Top Movie News for October 17, 2018

Halloween Is Set to Make a Killing at This Weekend's Box Office The highly-anticipated Halloween finally opens this weekend and looks to dethrone Venom with a massive opening weekend box office take.

Superhero Bits: Make a Spider-Man Mask with Moving Eyes, ‘Avengers 4’ Trailer Not Far Off & More Could the Avengers 4 trailer be arriving within the next few weeks? Want to see a Spider-Man PS4 player recreate movie posters and comic covers in the game? Did the studio have James Wan cut 20 minutes out of Aquaman? Want to make your own Spider-Man mask with moving eyes? Did you hear the Hellboy trailer for NYCC leaked online?

Destroyer Trailer: Nicole Kidman Is Unrecognizable as a Troubled Detective Nicole Kidman is a hard-edged detective dealing with the dark demons of her past in the trailer for Destroyer.

ABC developing a TV sequel to NYPD Blue following Andy Sipowicz's son Although you may only know Dennis Franz from the TV movie HOMER S: PORTRAIT OF AN ASS GRABBER, the actor also played the role of Andy Sipowicz for all twelve seasons of NYPD Blue. The ABC series followed the fictional 15th Precinct detective squad in Manhattan and featured an ensemble cast which also included David Caruso, Jimmy Smits,  Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Kim Delaney, Amy Brenneman,… Read More...

Ezra Miller’s Mysterious ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Character Will Play A Pivotal Role In The Sequel From the lingering question of whether or not Jude Law’s younger Albus Dumbledore would be gay to concerns over Johnny Depp’s casting as the villainous Gellert Grindelwald, the Fantastic Beasts sequel has been a hot topic of conversation as of late. Yet through it all, the plot of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald has largely remained shrouded in mystery. Yes, we know that the title character will somehow escape from his confines, and yes, we know that Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) is somehow involved. Otherwise, aside from the greater context that author J.K.

Michael B. Jordan to lead, produce The Silver Bear hitman drama Over the past few years, BLACK PANTHER and CREED star Michael B. Jordan has transformed himself into one of the most in-demand actors working in Hollywood. Whether he's looking to take Wakanda by force, or punch a Russian square in the chiseled breadbox, there's nary a studio in Tinseltown who doesn't want him to star in their next box office blockbuster. Today,… Read More...

The Kid Who Would Be King Trailer from the Director of Attack the Block 20th Century Fox has released the first trailer for The Kid Who Would be King, which takes a very different approach to the legend of King Arthur.

See Harrison Ford in Solo: A Star Wars Story thanks to Deepfake magic After decades of associating Harrison Ford with Han Solo, it was obviously a little difficult to accept anyone else stepping into the iconic character's shoes. As SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY would be centered around a young Han Solo and the 76-year-old actor couldn't exactly play his younger self throughout an entire film, the role went to Alden Ehrenreich who gave it his best shot. Getting used to Ehrenreich as Han Solo represented a bit of a hurdle and fans couldn't help but… Read More...

Fast & Furious Producer Hits Hobbs & Shaw Spin-Off with a Lawsuit Fast and Furious producer Neal Moritz is suing Universal for the Hobbs & Shaw movie over fraud and breach of contract.

The Flash Movie Delayed Yet Again, Probably Won't Hit Theaters Until 2021 Warner Bros. has been forced to delay The Flash solo movie yet again, with production now slated for late 2019 at best, with hopes of a 2021 release.

DC Universe has released the first promo for episode two of Titans and in case the title ("Hawk and Dove") wasn't a clue, this episode will be putting the spotlight on those two heroes. Check it out!

Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga Join 'Annabelle 3'; Here's Everything We Know We were first introduced to a diabolical doll named Annabelle in The Conjuring. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga starred as experienced paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were called upon to help a Rhode Island family in 1971. The horror thriller was a breakout success, leading to the spin-off feature Annabelle. That film was also quite popular, inspiring a prequel, Annabelle: Creation that explored the doll's origins, as well as a promised third installment in the...Read MoreRead Comments

Evangeline Lilly on the original ending to Ant-Man and The Wasp MAJOR SPOILERS for both ANT-MAN AND THE WASP as well as AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, so consider yourself warned. As with most movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ANT-MAN AND THE WASP contains several post-credit scenes, the first of which connects to the dramatic events of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. As we know, Thanos (Josh Brolin) emerged victorious in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR… Read More...

The Devil is let out in sweet new Daredevil season three poster The third season of DAREDEVIL is only two days away, coming in not a moment too soon is a brand new, quite badass poster for the show. For the most part, all we’ve seen of the character is him in his black, pre-devil suit vigilante costume, but the new poster adds that proper bit of red we all know and love. [SEE MORE] After almost biting the dust at the end of THE DEFENDERS last year,… Read More...

Cats Movie Gets Idris Elba as the Feline Villain Macavity The upcoming Cats movie features Taylor Swift, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Hudson, and Idris Elba as Macavity.

Captain Marvel Gets a New Comic Book Origin Ahead of Movie Release Carol Danvers' origin story has been changed by Marvel Comics, leading to speculation that the Captain Marvel movie follows suit.

The battle among streaming services is getting a little more interesting, and further blows are being struck against overpriced cable providers as companies like Vudu and Hulu look to provide a more streamlined television experience at a much lower price. The Walmart-owned Vudu, who recently struck a deal to develop their own original content with MGM, is planning to provide customers the ability to add-on premium subscriptions like HBO Now, Showtime and Starz.

Orange is the New Black‘s time is nearly served. The Netflix series will end with season 7, bringing to a close a show that launched back in 2013. This is likely for the best, as the prison dramedy has run out of steam at this point. The final season will arrive on the streaming service in 2019. It’s time to say goodbye to Orange is the New Black. The long-running Netflix series will end with its approaching seventh season, as this video confirms. Warning: This may make you cry. The Final Season, 2019.

Getty Image Everyone’s favorite “too good to be true” company MoviePass has hit yet another hurdle.

Gina Rodriguez in Trailer for Catherine Hardwicke's 'Miss Bala' Remake "You have to believe me - they made me do it!" Sony Pictures has unveiled the first trailer for the remake of Miss Bala, about a young beauty contest winner who is forced to work for a crime boss after she witnesses a murder. This Hollywood remake is based on Gerardo Naranjo's original 2011 film, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival that year. This new take on Miss Bala stars Gina Rodriguez and it's entirely in English, despite still being set in/around Mexico. The full cast includes Anthony Mackie, Matt Lauria, Aislinn Derbez, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Cristina Rodlo, and Ricardo Abarca.

The Aftermath Trailer Throws Keira Knightley Into a Passionate Post-War Affair Keira Knightley and Jason Clarke star in the first trailer for Fox Searchlight's post-WWII drama The Aftermath.

"I don't think he stopped killing…" IFC has released the first official trailer for a serial killer horror thriller titled The Clovehitch Killer, from director Duncan Skiles, which originally premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival this year. This "chilling portrait of all-American evil" is about a picture-perfect family that's shattered when the work of a serial killer hits too close to home.

After recently battling Valak in THE NUN, it seems that Demián Bichir has his sights set on a much larger opponent for his next big project as it's been reported that Bichir is currently in talks to join the cast of GODZILLA VS. KONG. Legendary's MonsterVerse franchise kicked off with Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA back in 2014 and KONG: SKULL ISLAND re-introduced… Read More...

Mondo has done it again with their First Man vinyl. The company enlisted artist Marc Aspinall to create a beautiful piece of art that captures the essence of Damien Chazelle‘s new Neil Armstrong biopic, and the moon-themed design of the record itself and the eerie interior photo makes this presentation arguably even better than composer Justin Hurwitz‘s score.

With stunts like Dumb Starbucks going viral, the Comedy Central series Nathan for You became quite the favorite series of those who loved seeing comedian Nathan Fielder convince business owners to take a chance on totally ridiculous practices in an effort to revitalize yogurt shops, computer repair, real estate sales and much more.

Getty Image The new Halloween film has stirred up so much enthusiasm, not only by wiping the sequel slate clean but by setting up an epic Michael-Laurie battle, that it’s currently tracking for a franchise-best opening weekend.

Warner Bros. has released the first poster for the upcoming horror movie The Curse of La Llorona, with the trailer set to arrive tomorrow.

RLJE Films It’s rare that today’s movie watchers actually demand to see a movie in a movie theater rather than just wait for it to hit streaming. But that’s what’s happening with Mandy, the totally bonkers new Nicolas Cage movie in which he plays a metal battle axe-wielding widower out for vengeance against the mystical cult that killed his wife (Andrea Riseborough).

Ben Affleck And Henry Cavill Are Done With Batman And Superman Warner Bros. The most recent news about the restructuring of the DCEU after Justice League earned less than expected came late Monday afternoon, when Variety reported a delay in the Flash’s standalone movie. Buried among the news about The Flash was a confirmation of what has long been rumored: Warner no longer requires the services of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill as Batman and Superman. The studio is not moving forward with Batman and Superman movies featuring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, respectively.

It’s the most, wonderful time, of the year. In two weeks I will be returning to my happy place, CDMX, for the 2018 edition of the Morbido Film Fest.    As always mi Familia de Morbido have put together a top notch program this year. I look forward to seeing who will win the battle of the Giallo projects, the Onetti Brothers’ Abrakadabra or Mirada de cristal from Ezequiel Endelman y Leandro Montejano who will be at the festival this year. I also look forward to discovering and giving focus to the other IberoAmerican films during the festival.

Getty Image The first thing you notice when you meet Melissa McCarthy in person is how much she likes to laugh. There are actually a lot of comedic actors who, in person, are much more reserved and serious. This is not McCarthy. As she holds court, you start to realize McCarthy is the type of person who you immediately just want to spend the entire day with. She’s just delightful to be around. And she finds humor in a lot of things, even strange turns of phrase.

Watch the Trailer for Adam Sandler’s Netflix Comedy Special ‘100% Fresh’ Regardless of what the critics end up saying about Adam Sandler‘s return to stand-up comedy with a new original special coming to Netlix, no one will be able to deny that it’s 100% Fresh.

There are still a couple of main roles yet to be cast for Cathy Yan's Birds of Prey, but while we wait for that news, these new plot details may give us a much better idea of what to expect from the movie.

Luca Guadagnino is about to give Bob Dylan another turn on the big screen. Hot off the heels of his acclaimed drama Call Me By Your Name and the divisive horror remake Suspiria, the filmmaker is taking on another unique project: an adaptation ofDylan’s 1975 album Blood on The Tracks. According to a New Yorker profile about Guadagnino ahead of the release of Suspiria, Guadagino and The Fisher King writer Richard LaGravenese are currently developing a feature film based on Blood on the Tracks.

Getty Image The year is 2013. Children everywhere are flooding to the theaters to see Frozen. “Blurred Lines” has taken over the radio. Everyone is doing the Harlem Shake for some reason. And Sylvester Stallone, still two years away from his critically-acclaimed return to the Rocky franchise with Creed, is designing pens. Not just any pens, mind you. No, he is designing a line of pens titled Chaos for an Italian luxury goods manufacturer named Montegrappa. Now, you have got to see these freaking pens.

Zen and the Art of John Carpenter Interviews If you’re a longtime reader of Film School Rejects, then you’ve probably read one or two of our ongoing series of filmmaking tips. In them, our writers dig deep into interviews with filmmakers to isolate key concepts that help explain their craft as feature filmmakers.

A few things have remained constant at Sesame Street since the children’s show debuted on PBS in 1969, and one of them is the presence of puppeteering legend Caroll Spinney. The puppeteer and performer has played two of Sesame Street‘s most famous characters since the show’s debut: Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. But, 50 years since he stepped into the big, yellow suit, Spinney is flying the coop. After 50 years as a resident of the nicest street in America, Caroll Spinney is retiring from his roles as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.

Remember The Real World? The reality show about seven strangers who stop being polite, and start getting real? It’s back, in Facebook Watch form. MTV Studios is teaming with Facebook’s streaming service to re-launch the popular reality show for a whole new generation. The series will now have an interactive element as well, allowing viewers to vote on one contestant to join the show.

Judy Blume has granted James L. Brooks and Kelly Fremon Craig permission to adapt her book Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret for the big screen.

In addition to directing and portraying a lead character in A Quiet Place, John Krasinski has revealed he also played the movie's monster.

Amy Winehouse, the five-time Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter who tragically died in 2011, is officially getting the biopic treatment. In 2015, A24 released a documentary called Amy that explored the talented singer’s life, and that film went on to win Best Documentary at the Oscars the next year. Now Winehouse’s story will be dramatized in a more traditional biopic. Read more about it below. According to The Wrap, Alison Owen (Saving Mr.

"This film IS the red pill." The Orchard has released a trailer for an intriguing "full disclosure" documentary titled Above Majestic, which premiered at the truth-obsessed Disclosure Fest earlier this year. The film is a "shocking and provocative look at what it takes to hide a multi-trillion dollar Secret Space Program from the public and the implications this has for humanity." Yeah, it's a bit of a conspiracy theory documentary, but also a look at the possibility that secret space programs may exist because we need to continue to keep an eye on aliens without informing the public.

The CW has just debuted some new poster art for the upcoming Arrwoverse "Elseworlds" event, and it reveals a pretty major plot detail of the upcoming three-part crossover. Check it out after the jump...

A new Bohemian Rhapsody clip is ready to rock you – if that’s something you’re in the mood for. Here we get to watch Freddie Mercury and that gang come up with the now-iconic beat from “We Will Rock You”, blissfully unaware that some day, the song in question would be played during every single sporting event. Watch the Bohemian Rhapsody clip below! Bohemian Rhapsody Clip In this Bohemian Rhapsody clip, we get to witness the origins of “We Will Rock You”, one of Queen’s most famous songs.

Adam Sandler's football comedy The Waterboy is getting a special, limited edition apparel collection from Adidas, including a Bobby Boucher jersey.

Saban Films nabs the U.S. rights to Michael Caine-led King of Thieves drama Word has come in that Saban Films has snagged the U.S. distribution rights for KING OF THEIVES, an upcoming crime drama from director James Marsh (THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, SHADOW DANCER). The much anticipated film stars Sir Michael Caine (DUNKIRK, GOING IN STYLE), Jim Broadbent (ANOTHER YEAR, THE IRON LADY), Sir Tom Courtenay (45 YEARS, DOCTOR ZHIVAGO), Sir Michael… Read More...

Classic 60s-Era Batmobile Spotted on Joker Movie Set A version of the Adam West Batmobile was spotted heading to the set of the Joker origin movie, which raises a lot of questions.

Don Mancini is clarifying why Universal nixed their planned remake of Child's Play, ultimately going with another sequel instead.

Rumors of the death of MoviePass have been greatly exaggerated. Sort of. While the theater subscription service has gone through an extremely rough patch in the last few months, they’re still around – and so is MoviePass Films, the folks that brought us Gotti! The latest venture from MoviePass Films is a horror flick from The Descent and Hellboy reboot director Neil Marshall. Called The Reckoning, the film is centered in England around the witch hunts and the great plague of 1665. Does anyone know what’s going on with MoviePass? Does MoviePass even know? My guess: no.

New Aquaman TV spot shows why you should never call him Fish Boy I can't imagine anyone actually walking up to Jason Momoa and calling him Fish Boy, but here we are. Warner Bros. have released a new TV spot for AQUAMAN which reveals new footage from the film, including fresh looks at Aquaman (Momoa) and Mera (Amber Heard). I've attempted to keep my expectations in check regarding Warner Bros.' DC output, but I've got to admit that… Read More...

The people demanded it, and now it’s here. Urban Legend, the 1998 horror flick that rode the post-Scream wave of slasher movie revivals, is headed to Blu-ray from the good folks at Scream Factory. As an added bonus, the boutique Blu-ray label is also releasing the sequel I bet you forget even existed: Urban Legends: Final Cut. Get the full Urban Legend Blu-ray details below. Urban Legend  After Scream blew up the box office in 1996, studios entered a mad-dash to release as many hip, self-referential slasher flicks as they possibly could.

Could The Walking Dead be stumbling towards cancellation? Viewership for Sunday's episode was a new series low just a week after the premiere delivered half the ratings of the year before. Check it out...

Maybe two is better than one, but not for Ansel Elgort in Jonathan. The Baby Driver actor stars in a sci-fi thriller as two minds stuck in one body whose fragile harmony is shattered over — what else? — a girl. Jonathan Trailer In the feature film debut from director Bill Oliver, Elgort stars as the titular character, a successful and straightlaced architect with a unique disorder. Jonathan has single body multi-consciousness, which has forced him to live a sort of Jekyll-and-Hyde life — Jonathan living in control during the day, with John taking over the evenings.

Lionsgate Hulu is kicking off the holiday season by giving us some exciting new titles and bringing back a few beloved films. There’s something for everyone this month — a horror anthology centered around Thanksgiving celebrations, a family drama starring Julia Roberts, a Coen brothers cult classic — and a few series are making there way to the streaming platform for the first time, most notably, the entire run of Married With Children. Here’s everything coming to (and leaving) Hulu this month.

Diablo Cody’s uncompromising writing often exists to test our patience, but sometimes we’re all the better for it. The women of her stories are, more often than not, a challenge to grapple with. Many tend to be snarky and some are definitely lovable, but all of them are downright important. From the beginning of Cody’s screenwriting career, she has been concerned with giving female characters unconventional pathways to claiming their agency.

The new movie star is being made on your Netflix screen.

Rowan Atkinson gives Olly Murs the moves in the new music video for Johnny English Strikes Again.

A new trailer for Death House has arrived online, which stars tons of horror icons such as Barbara Crampton, Kane Hodder and more.

CBS All Access plans to boldly expand its roster of Star Trek TV shows…but not too quickly. A new report says that the network doesn’t want to make the mistake of having fans become oversaturated with new Star Trek content. So instead of having a new season of a Star Trek show airing year round, the various series will be spread out a little to keep interest high. Plus, each of the new shows is intended to have its own “tonal vision”, which will draw distinct lines around the types of Trek series All Access will produce.

Box Office

  • 1. Alien: Covenant
    Gross: $36,160,621
    Total: $36,160,621
  • 2. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2
    Gross: $34,653,754
    Total: $301,391,228
  • 3. Everything, Everything
    Gross: $11,727,390
    Total: $11,727,390
  • 4. Snatched
    Gross: $7,832,517
    Total: $33,015,117
  • 5. King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword
    Gross: $7,152,269
    Total: $27,503,490

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