Top Movie News for April 20, 2018

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Deadpool 2’s Peter Gets An Awesome Fan-Made Poster Deadpool 2’s final trailer quickly made a star of unlikely team member Peter, the man who just showed up. This fan poster immortalizes him. While Avengers: Infinity War is pretty clearly the most anticipated theatrical release of 2018 for most moviegoers, not far behind on that list is Deadpool 2, the sequel to 2016’s smash hit R-rated film starring the Merc with a Mouth. Made on a budget of of $58 million, Deadpool destroyed all expectations, raking in over $780 million worldwide. Deadpool was also a huge hit with critics, holding an 83% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Infinity War Is the Second Most Expensive Movie Ever Made Despite earlier rumors that Avengers: Infinity War may be the most expensive movie ever made, another report claims it will fall quite a bit short of that record.

Halloween Gets a New Very Johnny Cash-esque Poster Halloween is returning to theaters this October, and today we got our first official look at Michael Myers himself, thanks to the teaser poster for the film. Feast your eyes on the new version of the Myers mask! So much to unpack here. Is the film just titled Halloween? Is this supposed to look like the cover to the Johnny Cash album? Seriously — it looks like Michael is about to break out into his version of ‘Hurt’. I love the old-school font and colors on the release date. I think the ever-so-slight peek at his eye is a great touch, and the mask looks incredible.

Two Trailers for 'The Equalizer 2' Again Featuring Denzel Washington "They're tying up loose ends." "Exactly." Sony Pictures has unveiled the first official trailer for the sequel The Equalizer 2, directed by Antoine Fuqua (Olympus Has Fallen, Southpaw, The Magnificent Seven). This is the follow-up to the surprising 2014 action hit The Equalizer, featuring Denzel Washington as Robert "The Equalizer" McCall, based on the 1980s TV series of the same name which originally starred Edward Woodward as McCall. Apparently this is Denzel's first sequel in his career.

Nee Brothers May Be Directors for Masters of the Universe Film After several starts and stalls, the Masters of the Universe film from Mattel and Sony Pictures may have finally gotten themselves a directing pair. The Brothers Nee (Aaron Nee and Adam Nee) have reportedly been chosen by The Power of Greyskull to take over the directors’ chairs on the He-Man film from previously attached developing writer and director, David S. Goyer.

Ant-Man 2 Goes Searching for Janet Van Dyne, New Photos Arrive Evangeline Lilly reveals that Ant-Man and the Wasp will center on the search for Michelle Pfeiffer's Janet van Dyne character.

Solo Secures China Release Date; International Poster Shows Villains Solo: A Star Wars Story lands a Chinese release date, while Lucasfilm continues marketing their upcoming blockbuster in foreign territories. During the Golden Age of superhero cinema, the galaxy far, far away seems to be the only property that can beat comic book adaptations at the box office. Since the franchise made its triumphant return in 2015 with The Force Awakens, a Star Wars movie has been the highest-grossing film domestically.

Elton John Biopic Rocketman Is Officially Happening at Paramount Paramount has green-lit Rocketman, the Elton John biopic, which stars Taron Egerton.

Jesse Plemons to menace Dwayne Johnson in Disney's Jungle Cruise Look out, Jesse Plemons! It would seem that your face is destined to meet Dwayne Johnson's fist as Variety reports that the actor has signed on to join the cast of Disney's upcoming JUNGLE CRUISE as one of the villains. [SEEMORE] Based upon the Disney theme-park attraction of the same name, JUNGLE CRUISE will be set in the early 20th century in the Amazon jungle and stars... Read More...

JURASSIC WORLD 3 & FALLEN KINGDOM Directors On Their Respective Films' Diverse & Evolving GenresJURASSIC WORLD 3 & FALLEN KINGDOM Directors On Their Respective Films' Diverse & Evolving Genres Both directors of the upcoming Jurassic World sequels recently sat down (in separate interviews) and discussed Fallen Kingdom's alternating genres and how the third instalment compares to the rest...

Busy Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro Re-Upps Deal With Dreamworks Animation Very busy filmmaker Guillermo del Toro just added several more projects to his plate. The Shape of Water director just inked a deal with Dreamworks Animation to write, produce, and direct animated family films for the studio. Does this mean we’re about to get the Guillermo del Toro reboot of Shrek? No, it does not, but we can dream. What’s Academy Award winner Guillermo del Toro going to do next? Whatever the hell he wants, apparently. The filmmaker just signed an exclusive deal with Dreamworks Animation to write, produce, and direct animated family films.

Amazon Lands Sci-Fi Series ‘The Peripheral’ From ‘Westworld’ Creators, SyFy Picks Up ‘Deadly Class’ Two upcoming television projects have found homes. In a competitive bidding war, Amazon has won the rights to a science fiction series called The Peripheral that hails from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the creators of HBO’s Westworld. Meanwhile, Syfy has snagged the rights to Deadly Class, a comic adaptation from Avengers: Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo.

Superhero Bits: Tom Hiddleston Surprises Loki Cosplayers, Matt Reeves’ Favorite Batman Comics & More Want to see Tom Hiddleston surprise fans dressed up as Loki? Will the new Spider-Man PS4 video game kick off a whole Marvel video game universe? What are some of Matt Reeves‘ favorite Batman comics? Which star of The Walking Dead will appear in Venom? Are you ready for a bunch of deleted scenes on the Avengers: Infinity War home video release?

Crazy Rich Asians Teaser Sets Gold Standard for Summer Comedies Warner Bros. has released the first teaser for Crazy Rich Asians, with the full trailer dropping on Monday.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) - MCU Retro Review Heading into the final few chapters of Marvel's Phase 3 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we decided it was time to take a look back at the last ten years worth of films (18 in all) and re-evaluate them based on how well they hold up today and how connected they are to the greater MCU now that the films have advanced so far into the timeline, which culminates in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR and it's... Read More...

‘Blindspotting’ Trailer: Daveed Diggs Stars in the Sundance Movie That Will Shake You to Your Core One of the breakout films from this year’s Sundance Film Festival is the sharp, electric and vital Blindspotting. An impressive blend of stylish comedy and powerful drama makes this a remarkable directorial debut for filmmaker Carlos López Estrada, but it’s the presence of Hamilton star Daveed Diggs giving a breakthrough performance that really drives this movie home. But don’t take our word for it.

The Broken Lizard boys gear up in an exclusive clip for Super Troopers 2 Meow that we're just one day away from the release of SUPER TROOPERS 2, it's as good a time as any to call your dealer, stock up on TimBits, and schedule an uber to drive you to your local cinema. After 17 long years, the kooky quintet of goofball officers are back for another patrol, and this time, they're headed to the Great White North. When an international border dispute arises between... Read More...

Brad Bird: Incredibles 2 #MeToo Connection Is a Coincidence Some viewers are interpreting Incredibles 2 as Pixar’s response to the #MeToo movement, but director Brad Bird states any connection the sequel has to the current social climate is pure coincidence. As has become par for the course with the studio’s followups, Incredibles 2 features a role reversal, with Helen Parr taking center stage as the face of a new initiative from telecommunications company DevTech.

Traditional Japanese candy and cuisine have been a staple in my diet for some time. I know I’ve been talking about Japan Crate a lot lately, and for good reason. They send over unique and fun Japanese snacks, which also includes traditional candy — such as this Dragon Plum candy! I’ve never had Dragon Plum candy before. Originating from Okinawa, this sweet candy had a pitted plum inside of it, making it easy to eat. I gotta say, the sweetness of the candy and the saltiness of the plum blend beautifully. This was a real treat to get, and I wish I had more.

"Who can hack a human being?" One more trailer for the indie sci-fi film Anon, written and directed by sci-fi storyteller Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, S1m0ne, Lord of War, In Time, The Host). We posted another trailer earlier this year, and a new international trailer this week already. This new US trailer from Netflix presents the story entirely differently - about hackers and hacking our augmented reality, and how one of them is getting away with murders by erasing memories.

World War Z 2’s Production Just Got Delayed Again David Fincher’s busy schedule is pushing back production on World War Z 2 yet again. Paramount found an unlikely success in 2013’s World War Z. Following production issues that saw massive reshoots redo a large portion of the Brad Pitt-led zombie apocalypse film, the tinkering worked wonders. The film ended up grossing over $500 million worldwide, enough for the studio to put a sequel in development.


THE UNPOPULAR OPINION is an ongoing column featuring different takes on films that either the writer HATED, but that the majority of film fans LOVED, or that the writer LOVED, but that most others LOATHED. We're hoping this column will promote constructive and geek fueled discussion. Enjoy! ****SOME SPOILERS ENSUE**** Ridley Scott just cannot catch a break when it comes to ALIEN. The revered... Read More...

"I want the full experience!" Warner Bros has debuted a second trailer for the summer comedy Life of the Party opening in a few weeks, the latest collaboration between actress Melissa McCarthy and filmmaker Ben Falcone (who also happen to be married), both of Tammy and The Boss previously. McCarthy once again stars in Life of the Party as a woman who decides to go back to college after being dumped by her husband, but ends up in the same class and school as her daughter. So, of course, she decides to become the "life of the party" and live it up while enjoying her return to wild school life.

"The old cathedrals often have sublime artworks hidden away, in the darkest corners for only God to see. The same goes for murder…" Whoa. A short teaser trailer has debuted for the latest film from controversial Danish director Lars von Trier, titled The House That Jack Built. After being banned for 8 years, Lars von Trier has finally been allowed to return to the Cannes Film Festival, and his new film will premiere out of competition. The House That Jack Built stars Matt Dillon as the titular Jack, a highly intelligent serial killer.

16 Weeks into our MCU rewatch, and the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man finally leaps off the pages of the comics and onto the silver screen. Peter Parker has a lot to answer for. The ultra-nerd teenager who spent most of his life pining for unattainable dream girls and dodging the physical aggression of jock drones was one wish fulfillment fantasy away from following in the footsteps of Aldrich Killian (remember that guy?). A radioactive spider makes a snack of his hand and transforms him into a beefcake specimen worthy of the WWE.

This article contains spoilers for the Krypton season one episode – House of Zod. But this also has massive spoilers for the rest of the season… so be warned. . . . . . There are two major things going on at once here. Seg (Cameron Cuffe) is trying to get away from the Black Zero contingent that captured him and Lyta (Georgina Campbell) is about to be executed for being a traitor. So it’s not surprising that some of the other characters get pushed off to the side for the episode.

Despite recent troubles, Stan Lee will be showing up in at least three more Marvel movies.

Solo Gets Chinese Release Date Despite Country's Bad Attitude Towards Star Wars Disney and LucasFilm will launch Solo in the lucrative Chinese market on the same day as the States, without the Star Wars title.

Javier Bardem is “shocked” by the treatment of Woody Allen and said he has “doubts” about the longstanding allegations of sexual misconduct against the filmmaker. In an interview with French newspaper Paris Match, the actor, who starred in Allen’s 2008 film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” said he’s “absolutely not” ashamed to have worked with him. “If there was evidence that Woody Allen was guilty, then yes, I would have stopped working with him, but I have doubts,” Bardem said, according to People.

Emilia Clarke teases a Game of Thrones set visit Omaze charity event Have you ever dreamed of touring the seven kingdoms of HBO and George R.R. Martin's GAME OF THRONES? Do you fancy yourself a seat on the coveted Iron Throne? Would you care to ride atop a dragon like an effervescent, blood-stained Mother of Dragons? You do? Well, the Khaleesi herself, Emilia Clarke, has just announced that she's teaming up with Omaze to raise money for The Royal... Read More...

Dark Phoenix to Be Fox's Final X-Men Movie? A report claims that Dark Phoenix will be the last proper X-Men movie before the entire franchise folds into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Tribeca Film Festival traditionally opens with a documentary, but “Love, Gilda” may be the most poignant one yet.

WB Has Two Competing ‘Birds of Prey’ Scripts in the Works Ever since Suicide Squad made $745 million in theaters, Warner Bros. has been searching for a way to get Margot Robbie back in her Harley Quinn costume for another movie.

According to a recent report, Netflix almost purchased the Landmark Theaters chain in order to (theoretically) screen their original content and (possibly) get around some film festival and award show rules about digital content being included. Credit: Netflix The report in question is from the Los Angeles Times, claiming a source informed them the deal didn’t happen because the price was “too high”.  Variety says their source says Netflix was never interested in purchasing the chain, but rather a “theatrical space” for use. Perhaps you’re aware of the recen

In what may go down as one of the all-time-great comic book bromances, Jonathan Hickman and Robert Kirkman are teaming up to executive produce television shows at Amazon based on two comics co-created by Hickman: East of West and Transhuman. Respective series artists and co-creators Nick Dragotta and J.M. Ringuet will also executive produce those projects, according to a report from punctuality-obsessed Hollywood gossip rag Deadline. Hickman will also reportedly write the East of West pilot.

DCEU actors Henry Cavill and Zachary Levi celebrates Superman’s 80th birthday. Created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster in 1933, it wasn’t until 1938 that the Man of Steel debuted on the pages of the comics, Action Comics #1, after the two sold the character rights to Detective Comics.

Good morning/afternoon, everyone. Did you sleep alright? Have pleasant dreams about having superpowers, puppies and finally getting the courage to talk to that special someone? Good, because it’s the last time you’re going to have a decent nights sleep in awhile now that we have this new teaser image for the upcoming horror flick, THE NUN. The title baddie is front and center, and now you... Read More...

(Welcome to Pop Culture Imports, a column that compiles the best, wackiest, and weirdest foreign-language movies and TV shows streaming right now.) You ready for your biweekly dose of subtitles? Welcome back to Pop Culture Imports, where I tell you about the foreign-language TV shows and movies that are worth watching without turning on the awkward English dubbing.

I Feel Pretty Review: Amy Schumer's Well-Meaning Comedy Falls Flat I Feel Pretty has a girl power message that is easily embraced, but doesn't make that lesson entertaining for long enough.

UTOPIA: Amazon Takes Over U.S. Adaptation, Hires GONE GIRL's Gillian Flynn as Showrunner Where is Jessica Hyde?    The US adaptation of Channel 4's cult hit Utopia has found a new home and a new showrunner. Variety is reporting that Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn has signed on to create the series for Amazon Studios. Amazon has already ordered a nine-episode first season.    “Utopia” follows group of young adults who meet online and are mercilessly hunted by a shadowy deep state organization after they come in to possession of a near mythical cult underground graphic novel.

‘Black Panther’ is about to surpass the box office earnings of ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Thor,’ and ‘Captain America’… combined! Continue reading…

We talk a lot about the filmmaker Sir Ridley Scott, mostly because the man really has created some iconic pictures and continues to prove how good at the craft he really is. One of the nice things is that lately, Scott talks. He’s made himself infinitely more available for interviews and has no problem talking about his life’s work. Revisiting the Giger world of Alien while filming Prometheus In a recent chat with Yahoo Movies, he spoke about a few things (at length), like The Terror, Thelma & Louise, and Alien.  On his working with H.R.

DEADPOOL 2 director David Leitch's dance card is looking mighty full, these days, as word has just come in that the ATOMIC BLONDE helmer will be taking over as director on Ubisoft's THE DIVISION movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain. Based on the Tom Clancy property of the same name, THE DIVISION is an online-only action role-playing game developed... Read More...

In what could be an amusing twist, Christopher McQuarrie says he would be interested in directing Henry Cavill in Man of Steel 2. The upcoming DCEU slate is an ever-evolving affair. As it stands, Aquaman will arrive later this year, followed by Shazam! and Wonder Woman 2 in 2019.

According To Vice President Of International Originals at Netflix, the upcoming adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher books and CD Projekt Red's video games will launch with only eight episodes...

20th Century Fox may have been sold to Disney, but Comcast is actually the company who gave the higher bid. When reports surfaced late last year that Fox was up for grabs, plenty of contenders surfaced. None, however, were considered to be as serious as Disney and Comcast.

As the Fantastic Four prepare to make their return to the Marvel Universe, Marvel Comics has released a teaser trailer celebrating new adventures of Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny. Check out trailer and cover.

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