Top Movie News for August 16, 2018

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James Gunn Won’t Be Hired Back to Direct ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ After weeks of anticipation, an open letter from the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy, hundreds of thousands of vocal fans and fellow celebrities expressing support, and rumblings that James Gunn might be hired back by Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, all hopes for the director’s return to the franchise are now gone. James Gunn will not be hired back to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Thanos Test Footage Shows Off Infinity War Villain's Evolution Marvel has released the test footage that they showed to executives ahead of filming Infinity War.

Is 'Crazy Rich Asians' Looking at a Crazy Rich Opening Weekend? This weekend gets off to an early start with the Wednesday release of the much-anticipated romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians, the first Asian-led studio film to hit theaters since The Joy Luck Club. While Joy Luck Club didn't play in any more than 600 theaters during its run 25 years ago, Crazy Rich Asians will get its start in over 3,300 locations with plenty of buzz behind it. Later in the week, STX will release what they hope is a franchise-starter in Mile 22 featuring Mark Wahlberg re-t...

Nicolas Cage Will Channel Humphrey Bogart For His ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’ Character Getty Image At the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con panel for the upcoming animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Sony Pictures revealed that voice cast members Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson and Hailee Steinfeld would be joined by the likes of Kimiko Glenn, John Mulaney and Nicolas Cage. The latter two were especially as fun, as Mulaney would be voicing Peter Porker, otherwise known as Spider-Ham.

New Aladdin Song Details Revealed for Disney's Live-Action Remake Disney's new live-action Aladdin will feature two new songs, one with Jasmine and a duet.

New Widows Trailer Has Viola Davis Uniting a Badass Team of Criminals Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen returns with Widows, his first movie since 12 Years a Slave.

Sony Cut Several Disturbing Scenes From ‘Slender Man’ Before Release The delayed Slender Man movie finally hit theaters last week, and was met with mostly silence. The film wasn’t screened for critics, and didn’t scare up much box office. Before Slender Man arrived, rumor had it that Sony and the producers were clashing over the content of the fright flick. Now word comes that Sony snipped several scary scenes, mostly out of fear of backlash. What happened to Slender Man? The horror film based on the internet boogeyman was initially set to spook audiences in May. But Sony pushed the movie back to August, which turned a few heads.

The Bruce Lee Comeback Continues What’s the difference between replicating a Hollywood Icon and resurrecting him? Bruce Lee was and is still an icon. Not just a martial artist, not just an action hero, not just a philosopher. Bruce Lee’s legacy stands next to Muhammed Ali, Elvis Presley, Superman, and Rosie the Riveter. His films represented more than roundhouse kicks, and colossal thwacks from his nunchaku. Bruce Lee took his skill in Gung Fu, adapted it into the more personalized fighting style of Jeet Kune Do, and applied it to a life philosophy that saw humanity as one tribe under the sun.

A Real Robot Will Take the Lead in Director Tony Kaye's New Movie Tony Kaye is hiring an A.I. actor for his new romantic comedy entitled 2nd Born, hoping that the Academy recognizes the robot's work.

Ryan Reynolds Destroyed Iconic X-Men Prop on Deadpool 2 Set Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool 2 director David Leitch reveal that the Merc with a Mouth actually broke one of Xavier's most prized possessions.

Ethan Peck is Mister Spock in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ The grandson of Gregory Peck has been cast to boldly go beyond the known frontier of Star Trek: Discovery. When we fall for a character, we fall hard. Leonard Nimoy as Mister Spock on Star Trek was a cultural revelation. Existing between alien and human, Spock allowed the audience to embrace the other in ways rarely experienced on primetime TV. Thorugh his struggle to understand our absurd customs and emotions, we were given a mirror to examine the routine of daily existence.

YouTube pulls  The Nun ad for violating their "shocking content" policy There’s nothing wrong with trying to get the word out about an upcoming movie, but maybe scaring the holy hell out of someone when they’re trying to watch a “Best Ways to Eat Avocados” video isn’t the best move. YouTube seems to agree, which is why they’ve pulled an ad for THE NUN that’s been causing nightmares and lots of children to run screaming... Read More...

Alpha Review: A Captivating and Beautifully Shot Adventure Set at the end of the Ice Age, Alpha tells the enthralling story of how dogs became domesticated.

‘The Angel’ Trailer: The Middle East’s Most Famous Real-Life Spy Gains His Wings Ashraf Marwan‘s code name was “The Angel,” and his memoir dubbed him the “The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel” — both hugely impressive descriptors that would intimidate anybody. But seeing as Marwan’s actions helped prevent a deadly terrorist attack against Israel, they might just be perfect. Marwan gets the biopic treatment in a film helmed by Israeli director Ariel Vromen and launched by Netflix.

Get a look at The Predator's new Predator hound courtesy of Funko Pop! With less than a month to go until the release of Shane Black's THE PREDATOR, Funko has revealed several of the upcoming POP! vinyl figures based upon the film, which includes the Predator Hounds! We've seen similar creatures in Nimrod Antal's PREDATORS, but the one's featured in Black's film will be a little different as they've used pit-bulls as their main... Read More...

Wes Anderson’s Next Movie is Apparently a Musical Set in 1940s France Following this year’s middling (and arguably problematic) Isle of Dogs, writer/director Wes Anderson is looking to ratchet up the whimsy for his newest project and tackle something he’s never done before: a full-fledged musical. A new report indicates that Anderson’s upcoming film, which is still untitled, is going to be a musical that takes place in post-WWII France.

The past decade of animated STAR WARS projects have been overseen by Dave Filoni, but the next series on the horizon won't include Filoni to quite the same degree. Star Wars: Resistance is set to follow Kazuda Xiono, a young pilot recruited by the Resistance whose mission is to spy on the growing threat of the First Order. Although Filoni created the series and will serve as... Read More...

Elizabeth Banks will star in and produce Queen for a Day, which recounts a famous MTV contest where a fan won a date with Prince.

Following the release of ‘BlacKkKlansman,’ we pick the best next roles for Adam Driver. Adam Driver has established himself as one of the best young actors working today. An incredibly versatile actor, film after film sees him consistently deliver different, captivating performances.

Ant-Man and the Wasp finally gave one of the female superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe a proper leading role, with Evangeline Lilly suiting up as Hope Van Dyne, the more capable and experienced insect-inspired partner of Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang.

Laurence Fishburne and Ian McShane unite in new John Wick 3 image I never would have expected that JOHN WICK would blossom into the franchise that it's become, but here we are, with the third installment of the fantastic action-series on the horizon. JOHN WICK 3: PARABELLUM will find Wick (Keanu Reeves) on the run with a $14 million bounty on his head after he broke an oath never to take a life while on Continental Hotel grounds. Although the rules stated... Read More...

How ‘The Meg’ Made It to The Big Screen After being in production hell for over 20 years, Steve Alten’s novel has finally seen the light of day. It is not unusual for a project to take a long time to get off the ground. In recent years, The Dark Tower and Blade Runner 2049, both were completed and released. They were long considered pipe-dream movies. The films fans have always anticipated, but never came to fruition. The same holds true for The Meg. After 20 years of on-again/off-again status, the film adaptation swam to theaters. It wasn’t easy to get this film to big screen. The Meg was never a high concept story.

John David Washington was just a shocked as you were when he learned about the story of a Black cop infiltrating the KKK. The actor is staring in BlacKkKlansman, directed by Spike Lee, which tells this true story from Ron’s Stallsworth book of the same name. Washington’s energy is palpable, and he brings that energy into his role as the Colorado Springs cop who takes the fight against racism to an almost unbelievable level.

In a rare turn of events, Hollywood is set to release 5 (potentially) huge films on the same day this December, and they include Aquaman, Bumblebee and Alita: Battle Angle. Which one will win the weekend?

Netflix certainly isn't shy about dropping some serious coin in order to acquire new movies, and the streaming service spent $30 million at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year in order to land the worldwide distribution rights for NEXT GEN, an animated feature which finds a lonely young girl forming a friendship with a top-secret robot. Together, the pair enter a thrilling adventure as they take on bullies, evil robots, and a scheming madman. Even though NEXT GEN's... Read More...

Kosta Nikas' revenge thriller from Australia, Sacred Heart, is available today on VOD/DVD and BluRay from Gravitas Ventures. Screen Anarchy has been given an exclusive clip to share with you. From what we understand this is at the very beginning of the scene but it pretty much sums up how Robert (Kipan Rothbury) feels about clergy.    Sacred Heart chronicles the journey of a religious man, who rejects God and his faith, after the tragic death of his pregnant wife and then challenges the Devil.

‘Green Book’ Trailer Sees Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen Hitting the Road From the director of ‘Dumb and Dumber’ comes a charming-looking story about race, music, and opposing personalities. “You never win with violence, you only win when you maintain your dignity,” says Mahershala Ali in the first trailer for Green Book. The awards season contender will see Ali portraying legendary pianist Don Shirley, as he embarks upon a tour of the deep south. Although, this taking place in 1962, that will prove to be difficult for the African American musician.

It’s A Family Affair In Amazon And Matthew Weiner’s ‘The Romanoffs’ The Mad Men creator has penned and directed an anthology series about individuals who believe they’re the descendants of Russia’s Royal Family. One of the most prolific names in history, in both the real world and the world of fiction, is surely Romanov. With a deep and rich dynasty set in Russia spanning the 1600s to the early 1900s, tales of the monarchy’s exploits and early demise have inspired countless novels, TV shows, and films.

Here we have intriguing new details on three DC shows; one of which is about to finish up its run with a final season, and another set to premiere on the DC Universe streaming service. More past the jump.

Focus Features Jim Carrey was once, without question, the biggest movie star in the world. Between 1994 and 1996 alone, the In Living Color standout starred in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, Batman Forever, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, and The Cable Guy (for which he earned a then-record $20 million payday) before transitioning to more dramatic roles in The Truman Show, Man on the Moon, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (he should have won an Oscar for that one, but alas).

Hopefully Dern will play a certain awesome motherly figure in Greta Gerwig’s new adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott classic. The cast of Greta Gerwig’s upcoming adaptation of Little Women is a white-hot (ha, puns) list of who’s who in Hollywood. We can celebrate the likes of Timothée Chalamet (Call Me By Your Name), Florence Pugh (Lady Macbeth), and James Norton (War and Peace) for their currency and freshness, or cheer for some more established folks like Emma Stone (La La Land) and Saoirse Ronan (Lady Bird).

A theory connecting Jason Voorhees to Sam Raimi's Evil Dead franchise is further bolstered by Final Friday director and co-scribe Adam Marcus.

"You keep being honest! What's a matter with you?" The Orchard has released an official trailer for an indie comedy titled All About Nina, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a provocative stand-up comedian named Nina Geld working her way close to breaking out. After getting an audition, she decides to head to LA and encounters a nice new guy named Rafe, while running into old problems with her ex. The cast includes Common as Rafe, Chace Crawford as Joe, plus Camryn Manheim, Jay Mohr, Mindy Sterling, Angelique Cabral, Clea DuVall, Kate del Castillo, and Beau Bridges.

And what you can expect for the rest of the season. Season 2 left off last year with life, yet again, uprooted Issa (Issa Rae) and throwing her for a loop. Her job took her out of the field, working with struggling kids in schools around LA, after an incident where she was just trying to do the right thing. She can no longer afford her apartment in the complex she and Lawrence (Jay Ellis) had lived in since the first season. In the empty apartment, she finally says goodbye to Lawrence (hopefully) for good.

This video essay takes a look at the different applications of the heist genre in the ‘Mission: Impossible’ series. So Mission: Impossible – Fallout was pretty great, right? While you wait anxiously for the next installment, why not check out this video essay from Lessons from the Screenplay about the different ways in which the Mission: Impossible movies approach their heists? Spoilers for the recently released Fallout will also follow. If you have any interest in screenwriting, Lessons from the Screenplay is absolutely the video essayist for you.

Something’s kicking in the new Gaspar Noé nightmare. What fresh hell is this? Gaspar Noé continues his provocateur shinanigans with his latest descent into madness. Climax traps a group of dancers inside an abandoned school building for a night of pleasure and pain. Following such films as Irreversible, Enter the Void, and Love, this is guaranteed to give you another uncomfortable but utterly compelling trip through the base instincts of humanity.

A movie for kids? Or secretly a terrifying story about a child with godlike powers? The video essay makes a pretty compelling case. Continue reading…

‘Castle Rock’ Season 2 Confirmed by Hulu Hulu wants to stay in the Stephen King business, so they’ve given the go-ahead to Castle Rock season 2. So get ready to spend even more time in King’s famous haunted town. In the past, creators Dustin Thomason and Sam Shaw confirmed Castle Rock will be an anthology, with new characters and stories each season. Which means you can expect a whole new world of King-centric horrors to come. Castle Rock season 1 is currently engrossing large audiences each week, so much so that Hulu is more than willing to give it a second season.

Tessa Thompson is having a hell of a year. She played supporting roles in Boots Riley’s blistering satire Sorry to Bother You, Alex Garland’s mind-bending Annihilation, and the second season of HBO’s twisty prestige drama Westworld.

It's finally here! Screen Junkies has released their Honest Trailer for Avengers: Infinity War and while they don't find much to complain about, there's plenty to make fun of. Hit the jump to take a look!

Jack Whitehall will play Disney's first openly gay character in Jungle Cruise, which has caused some controversy.

Submitted for your approval: a Twilight Zone remake not only produced by Jordan Peele, but also featuring him as on-screen host. The original Twilight Zone kicked off each episode with creator Rod Serling stepping before the camera to introduce the story we were about to watch.

Horror film icon Michael Myers (AKA The Shape) is making his triumphant return to the big screen this year with the upcoming release of a new Halloween movie, but visitors to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights will also have an opportunity to come face-to-face with the masked menace starting one month from today. New Halloween 4 mazes are coming to the theme park’s annual event starting on September 14, 2018.

Westworld season 2 left a lot of viewers scratching their heads, and it looks like season 3 will take things even further. Showrunners and creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy say that when Westworld season 3 arrives, we can all expect a “radical shift” in the world of the show as we know it.  When Westworld season 2 kicked off, I found it to be a bit of an improvement over season 1 (which I also liked). But by the time the season had ended, the show had gone off into some very strange, very confusing directions.

It Follows writer/director David Robert Mitchell will pen the script for a horror flick called They Hear It, based on the terrifying short from Julian Terry.

Taraji P. Henson Knows Exactly ‘What Men Want’ in New Trailer Ali Davis has the gift that we all wish we had in this 2019 rom-com. 50% of the time you ask someone the age-old question “If you could have a superpower, what would it be?” mind reading is going to be their response. The other 50% are going to say flying. Those are statistics I made up so please don’t fact check me. But really, how cool would it be if you had the ability to read people’s minds? In the case of Ali Davis, played by Taraji P.

There’s still plenty of time for MGM to realize what a terrible mistake they’re making, but the studio is apparently hell-bent on this terrible Child’s Play remake idea. Director Lars Klevberg took to social media to announce the film is entering “week 1” – although it’s not entirely clear what this means. No cast has been announced yet, so it seems unlike production is gearing up already. But one thing is clear: the remake is still happening, and that’s stupid. A Child’s Play remake is a bad idea.

Warner Bros. Pictures It’s a question that’s baffled movie-goers since 2010: what the heck is happening at the end of Inception? Is it a dream? Is it real? We are all Troy. NBC But leave it to director Christopher Nolan’s good luck charm (totem?), Michael Caine, to clear up the mystery.

Skillfully directed and beautifully acted, Memoir of War retains much of Duras' enigmatic, complex human tendencies during war time. Like her other works, it draws from her experiences and amplifies/embelishes many of her major themes - desires, suffering, shame, survivor's guilt, memories.... [Read the whole post on]

Shutterstock MoviePass‘ woes continue with their latest antics including a dramatic slashing of subscriber offerings in an effort to slow their cash-burn rate while also reportedly un-cancelling subscriptions, much to former users’ frustration.

A wilful young girl sent to work on a farm in rural Iceland – a waning traditional Icelandic practice to instill independence in children – uncovers some uncomfortable real-world truths in The Swan (Svanurinn), Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir’s serious-in-tone coming-of-age drama based on the 1991 novel of the same name.

From the author who frequently denied Hollywood comes a moon-based sci-fi cloning comedy. Yeah, another one. While some novelists are happy to sign over options to their work, dust their hands of the dirty business, and quietly slink away from the theater as their imagination is plundered for box office riches (I’m looking at you Stephen King), Ursula K. Le Guin was never one to compromise her vision. Her 1971 novel “The Lathe of Heaven” was adapted twice for television, but they were low-budget fare rarely recognized beyond the day of their release.

If there’s one thing The Purge movies have taught us, it’s that there’s no telling how someone will react when presented with criminal impunity. Throughout the films, we’ve seen everyone from the poor to the rich, the white to the black, grapple with the spaces they occupy in a capitalist and white supremacist society, and how that motivates them on the night of the Purge — when all crime, especially murder, is completely legal.

Netflix Netflix has recently thrown strategic curveballs during its quest for streaming platform dominance.

Rambo 5 has begun casting ahead of the production start this fall, revealing new details about the storyline.

A new photo of Chris Pine as an armored-up Robert the Bruce charges in Netflix has shared yet another photo of WONDER WOMAN and STAR TREK actor Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce for the streamer's upcoming biographical action drama OUTLAW KING. In the photo, we see Pine as the King of Scots, draped in fine-quality chain mail and holding a formidable shield. There's also something of a knowing glare to Pine's steely, blue eyes, as he looks on with battle plans... Read More...

(Welcome to Employee Picks, a series where Jacob Knight uses his day job expertise as a video store manager to recommend unique and often overlooked alternative options to the big movies hitting theaters and home video.) Hello and welcome back to Employee Picks! We’re on our last round of video releases for the summer (before switching back over to theatrical alternatives in September).

Unfortunately we won't be returning to Hawkins, Indiana just as soon as we would have hoped as the third season of Stranger Things isn't expected to debut until summer 2019, but it should be well worth the wait. David Harbour, who stars as Chief Jim Hopper on the Netflix series, recently spoke with THR about what it's been like reuniting with the cast as well as dropping a few... Read More...

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne shared the screen in 2014’s The Theory of Everything, a quiet biopic about the life of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. But now the two of them are joining forces again and taking to the skies for Amazon Studios’ The Aeronauts, another true-life story.

Superhero Bits: Alternate Juggernaut Design, Avengers 4 Needs a Butt Double & More Want to see an alternate design of Juggernaut that didn’t make it into Deadpool 2? Who are the new villains the Fantastic Four have to deal with in Marvel Comics? What’s happening for Batman Day this year? Why did Shazam star Asher Angel‘s parents get annoyed with him? How did the Celine Dion song “Ashes” end up in Deadpool 2?

The National Day Calendar has officially declared Power Rangers will be getting its own day of celebration this month.

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    Total: $11,727,390
  • 4. Snatched
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