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10 amazing fan-made Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers  Check our top 10 fan-made Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers...

'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer Breakdown with the Russo Bros. Directors Anthony and Joe Ruso break down the new details revealed in the first trailer for 'Captain America: Civil War'.

Jennifer Lawrence Is Directing a Dark Comedy About Mental Warfare Jennifer Lawrence has signed on to make her directing debut with 'Project Delirium', based on the true story of Army experiments.


The Good Dinosaur review

Total Film - 3 hours 13 min ago

The Good Dinosaur review The really wild bunch… “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” was a phrase the late Pixar co-founder Steve Jobs was fond of, and it could almost be

Check Out a Bunch of Clips from Sylvester Stallone’s Creed Rocky is back, again, only this time he isn’t the one boxing in the ring. Creed is out today and to celebrate the occasion I picked a few clips from the highly anticipated sports drama. Yes, I did say highly anticipated because Rocky is back in what seems to be a good movie and tracking […] Read Check Out a Bunch of Clips from Sylvester Stallone’s Creed on Filmonic.

Men In Black 4 to feature a "prominent" woman, also in black The next Men In Black sequel is said to include a female agent.

Quentin Tarantino And The Cast And Crew Of The Hateful Eight Give A History Lesson On Roadshow Distribution And 70mm Samuel L. Jackson, director Quentin Tarantino and the cast and crew of the upcoming The Hateful Eight talk about some of the older techniques used like 70mm film, Ultra Panavision lenses and roadshow distribution. It’s a fun throwback to movies of the 1950s and 60s. Click here to view the embedded video. Quentin Tarantino And The Cast And Crew Of The Hateful Eight Give A History Lesson On Roadshow Distribution And 70mm

Has DC's Aquaman movie villain finally been revealed? Has the anticipated DC movie finally found its nemesis?

Review: Tom Hooper's Formulaic 'The Danish Girl' Starring Eddie Redmayne And Alicia Vikander This is a reprint of our review from the 2015 Venice Film Festival. Is it permissible to be glad that a film exists, admiring of some of its elements, delighted that it will get a massive release, even OK with it probably winning a million bajillion awards, and to not like it?

TV Review: Marvel's Jessica Jones - S1 Ep 5 "AKA The Sandwich Saved Me" Click here to read our previous reviews for Marvel's Jessica Jones EPISODE 5: "AKA The Sandwich Saved Me" SYNOPSIS: Despite Jessica’s objections, Trish’s new friend Simpson gets involved in the hunt for Kilgrave. Jessica recalls a pivotal moment in her life. BREAKDOWN: I was beginning to think that the build up to Jessica Jones confronting... Read More...

Watch: Lovely Full US Trailer for Animated 'The Little Prince' Movie "I'm not so sure I want to grow up anymore…" Paramount has released yet another new trailer for the animated movie The Little Prince, based on the beloved story Le Petit Prince which is shown in this using stop-motion. We just featured the new full-length international trailer last week (not to mention a few other trailers), and now we have another that is very similar but features some incredible new footage near the end.


Review: 'Victor Frankenstein': EW Review Credit where credit is due: Victor Frankenstein has the stones to open not only with voiceover, but with Daniel Radcliffe intoning this line: “You know this story.” Indeed, variations on Mary Shelley’s legendary Gothic tome Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus have been spun...C+

Sarah Wayne Callies in Trailer for Horror 'The Other Side of the Door' It was never meant to be opened. Fox has debuted the first trailer for the upcoming horror thriller The Other Side of the Door, starring Sarah Wayne Callies (from "The Walking Dead", Into the Storm) as a grieving mother desperate for emotional closure after her son is killed in a freak accident. She eventually enters into a strange supernatural world in an attempt to contact her dead son from the other side. The cast includes Jeremy Sisto and Javier Botet. Interestingly this seems to be set mostly in India so it's a whole different kind of supernatural, but still just as chilling.

Zoe Saldana Getting Ready For 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.' Gamora is already suiting up for the second Guardians of The Galaxy outing. Zoe Saldana recently took to twitter to reveal a BTS photo of her getting her stuff down to have her skin color changed to green for the famed and vicious galactic warrior.Other than that we don't really get a look at anything else to interesting shown in the photo other than the fact that we can tell Saldana is already getting started for "Guardians of The Galaxy vol. 2."Ready for another one?

Ben Affleck admits there’s “a ton of pressure” on Batman V Superman It seems the film's star is really feeling the pressure to appease fans...

Elmo Williams, the film editor who won an Oscar for his work on the 1952 Western High Noon, died early Wednesday morning at his home in Brookings, Ore., his family confirmed to EW. He was 102. Williams earned another Oscar nomination for editing the 1954 movie 20,000 Leagues Under the...

Spike Lee has certainly set up an interesting challenge for himself with "Chi-Raq." The director's latest film tackles the wave of gun violence that has swept through Chicago, claiming too many innocent lives. But instead of a straight drama, Lee has opted for a picture that also includes comedy, music, and satire. Does the concoction work? Well, this latest trailer gives a look inside his ambitious film. Nick Cannon, Wesley Snipes, Jennifer Hudson, Teyonah Parris, D.B. Sweeney, Harry Lennix, Steve Harris, Angela Bassett, John Cusack and Samuel L.

Ron Howard On Why He's Turned Down The Chance To Direct Superhero Movies Director Ron Howard has dabbled in sci-fi and fantasy with the likes of Cocoon, Willow and Splash, but over the course of his illustrious career he's yet to take the helm of a comic book/superhero movie - and it's not because he hasn't had the opportunity. During his appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Howard revealed that he'd been approached by George Lucas do direct Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace - along with Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis, incidentally - but managed to convince him that he was the only man for the job (thanks for that, Ron).

First Man: Ryan Gosling is being "courted" to star in First Man, a biopic about astronaut Neil Armstrong, best known as the first man to step foot on the Moon in 1969. Damien Chazelle (Whiplash) is set to direct a script by Josh Singer (Spotlight); Gosling and Chazelle are currently making La La Land, a contemporary musical costarring Emma Stone, which is scheduled for release on July 15, 2016. [Deadline]   Chef: Jon Favreau's independently produced Chef is...Read MoreRead Comments

In the current issue of Total Film, Oscar-winning Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu discusses his new film, The Revenant, and how he and his

  We had so much fun with our Top 10 gift ideas last Christmas that we've decided to make it a weekly feature here at!

Hannah Davis wears epic 'Hunger Games' fashion in final edition of Capitol Couture The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 marks the end of the blockbuster franchise, and to celebrate the conclusion Lionsgate and Samsung have released the final edition of Games-inspired fashion magazine Capitol Couture. Called “Ultima Volatus (“Final Flight”), the mag...

The gender swap is (finally!) taking over cinema, with roles originally written for males being played by females, and all-male casted films being remade with ensemble casts of women (“Ghostbusters,” “Ocean’s Eleven”).

Director James Wan shares new photos of stars Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson on the set of 'The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist'.

If you're looking for a holiday gift for the Marvel-loving nerd in your life (or a gift for yourself; nothing wrong with that), the studio is preparing to release their huge Phase Two Blu-ray box set on December 8 covering everything from Iron Man 3 to Ant-Man with one seriously impressive collector's item. In addition to the outer packaging and the collection of films within, Marvel has also created custom artwork for each disc sleeve and we've got your first peek at the designs. Continue reading…

Setsuko Hara, a Japanese actress best known for her work in director Yasujiro Ozu’s films, died Sept. 5 of pneumonia, her family announced Wednesday. She was 95. Hara was born in June 17, 1920, as Masae Aida in Yokohama, Japan. She made her onscreen debut in 1935, breaking through in 1937’s The...

It probably comes as little surprise, but Warner Bros‘ upcoming slate of films based on DC Comics characters and properties will aim for PG-13 ratings. The rating offers the broadest audience reach and is certainly the level most DC titles are pitched at. Producer Charles Roven told Collider, “I would say those are all intended to be PG-13 movies.

Come Thursday, many of us, like many of you, will find ourselves around a dinner table with our distant relatives, reflecting on what we’re grateful for in our lives. But before we get to that, we thought we’d take a moment to think about the films we’re thankful for this year. This isn’t a list of our favorite films of the year, or the best films of the year (though some of them are that, too).

Ava DuVernay has responded to Quentin Tarantino’s diss of her civil rights drama Selma in an interview he gave last month. While speaking to author Bret Easton Ellis for The New York Times’ T Magazine, Tarantino addressed Selma being snubbed at this year’s Oscars. “She...

Marvel officially announces production on Doctor Strange; confirms cast You may have noticed the recent (Cumber)batch of on-set pictures featuring the mighty Benedict sporting some wicked facial hair. This may come as a shock to some of you, but Marvel Studios has announced that DOCTOR STRANGE has gone into production! How about that?!? The film, being directed by Scott Derrickson (SINISTER, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE), will follow neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange... Read More...

Will Smith has taken on aliens, robots, zombies, Kevin James’ poor dancing skills, and even the National Football League. What’s he going to do next? Maybe politics. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, Smith said some form of real-life political role could be in his future...

Morgan Freeman‘s latest thriller, “Momentum” seemed to lack exactly that when it opened in the United Kingdom last weekend, making just $69. According to The Telegraph, while the film didn’t open wide, it only grossed £46 although it had a £20 million ($30 million) production budget. The film opened in only 10 cinemas across the country, roughly grossing £4.60 ($6.90) per cinema.

Special Two-Part Episode Airing Wednesday, November 25 6:30/5:30c on Cartoon Network Teen Titans Go! is an American animated television series based on the DC Comics fictional superhero team, the Teen Titans. The series was announced following the popularity of DC Nation's New Teen Titans shorts, both of which are based on the 2003 Teen Titans TV series. Teen Titans Go! is a more comedic take on the DC Comics franchise, dealing with situations that happen outside of saving the world.

We live in the age of reboots and remixes, where everything that someone loves gets the chance to live on forever. This can be frustrating . How many tributes to Firefly can you people cobble together on YouTube? How many times can Spider-Man get recast before we’re simply tired of him? But we’ll expose a very specific bias on this front: Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows of the past decade and just thinking about it fills us with warm, wonderful feelings of hope and pride and community.

Earlier this year, you may have heard of a Tribeca Film Festival drama that starred Faith Hill as a trailer trash mom in the Deep South. It’s true, but that’s not really all that “Dixieland” is about, though having a big country pop star in your movie probably doesn’t hurt. A movie that details cycles of violence, crime, and impoverished circumstances with a Romeo and Juliet-like narrative, “Dixieland” is the directorial debut of Hank Bedford — a former assistant to David O.

Thanksgiving is a time for family, which usually means that wholesome viewing approved for all ages usually follows. However, if you're in the mood for something grittier and nastier to help digest all that turkey and stuffing, you might want to track down "Submerged." And today we have an exclusive look at the thriller. Directed by Steven C. Miller ("Silent Night"), and starring Jonathan Bennett, Rosa Salazar, and Tim Daly, the story revolves around an ex-soldier turned bodyguard hired to protect a young woman.

A Federal Judge has approved the terms of a class action lawsuit Sony Pictures Entertainment employees brought on the company, as the result of personal data leaked in the studio’s devastating hack. Terms say that Sony will provide up to $4.5 million in compensation, including $2 million for unreimbursed expenses and up to $2.5 million for losses from identity theft. For reimbursing plaintiffs who spent money on paying for preventative measures against identity theft, Sony will provide up to $2 million, with $1,000 being the max for each individual.

Having completed a very lengthy festival run, Charlie Manton's award winning short film Beneath Water is now available for viewing online and is very much worth your time.

I know I will be after watching the debut trailer for this great looking sci-fi from writer/director Jeff Nichols, the same man behind 2013’s Mud. “Roy is a father desperate to protect his uniquely gifted, eight-year-old son Alton. Joined by Joel Edgerton and Kirsten Dunst’s characters, this group must race to get Alton to a secret […] Read You should keep an eye out for Midnight Special on Filmonic.

In case you missed the latest Marvel news, “Doctor Strange” has started production. The official logline says the movie “follows the story of neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a horrific car accident, discovers the hidden world of magic and alternate dimensions” which sounds about right. The usual suspect cast was all named and confirmed, as was Rachel McAdam and Mads Mikkelsen, the latter of whom was playing a bit coy about it all earlier this year. Meanwhile, Marvel’s “Ant-Man” has hit Blu-Ray after earning $518 million worldwide at the box office.

Exactly one year after the infamous Sony hack, former Sony VP, Global Commercial Planning and Innovation Amy Heller has sued the studio and other defendants for defamation, negligence and invasion of privacy.  In the complaint, Heller is seeking multiple damages and unspecified compensation for loss of income, as well as claiming that Sony’s lack of secure systems caused her emotional distress.  Heller, who was laid off in the spring of 2014, says the studio acted in a “deliberate, cold, callous, fraudulent, and intentional manner in order to injure and damage” her.  Also Re

This December, Netflix is gifting its subscribers with a whole bunch of cool movies and TV shows.

Need proof there are more giant pandas out there, Po? Say hello to the Secret Panda Village. In Kung Fu Panda 3, Po (voiced by Jack Black) becomes acquainted with his long-lost birth father, Li (Bryan Cranston). The snippet released Wednesday shows Li unveiling this mythic panda paradise...

Lionsgate has released the trailer for their animated adventure comedy Norm of the North. Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch vet Trevor Wall‘s film tells the story of a majestic polar bear named Norm, who alongside “the world’s coolest party animals” are hitting the big city. Watch the Norm of the North trailer now embedded after the jump.

"Closure" - Ward's campaign for revenge brings the S.H.I.E.L.D. team to their knees, and Coulson proves he will do anything to settle the score, on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” Tuesday, December 1st on ABC.

Jena Malone explains the rigorous mental prep she did for "Mockingjay -- Part 2," and shares why she thinks every woman should try going bald.

As Bridge of Spies hits cinemas, here's our rundown of Steven Spielberg's 30 most iconic movie moments from Jurassic Park, E.T., Indiana Jones and more...

Within the Disney Pixar universe, the highly anticipated The Incredibles 2 (working title) is still a long way off. Over three years, in fact. The sequel to the 2004 smash hit Incredibles won’t arrive in theaters until June 2019, but progress is already well underway on the project. Writer and director Brad Bird is keeping any story lines a tight secret for now but one piece of information is confirmed; Michael Giacchino, who scored the first movie, will return to score Incredibles 2. Announcing the news via his Twitter, Bird tweeted a gif of the composer signing his new contract.

Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf in the Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit movies is an example of truly expert casting. His epic performance over the six films was one of, if not the most iconic role of the veteran actor’s exemplary career to date.

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    Total: $102,665,981
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    Total: $154,146,608
  • 3. Peanuts Movie, The
    Gross: $13,203,590
    Total: $99,346,727
  • 4. Night Before, The
    Gross: $9,880,536
    Total: $9,880,536
  • 5. Secret In Their Eyes, The
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    Total: $6,652,996

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