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Have Your Say: What Does Your Ideal STAR WARS Movie Look Like? With Star Wars: The Force Awakens much in the news, and speculation about other Star Wars films abound, let's have a bit of a thought experiment. With the universe apparently wide-open, instead of working up our (new) hopes we can actually ponder what our own favorite Star Wars picture would be. Because what is it we want from a Star Wars film? A closer look at a favorite character? A previously underlit side-story? Or, more generally thinking: what was it that made this particular universe so special for us, and what part of that do we want more of?

Spider-Man Was Almost In ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Rights issues and bad timing are all that stood in the way of Whedon introducing your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in the final scene of 'Age of Ultron.'

Will Poulter Is Pennywise The Clown In Cary Fukunaga's new take on Stephen King's ItPennywise the clown is one of the most enduring horror images on screen, one of the evil incarnations of the demon that haunts a town in Stephen King’s It. Now someone has been found to inherit the role from Tim Curry, who brought him so memorably to life in the 1991 TV miniseries version.

Lionsgate Officially Announces JOHN WICK 2; Keanu Reeves Set To Return Last fall, Lionsgate's action thriller John Wick won over both critics and fans alike as it reached sleeper hit status after grossing over $78 million worldwide on a modest $20 million budget. Rumors have circulated for months about a potential sequel, but nothing substantial had presented itself until now. Earlier today, Lionsgate officially announced that John Wick 2 is a go. Star Keanu Reeves (The Matrix) will return alongside original directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch and original screenwriter David Kolstad. A release date is TBD.

Sela Ward Playing The US President In Independence Day 2 Hail to the chief; watch for the aliensIndependence Day had Bill Pullman’s President Thomas J. Whitmore around to rally humanity and fight the aliens. But unless the universe in which the film takes place has very different rules governing US presidents, he can’t still be the leader of the free world 20 years later.

Louis C.K. Will Direct and Star in 'I'm a Cop' Louie C.K. will write, direct and star in 'I'm a Cop', following a middle-aged man stuck in the shadow of his legendary cop mother.

Harley Quinn Co-Creator on Suicide Squad Photo Bruce Timm, the co-creator (alongside Paul Dini) of Harley Quinn, has shared his thoughts on what he thinks of her live-action look in Suicide Squad. Speaking with io9, Timm was pleasantly surprised. "I just saw the pic like a couple hours ago. It was interesting. I was frankly a little nervous about what Harley would look like, but I thought she looked really cool. So I'm optimistic." Timm wouldn't comment beyond his optimism, though. "I just saw the one shot of her in the group shot. So far so good." Continue reading…

Final San Andreas Trailer Rocks In Dwayne Johnson rolls with itWhile Fast & Furious 7 was only able to make limited use of Dwayne Johnson, San Andreas promises a full-on Rocksplosion, with the man-mountain taking on the biggest earthquake ever seen in California and beyond... and Roland Emmerich isn’t to blame this time.

Hot Docs 2015 Interview: Rodney Ascher On Living THE NIGHTMARE No horror film will ever live up to the genuine terror one experiences during a nightmare. Many will try, but ultimately, the easier it is to wrap your head around a premise, the less chilling the film.And so it is without much surprise that Rodney Ascher's creepily mysterious follow up to Room 237, which takes 'the nightmare' as its theme - specifically as it pertains to the numerous individuals unfortunate enough to suffer from sleep paralysis - is one of the scariest documentaries that comes to mind.

‘The Simpsons’ Renewed for Two More Seasons, Heads for Record Books In TV years, The Simpsons is already the equivalent of the Grail Knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and the series isn’t giving up its post any time soon. The all-time record for a scripted prime-time TV series is 635 episodes, held by Gunsmoke, which ran from 1955 to 1975. The Simpsons has already run far longer than Gunsmoke did, as the show is currently in its 26th season. Now, with The Simpsons renewed for seasons 27 and 28, the finale of that 28th season will see the series just shy of Gunsmoke‘s all-time record.

Our first official look at Martin Scorsese's passion project, Silence It's taken many many years of development but at long last the moment is here; Martin Scorsese's long gestating passion project SILENCE has completed production in Taiwan. Scorsese first received the Shûsaku Endô novel on which the film is based in 1988 and put together his first pass of the script in 1991. That first attempt wasn't successful and... Read More...

Exclusive Interview: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joely Richardson talk Maggie! In the somber zombie drama MAGGIE (I hesitate to call it a horror movie, because it really isn't at all), Arnold Schwarzenegger gives - as advertised - a performance unlike he's ever given before. Playing a father who must agonizingly watch as his daughter (Abigail Breslin) is slowly overtaken by a deadly disease... one that will eventually turn her into a zombie. Schwarzenegger's first real dramatic... Read More...

Jennifer Aniston Considering Mean Moms Buzzing around a queen bee roleQuietly developing for a few years now, Mean Moms finally has a director in Horrible Bosses 2's Sean Anders. And he may be about to reteam with one of his stars from the comedy sequel, since Jennifer Aniston is in the frame for the leading role.Mean Moms is, to some extent, a belated follow-up to Mean Girls, since it's based on the non-fiction, self-help work of the same author, Rosalind Wiseman.

Clive Barker's Creepy Pasta, A New Series Of Short Films From Machinima Creepypasta is the collective term for short horror stories, fanfiction, videos or other media, shared online with the aim of freaking out the reader.

TV Review: Gotham - Season 1 Finale "All Happy Families Are Alike" Episode 22: "All Happy Families Are Alike" Synopsis: As Gotham City’s gang war reaches its boiling point, Fish Mooney goes head-to-head with Maroni and Penguin in an attempt to re-stake her claim on the city. Meanwhile, Barbara and Leslie Thompkins are brought together after recent events, and Bruce searches Wayne Manor for any hints that his father might have left behind.... Read More...

'X-Men Apocalypse' Photo: Meet Cyclops and Havok's Parents The parents of Cyclops and Havok watch the end of the world on live TV in director Bryan Singer's latest photo from 'X-Men: Apocalypse'.

The Harry Potter franchise has been over for a few years now. While there’s a spin-off adaptation of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on the way, fantasy fans may be in need of new magic sometime soon. SyFy might have the supply, as the network just announced a greenlight for The Magicians TV series.

Orlando Jones Leaves Sleepy Hollow For Machinima's High School 51 From Roberto Orci, producer on Transformers, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Star Trek, Sleepy Hollow, Lost, Fringe along with Legion Of Creative and and starring Orlando Jones of Sleepy Hollow, Tainted Love, Drumline and MADtv… High School 51 – a new series from Machimima. Hidden away in the heart of Area 51, Dream Lake High School is filled with mind-blowing technology, top-secret government programs and a student body that is cool, quirky, attractive, and…well, alien.  No one from the outside has ever been allowed into the school and no human has ever attended…until now For 16-year

David Fincher got his start working at ILM many years ago, but really made his first marks as a music video director beginning in the early/mid ’80s. Now he’s helping chronicle the heady and anything-goes days of music video production in Los Angeles circa 1983 in a new HBO show. The comedy series, now called Video Synchronicity (formerly Living on Video), features opening episodes co-written and directed by Fincher, and has been ordered to series by HBO.

At this point, answering, “Who isn’t going to be in Barbershop 3?” might be an easier task than to follow all the casting. But we have a new employee in the beauty shop: Barbie. Rapper Nicki Minaj has joined the cast of the Ice Cube-led film, EW has confirmed. Variety...

Courtney Love, Giancarlo Esposito and Timothy Hutton have all signed on to James Franco’s new indie pic The Long Home. The film is based on a William Gay novel set in Tennessee in the ’40s which centers around a young...

Nigel Terry, beloved actor of stage, film, and television, died on April 30 of emphysema. He was 69. Recognized on the screen for his memorable roles in 1981’s Excalibur—in which he played King Arthur opposite Helen Mirren’s Morgana Le Fay—and the Oscar-winning film, The Lion in Winter...

Monty Python messes with Simon Pegg in the trailer for Absolutely Anything When you think of Monty Python, odds are you immediately think of quotes from any of their films or the iconic sketches from their television series. They are one of the most influential comedy troupes of all time and we only have four films to their credit. While ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING may not be a formal Monty Python project, it was written and directed by Terry Jones and features the voice talents of all... Read More...

Charlize Theron on going bald for 'Mad Max' When Charlize Theron sat down to talk about her character Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road, one of the biggest things she and director George Miller struggled with was how to style such a fierce warrior woman. After they tried everything from platinum hair to a ponytail, it was...

Captain America: Civil War will set up the "real battle" for Infinity War With so many Marvel cast-members set to show up for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the film will be more like Avengers 2.5 than a Captain America sequel. According to Chris Evans, not only will the film be very Avenger's heavy, it will actually provide a lot of the set-up for the "real battle" set to take place in the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR... Read More...


Joss Whedon's Quit Twitter

IGN Movies - Mon, 2015-05-04 17:01

Joss Whedon's Quit Twitter If you try to visit writer-director Joss Whedon's Twitter account, it's not there. It's been replaced with a, "Sorry, that page doesn't exist!" message, even though Google still lists it as an active page. Whedon's latest film, Avengers: Age of Ultron, may be killing it at the global box office, but it appears he no longer wants to be active on the Twittersphere. According to the Screen Crush Twitter page, Whedon's last tweet read, "Thank you to all the people who've been so kind and funny and inspiring up in here." It doesn't mean the beloved writer-director is gone from Twitter for good, but

"Grodd Lives" - Barry (Grant Gustin) must deal with the Reverse Flash’s (Tom Cavanagh) latest threat to a member of the group. To make matter worse, Dr. Wells unleashes Grodd on the city in order to distract Barry and the team. Joe (Jesse L. Martin), Barry and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) head down into the sewers to catch Grodd but the gorilla quickly gets the upper hand after he kidnaps Joe. Iris (Candice Patton) and Barry have a heart to heart talk. Dermott Downs directed the episode written by Grainne Godfree & Kai Yu Wu.  

This Week: Fifty Shades of Grey for Mother's Day? Why not. Also: Selma marches onto blu, and Ryan Gosling goes a bit loony with Lost River. ► Not even three months after it ruined Valentine's Day for a lot of us, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY continues the torment on blu-ray this week. Even with lowered expectations, this adaptation of the inexplicably... Read More...

A new Justice League animated series is set to debut in June, produced by legendary animator Bruce Timm. The series is a joint venture between DC/Warner Bros. and Machinima. The show, titled Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles aims to depict a very different version of your favorite DC heroes.

6. Thor & Loki The half-brothers have been through a lot together it’s fair to say. United at first then torn apart by Odin’s favouritism towards Thor and Loki’s true heritage, the brothers have faced a turbulent road ever since. Despite battling one and another on multiple occasions, the two still joined together to fight Malekith (although Loki did betray Thor…again!). Yet, in what Thor presumes to be Loki’s dying moments he promised to tell Asgard of his nobility.

Announced at New York alongside #4Hero and a second series of Justice League: Gods And Monsters. DC’s Hero Project. A new TV show that sees Machinima, Blue Ribbon Content, and DC Entertainment pitting eight contestants trying to develop a live-action film based on the Starman comic. The show will see DC CCO Geoff Johns in the Donald Trump role alongside guest judges and celebrityspecial guests. See the rest of our Machinima at New York coverage right here. DC Comics Wants You To Create A Starman Film With Geoff Johns And Machinima

Everybody loves a good summer blockbuster, especially kids. But how do you know what’s right for your family? Check out this guide and watch the trailers that go with them to find out more about what you can expect in theaters.  May 1 Avengers: Age of Ultron Rated: PG-13 Joss Whedon’s much anticipated follow up to the wildly successful The Avengers (2012) is poised to be one of the biggest movies of the year, bringing Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Captain...Read MoreRead Comments

Anne Hathaway turned heads at the Met Gala. And it's because she's wearing a sheet metal dress, basically.

A Brazilian bodybuilder's arms began to turn to "rock" as he injected his muscles with toxins in an attempt to look like The Hulk. 25-year-old Romario Dos Santos Alves first began injecting himself with synthol - a mix of alcohol and oil - three years ago to make his muscles appear larger. He soon grew addicted, with his biceps eventually growing to 25 inches. However, toxins in the fillers began to cause him constant pain and health issues. "I remember the doctor told me that they would need to amputate both arms," he told Daily Mail.

Image Entertainment has picked up the North American rights for  Adam Egypt Mortimer's supernatural slasher flick Some Kind of Hate.


Review: The D Train

JoBlo - Mon, 2015-05-04 22:00

This was previously reviewed as part of's Sundance 2015 coverage. PLOT: Dan (Jack Black) is a small-town guy planning his high school's twentieth anniversary reunion. Wanting to endear himself to his former classmates, he takes a trip to L.A to track down the school's most popular alumni (James Marsden) who he hopes to convince to come to the reunion. The two hit it off, and soon a wild night of... Read More...

There’s plenty to enjoy in the surprising Marvel Studios hit Guardians of the Galaxy. Most of the praise for the flick goes to director James Gunn and the primary cast of characters who play the titular ragtag team of misfits. But there’s one actor who deserves some more recognition, and that’s Michael Rooker, who plays the sort-of redneck (or blueneck) Ravager named Yondu. Rooker is a regular in the films by James Gunn, so much that the two are also very good friends.

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