning nightmare that’s bound to give horror fans a jolt. What makes this creeper so effective is how unpredictable it is, which means you might want to go into The Lodge with as little info as possible. That said, the first trailer for the film does an excellent job being vague, while still selling the dread-inducing atmosphere on display.

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