Top Movie News for August 4, 2015

Fox Is Now Using Deadpool to Promote 'Fantastic Four' The internet hasn’t been friendly with Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four since day one and with the movie opening in less than a week, everyone still seems pretty baffled by it. What is this movie? What really went on behind the scenes? Is it good? Can it be good? And why does Deadpool pop up at the end of this new extended trailer? Continue reading…

The Final 'Resident Evil' Movie Will Bring Back Ali Larter At some point, the Resident Evil movies stopped being schlocky B-movies that existed solely to allow Paul W.S. Anderson to shoot Milla Jovovich in slow-motion and became, well, whatever they are now. Because they’re certainly something, although we certainly cannot tell you what kind of something they are. We’ve learned to just go with whatever these movies throw at us, so the news that Ali Larter is returning to the series for its supposed final chapter isn’t surprising or unexpected. This series could literally do anything and we wouldn’t even blink.

Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy may have signed on for more X-Men movies Jennifer Lawrence might be done playing Mystique after X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, but according to Heroic Hollywood, her FIRST CLASS and DAYS OF FUTURE PAST co-stars Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy have reached an agreement with Fox, and will return as Magneto and Professor Xavier in future X-Men movies. HH is also reporting that Fox wants Beast actor Nicholas Hoult back as well, however there's no word on how... Read More...

Dungeons & Dragons movie successfully rolls for initiative Warner Bros. and Hasbro have struck a deal to re-ignite the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game into a big screen franchise. After a long legal

Review: Jonathan Demme’s ‘Ricki And The Flash’ Starring Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline & Mamie Gummer There is really nothing that the extraordinary Meryl Streep cannot do. By now, this should be obvious thanks to a multitude of 'for-the-ages' performances and an unassailable, near peerless oeuvre. So, it’s agreed. Streep is capable of anything, and now we should add to her list of accomplishments persuasively pulling off the role of an aging, 50-something rocker who abandoned her family and kids to pursue her dream of rock-and-roll stardom. Streep’s captivating turn in "Ricki And The Flash" exudes stage presence, natch.

Frank Grillo Will Purge Again in ‘The Purge 3′ Writer/director James DeMonaco won’t be the only one returning to purge again when The Purge 3 hits theaters next summer. The creator of the sleeper Blumhouse franchise made the first two films in the series and will make the third, and he’s bringing The Purge: Anarchy actor Frank Grillo with him.  For those out of the loop, the Purge films depict a version of America slightly in the future, in which most crime and poverty has been eliminated by violent lawlessness. On one night every year, all crime is legal for twelve hours, from 7pm to 7am.

'The Martian' Video Brings the Ares 3 Crew Out of Isolation Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain and Michael Pena offer their thoughts after spending 10 days in isolation in preparation for their mission in 'The Martian'.

Did We Finally Get Proof That Hulk Is in 'Captain America: Civil War'? When the massive Captain America: Civil War cast list was released there was one big, green name missing: Hulk. While Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, War Machine, Vision, Ant-Man and even Spider-Man are joining Captain America for his next film, Bruce Banner was apparently looking to sit this film out. Or, is he? A new report suggests that Mark Ruffalo was spotted on set in Berlin shooting new scenes for the movie with Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie and Daniel Brühl. Continue reading…

Ronda Rousey Loves Vegeta More Than You By Octavio Karbank Click here to view the embedded video. This last weekend, everyone and their brother watched as Ronda Rousey utterly destroyed her opponent, Bethe Correia, in their UFC fight in just 34 seconds! Suffice to say, the woman is a living weapon and champion if ever there was one. It should then come as no surprise that her favorite cartoon character is none other than Vegeta (from Dragon Ball Z), the prince of all Saiyans! Watching her briefly go full on fangirl, gushing about her love for Vegeta, is nothing short of adorable! Octavio Karbank is a writer and bona fide Whovian.

Who Is Max von Sydow Again? One thing I hate in this kind of debate is when somebody starts turning it into a one or the other type of choice, you either get Tony Scott or you get Terence Malick, and you can’t have both. That’s for chumps and nitwits. A narrow view like that signals a boring person. Like I always say, a well-rounded person is open to a Jean-Luc Godard and a Jean-Claude Van Damme. That’s Vern writing way back in 2013, and it’s as solid a definition of pure cinephilia as you can get.

Giant Rogue Minions Are Shutting Down Traffic In Dublin A giant, inflatable Minion caused havoc in Dublin for hours before being taken out by local law enforcement.

7 Things We’d Want To See From An Ewan McGregor ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off Ewan McGregor is telling anyone who will listen about how much he wants to do his own "Star Wars" spin-off movie about Obi-Wan Kenobi. Here's why we think he should get one.

Really?! An animated film based on Pez candy is in the works Every one and their three-legged dog has had Pez candy at some point; even if you didn't like the taste of it (it's been so long since I last had one that I honestly can't remember what they tasted like) there was always the lure of those dispensers shaped like your favourite characters. You may have found one with a Darth Vader head which kept you occupied for two minutes before the candy... Read More...

Colin Trevorrow Teases Potential Direction Of JURASSIC WORLD Sequel Twenty-two years after the original stormed the summer box office, its sequel, Jurassic World, proved that even after so many years, dinosaurs still rule the Earth. After an eventful summer, the Chris Pratt-starrer has grossed over $1.56 billion worldwide and is currently the third highest grossing film of all-time, which is where it will likely remain when it concludes its run later this year.

Prometheus 2 Reportedly Starts Filming This January The sequel to Prometheus is reportedly gearing up to begin production at the start of next year. During its interview with Alien and Prometheus director Ridley Scott, Total Film magazine let it drop that Prometheus 2 begins filming in January 2016. “I’ve got back into the sci-fi thing, I kind of adore it," Scott told the mag (via Scified). Scott is producing both Prometheus 2 and Alien 5, the latter of which will be directed by District 9's Neill Blomkamp.

We heard recently that Lucy Lane is coming to Supergirl, and we now know that Witches of East End star Jenna Dewan-Tatum will play her in a recurring role on the series. The character is set to make her debut in the third episode of the CBS series, and is described as, "brash, funny and beautiful as her older sister Lois Lane. Lucy is strong, smart and successful in her own right.

Become the legendary lone warrior as you craft and upgrade his equipment and weapons in order to survive in a brutal post-apocalyptic world. Fight with savage moves and combos to brutalize the deranged bandits of the Wasteland. Engage in dynamic, physics-based vehicular combat, taking down enemy vehicles with a slew of deadly weapons and customizable parts. Choose from different car bodies and construct the ultimate war vehicle with dozens of upgrade combinations.

Just a few years ago, Tim Heidecker starred in a bleak and strangely amusing look into the life of a comedian with the indie The Comedy, a Sundance selected film from director Rick Alverson. This time it’s Gregg Turkington, better known as stand-up comedian Neil Hamburger, taking us into the tortured psyche of a stand-up comedian, stuck in comedy purgatory. Alverson is back behind the camera again with Entertainment, and the first trailer for the indie film has just arrived, showcasing Turkington’s oddball movie about an aging comedian still struggling as a small-time performer.

This Week: Fooling around with The Affair, the clones keep coming in Orphan Black, and another dip into the Divergent series. ► Despite a rocky start, Showtime’s THE AFFAIR ended up being one of last year’s best new shows. The dodgy concept of showing two different versions of the same events every episode ‘Rashomon’-style grates at first, but... Read More...

Sony Pictures is celebrating the 40th anniversary of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” by re-releasing the film in U.K. theaters this fall — but this time it will be a sing-a-long version. The new spin on the 1975 comedy will hit over 500 U.K. theaters for one night only on Oct.

HBO Miniseries 'Lewis And Clark' With  Casey Affleck & Matthias Schoenaerts Halted, Director John Curran Exits It seems bad news comes in threes for HBO. Their two David Fincher projects, "Videosyncrazy" and "Utopia," hit creative and budgetary roadblocks (respectively), and now another very high profile project needs some major retooling. READ MORE: HBO Halts Production On David Fincher Music-Video Comedy 'Videosyncrazy,' Series Might Not Be Moving Forward Produced by Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks, six-hour miniseries "Lewis And Clark", starring Casey Affleck and Matthias Schoenaerts, has been temporarily shut down, reports Deadline.

This is a pretty cool fan made fight between Green Arrow and Hawkeye. The writers and actors did a good job of getting the characters dialogue and actions to what we see on Arrow and the Avengers. The piece is directed by Danny Shepherd & Jeremy Le with Adam Kilbourn as Hawkeye and Tony Smith as Green Arrow. Click here to view the embedded video. Click here to view the embedded video. Click here to view the embedded video. [Source: CBR] Minute Match-Ups – Green Arrow Vs Hawkeye

Artsploitation's July releases are in our hot little hands (a wee bit late, but that's on me, not them), and they are really solid films from North America's most confrontational distributor of contemporary world cinema. How do they stack up? Check out the details below regarding this pair of thrillers from Western Europe, Belgium's The Treatment (De Behandeling), and The Netherlands' Reckless (Bloedlink).... [Read the whole post on]


Review: Shaun the Sheep Movie

JoBlo - 8 hours 19 min ago

PLOT: Shaun the Sheep is ready to relax. Tired of the day to day routine, he decides to change things up a bit and trick The Farmer into sleeping the day away. Things don’t go as planned when The Farmer ends up unexpectedly in the city suffering from a slight case of memory loss. It is then up to Shaun and the flock to bring his happy little family back together under some difficult circumstances.... Read More...

Wander through Derek's brain in Zoolander 2 teaser trailer Fifteen years after the original movie introduced audiences to the really, really good looking model Derek Zoolander returns for another go. So put on

Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s comic book film adaptations Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army – starring Ron Perlman as the eponymous, wise-cracking, devil-horned hero who protects the world from dark supernatural forces – were both moderate commercial successes.

Joining Annette Bening, Elle Fanning and Greta GerwigThere are many great names attached to '70s drama 20th Century Women, from writer/director Mike Mills - Thumbsucker, Beginners - to the cast, which already boasts Annette Bening, Elle Fanning and Greta Gerwig.

With the upcoming release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee has revealed who he think would win in a fight between the Dark Knight and Man of Steel. "Oh, Superman," he told the Boston Herald. "He’s indestructible, he can do anything. And Batman relies on a few weapons. If this is real, a fight between Superman and Batman, there’s no way you’d bet on Batman." When asked about Ben Affleck's role as the Caped Crusader and whether or not that might help the hero's chances, Lee continued: "Well, I like Ben Affleck.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” star Dakota Johnson’s latest movie “Chloe and Theo” has been acquired by ARC Entertainment, which will release the film in theaters and on VOD on Sept. 4, it was announced Monday by ARC’s head of acquisitions Scott Moesta. Mira Sorvino, Larry King and newcomer Theo Ikummaq, which was written and directed by Ezna Sands. “Chloe and Theo” tells the story of Theo (Ikummaq), an Inuit man from the Arctic who travels to New York City to warn world leaders about the catastrophic impact of global warming on the planet.

Between MTV’s Scream reboot, Ryan Murphy’s new Jamie Lee Curtis-starring TV show Scream Queens, and the upcoming film Some KInd of Hate, the slasher genre is enjoying something of a resurrection this year — which seems appropriate given the routinely unkillable nature of...

Jurors in the sentencing phase of James Holmes’ trial for murder in the mass shooting at an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater voted unanimously on Monday to retain the death penalty as an option. The trial now heads to its final phase, when lawyers for both sides in the case will make their last pleas to the jury, with testimony from survivors and victims’ families expected to be wrenching. Following final arguments, the jury will render a decision on Holmes’ fate, which includes life in prison or death by lethal injection. Also Read: James Holmes Found Guilty in Colorado Movie

There are strata of acting talent—there's the good, the very good, and the great. And somewhere up above all that, there's Meryl Streep. Mary Louise Streep was born in Summit, New Jersey, broke into film in the late '70s with a couple of remarkable supporting turns, and has never looked back. In fact, she's leapfrogged everyone's wildest expectations, and over the course of the past four decades has amassed a total of 19 Academy Award nominations (the only other actor alive who comes remotely close is Jack Nicholson, with 12).

Paramount Pictures Before Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation even hit theaters, a sixth installment of the series was already said to be in development. Now, with the fifth film opening higher than expected over the weekend, giving Tom Cruise one of his best box office debuts and also one of the best-reviewed movies of his career, Paramount has made it official. Mission: Impossible 6 will reportedly shoot as early as next summer. That’s about all we know so far, however. Cruise will return, of course, and we can presume so will Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames and Jeremy Renner.

HBO Right at the onset of the weekend, it was announced that Deadwood star and eternal badass Ian McShane would be joining Game of Thrones for season 6. Even though everyone is excited by the mere idea that McShane will be traveling to Westeros next year, we still don’t have much of an idea who he’ll be playing. His role is listed as unspecified. I have my own theories as to why the Game of Thrones creative machine isn’t announcing the role. It probably has a lot to do with more casting announcements being on the horizon.

"This life, this is all part of life, and this is your life, so you just have to be yourself." eOne Films US has debuted a trailer for the fun indie comedy Dirty Weekend, starring Matthew Broderick and Alice Eve. This is the latest film from filmmaker Neil LaBute, and it premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year. The story seems to follow two random, unlikely friends who meet-up while their plane is delayed at the Albuquerque airport, ending up on a weekend of fun, or something like that.

A large inflatable Minion recently caused trouble for Irish motorists when it broke free of its restraints and completely blocked off a road. Authorities were called, and the Minion was deflated and removed. An onlooker estimates the inflatable to be 30 to 40 feet high. One car's mirror was damaged, but no other injuries were reported. The Journal reports a local councilor is calling for an investigation into the incident to see if proper safety protocols were observed when the inflatable went up. Continue reading…

The most recent feature from South Korean director Kim Jee-woon (above right) was The Last Stand, but now the director of I Saw the Devil and The Good, the Bad, and the Weird is moving forward on a new movie, with backing from Warner Bros. Secret Agent is Kim’s next feature, and also the first South Korean movie that Warner Bros.

MTV News asked J.J. Abrams all the important "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" questions that you've been dying to find out about.

Two great tastes that taste even greater together: Harry Potter and Taylor Swift, in one mash-up!

Fundamental Films has picked up an untitled action pitch from Frank DeJohn and David Hedges, TheWrap has learned. Plot details are being kept under wraps, though the pitch is said to be in the vein of “Taken” and “Man on Fire.” Gary Glushon brought in the pitch for Fundamental Films, the Shanghai-based film financing/distribution/production company that co-produced the upcoming “Transporter” reboot with Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp. Also Read: Fundamental Films, Todd Garner Team on Action-Comedy Pitch (Exclusive) DeJohn and Hedges won the 2013 Nicholl Fello

Sono Sion's Tag opens with two busloads of Japanese school girls on a trip. It's all soft focus sweetness and light until the buses are attacked by an unseen force - literally a killer wind - and shy teen Mitsuko finds herself the lone survivor, running for her life. Every person she encounters in flight meets the same bloody fate from this fatal wind until Mitsuko stumbles onto some school grounds where she meets Aki. She is apparently her friend despite Mitsuko being unable to recall anything. Everyone presumes that she has experienced some kind of amnesia.

Marvel and Netflix have released a high resolution look at the logo for Marvel’s next Netflix series Jessica Jones.

We’ve all seen stories where a con man pretends to be someone he’s not, using deceit and some insider knowledge to attain something that isn’t his. Sneaky Pete is a new Amazon series starring Giovanni Ribisi as a con man who assumes the identity of his former cellmate, and uses what he knows about that guy’s life to worm his way into a new family and job.

A second trailer has arrived for Nancy Meyers' workplace comedy The Intern, in which Robert De Niro stars as a 70-year old who takes an internship at Anne

'Libby always will have one of the closest places in my heart,' says best-selling author

Photo by Gage Skidmore Last night, Bleeding Cool got the nod that Fede Alvarez, the director of the recent Evil Dead remake, be will be directing the adaptation of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips‘ mature readers superfiction comic book Incognito for Sony Pictures. The comic, about a “science villain” turned supergrass, and being kept safe by a witness protection programme working as a depowered mailman, who finds that taking drugs can restore his powers, was published first by Marvel Comics and is now collected and kept in print by Image Comics. Brubaker and Phillips declined c

  In Brightest Day A photo posted by lancegross (@lancegross) on Aug 1, 2015 at 5:41pm PDT Lance Gross is apparently testing the waters to see how much fan support he can garner for the role of John Stewart in the DCEU's Green Lantern Corps. Of course, Tyrese Gibson, of the Fast & Furious and Transformers franchise, has been the most vocal campaigner for the role.

Do you remember where you were at when aliens stormed New York City and the Avengers saved Earth?In Machinima’s Real Fake History, it features “Avengers: The Battle of New York” to illustrate and document this historic event.This hilarious mockumentary is part of the first season of Real Fake History. It features comedic perspectives and testimonies from the bystanders in a documentary-style storytelling.Check out the episode below. Source: Machinima

Kevin Bacon has a new movie coming out this month called Cop Car (a film directed by Jon Watts, the man behind the upcoming Spider-Man movie). To promote that movie, Bacon filmed a new PSA calling for more male nudity in films. And, just in case you think there’s not much room for male nudity in PG-13 superhero movies, Bacon has a solution for that and he’s calling out Marvel. Continue reading…

If you thought you were done with Peter Jackson‘s trilogy adaptation of The Hobbit, think again.

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