Top Movie News for December 15, 2017

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Win Star Wars: The Last Jedi IMAX Tickets, Funko Figures & More In anticipation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we're giving away, IMAX tickets, Funko POP collectibles, t-shirts and more.

Fox Deal Gives Disney Princesses a Bunch of New Recruits Disney is going to have to build a new castle to house all of their new princesses that they were just bought from Fox.

Deadpool & Cable Reenact The Creation of Adam in Deadpool 2 Banner Deadpool and Cable reenact the Creation of Adam in the new banner for the upcoming sequel Deadpool 2, as was posted online by Ryan Reynolds. Christmas came early this morning for Deadpool fans, but it wasn’t Ol’ Saint Nick who left a gift under their trees. It was Deadpool himself, actor/producer Ryan Reynolds, who delivered the goods on the same morning that Disney finalized a deal with Fox that gives the Mouse House control over the X-Men franchise rights. Nobody is more worried about studio-backed censorship than fans of the Deadpool franchise.

Morgan Spurlock Leaves His Own Production Company Following His Sexual Misconduct Admission CNN One day removed from Morgan Spurlock’s essay addressing acts of sexual harassment and misconduct in his past, the documentarian has stepped down from his production company Warrior Poets. Spurlock’s departure from the company, which the Super Size Me filmmaker co-founded in 2004, was confirmed in a statement acknowledging Spurlock’s departure. “On behalf of Warrior Poets, we as partners have always supported our company and its endeavors.

Why the Disney-Fox Deal Won’t Be Good for Nerds, or Anyone Else (Commentary) First things first: Corporate consolidation leads to fewer choices for consumers. That idea isn’t really about Disney’s announced acquisition of much of 21st Century Fox. It’s just true in general. But Disney’s $52.4 billion mega-deal is also troubling for nerds, despite a lot of excitement in geek circles about what this consolidation means for Marvel characters on the big screen. Yes, Wolverine can and will be in an “Avengers” movie at some point soon.

Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC Class looks to be in session a little earlier than expected next year, as NBC will be giving viewers a preview of their new comedy series A.P. Bio. Saturday Night Live writer Mike O’Brien, SNL creator Lorne Michaels and NBC late-night host Seth Meyers are shepherding the series, which will air on February 1 at 9:30 pm ET/PT following Will & Grace. After NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympic Games, the series will return on March 1 in its Thursday, 9:30 pm timeslot. Here’s NBC’s rundown on what viewers can expect from A.P.

Did Gwyneth Paltrow Drop a Big Avengers 4 Spoiler? In a recent Instagram post, Gwyneth Paltrow may have revealed a major spoiler for the still untitled Avengers 4.

48 Hours Remake Is Happening with Good Time Directors The Eddie Murphy classic 48 Hours is getting the remake treatment from the filmmaking duo behind Good Time.

James Wan clarifies the number of villains in Aquaman Although he briefly made an appearance in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, our first real introduction to Arthur Curry aka Aquaman (Jason Momoa) arrived in JUSTICE LEAGUE. Unfortunately, beyond a brief sequence, we didn't get to learn all that much about Aquaman's world. It seems that we'll have to wait until James Wan's AQUAMAN to fully explore Atlantis and its... Read More...

X-Men, Simpsons and All Other Movie and TV Franchises Set to Join the Disney Empire The newly announced merger between Disney and 21st Century Fox means that you can stop writing fan fiction about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and accept that crossovers are finally a possibility.

John Wick’s Chad Stahelski to Adapt Brubaker and Phillips’s Kill or Be Killed for Big Screen Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips‘s Kill or Be Killed is heading to the big screen, and it’s got a big-name director to bring it there. According to a report from THR, John Wick co-director Chad Stahelski is set to team up with John Wick producer Basil Iwanyk to adapt the comic book, with Dan Casey writing the script. Casey wasn’t involved with John Wick as far as we know… OR WAS HE?! No, he wasn’t. Kill or Be Killed was first published at Image Comics in 2016, marking a pretty quick turnaround time from comic book launch to movie deal.

Psychopaths Unite in Creepy Strangers 2: Prey at Night Poster Get a closer look at the three masked psychopaths who terrorize a travelling family in a new poster for Strangers: Prey At Night.

Getty Image Over the past few weeks, mounting allegations against Dustin Hoffman have included claims from multiple women who have accused him of inappropriate behavior (sexual misconduct) on film sets and during business meetings. One victim also came forward to allege that Hoffman sexually harassed her when she was a 17-year-old intern. These claims led to a confrontation with John Oliver, which saw Hoffman respond with notable hostility. Now, Variety reports that three more women have come forward to make claims against Hoffman.

Andy Muschietti in talks to direct The Electric State for Russo brothers IT was one of 2017's biggest success stories. Not only did the Stephen King adaptation bring in dump-trucks full of cash (it's currently listed as the 10th highest grossing film of the year), but it was also met with wildly positive reviews, setting director Andy Muschietti up with his pick of projects. According to Deadline, one of Muschietti's upcoming projects could be THE ELECTRIC... Read More...

Wonder Woman Fans Protest Director's Golden Globes Snub Wonder Woman fans are upset that Patty Jenkins didn't get a Golden Globes nomination and are now petitioning for her to be added.

You know that big-eyed bird from Walter Lantz’s animation studio, the one with the horrible laugh? People love that, right? Let’s bring that back. Continue reading…

Gary Oldman came down with a case of nicotine poisoning while portraying Winston Churchill in the biopic Darkest Hour. Believed to be one of the year’s top awards contenders, director Joe Wright’s World War II drama has attracted a considerable amount of attention due to Oldman’s performance. As demonstrated in trailers and still images, the actor truly transformed himself into the former prime minister, establishing himself as the frontrunner in the Best Actor race. As impressive as Oldman’s turn is, it apparently came with some health risks.

Clint Eastwood’s latest movie 15:17 to Paris has won an appeal over its original R rating, which the director and producers thought was inappropriate and could possibly limit the audience. Now the true-life drama will be released in theaters with a PG-13 rating instead. Eastwood was first announced as the director of the project in April.

Paramount Pictures As the allegations of sexual assault and harassment continue to roll in — the latest involving Dustin Hoffman and Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock — many in Hollywood have felt the need to comment on the new age of accountability for men. While on the press tour for his upcoming film, Downsizing, Matt Damon sat down with Peter Travers and shared his opinions on his connection to Harvey Weinstein and the latest harassment accusations in Hollywood, claiming “I do believe that there’s a spectrum of behavior.

The first poster for Ocean's Eight leans into the absolutely stacked, all-female cast for the next entry in the Ocean's franchise.

THE SHAPE OF WATER Named Best Picture by Dallas Critics It's that time of year when we look back and celebrate the best films and, as a proud member of the Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association, I'm glad to say that Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water has named 2017's Best Picture. Our group consists of 34 broadcast, print and online journalists from North Texas. (official site"Official site.) Listed below are all our picks, in order of votes received.

After a week of anxious speculation, it’s finally official that Disney will acquire 20th Century Fox and other entertainment assets from 21st Century Fox in a historic deal that will cost $66 billion (including debts) and will see the Walt Disney company expand its film and television empire. In other words, the House of Mouse should see about upgrading to a castle.  As part of the deal,... Read More...


Review: Beyond Skyline

JoBlo - Thu, 2017-12-14 10:31

PLOT: During an alien invasion, a grizzled ex-cop teams up with a frazzled train conductor to find his kidnapped son, trapped aboard a UFO. REVIEW: I had written a list of the bizarre, inexplicable things that happen in BEYOND SKYLINE with the intention of sharing some of them with you here, just to give you an idea of the film's complete devotion to being as bonkers as possible. But sitting... Read More...

Larry David will return for a tenth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm Cue theme music Larry David is set to return for more awkwardly hilarious hi-jinks with a tenth season of the Golden Globe-winning comedy series CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. Casey Bloys, president of HBO programming, says that production will begin next spring, and that additional details about the show will follow as they're confirmed. “We are thrilled that Larry will be back with his uniquely acerbic... Read More...

Jimmy Fallon does Peanuts parody in the style of CW's Riverdale RIVERDALE - the cool, sexy version of the ARCHIE comics - is a phenomenon. Merging the squeaky clean characters of Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica into a plot that involves murder, rape, and incest has struck a nerve in the popular consciousness. It was a gamble, but it has seemed to have paid off for the CW. Taking that same template, Jimmy Fallon's THE TONIGHT SHOW has done the same with Charles Schultz's PEANUTS comics. It has murder (with Linus instead of Jason Blossom), the... Read More...

Final Commuter Trailer Puts Liam Neeson's Life on the Line Liam Neeson stars as an ordinary man whose daily commute turns into a fight for his life in the final trailer for The Commuter.

Now that the Disney and Fox deal is finally official, we are already privy to some of the smaller details that the buyout will entail, including the confirmation that the Fantastic Four rights are indeed coming back to  Marvel Studios. Regardless of what the business deal means to the bigger picture, Marvel fans were nonetheless thrilled when news broke out that Disney and Fox are in talks for a possible sale of some 21st Century Fox group key components, particularly their TV and movies division, as it poses the possibility of seeing almost the complete Marvel character catalog finally under

Superman actor Henry Cavill says that his next DCEU appearance won’t spend much time explaining Clark Kent’s resurrection. Going into the recent theatrical release of latest DCEU entry Justice League, fans were never in doubt that Superman would return, despite having sacrificed his life to defeat Doomsday at the end of 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

"How is the team looking?" LD Entertainment has debuted a trailer for a true story film titled The Miracle Season, about a high school girls' volleyball team that had to overcome a tragic loss of one of their players. The cast of the film is lead by Helen Hunt, William Hurt, Danika Yarosh, Erin Moriarty, as well as Tiera Skovbye and Nesta Cooper. The Miracle Season is based on the inspiring true story of West High School girls' volleyball team.

Expansive in its scope, engrossing, structurally daring and thoroughly watchable Wormwood is a true masterpiece in the age of rampant misinformation and distrust. [Read the whole post on]

James Gunn has signed on to produce an untitled horror-thriller for director Dave Yarovesky, who directed the Guardians Inferno music video.

The first official Every Day trailer is here with Angourie Rice, Debby Ryan, and Justice Smith.

Although President Donald Trump told Fox mogul Rupert Murdoch his $52.4 billion deal with Disney “could be great for jobs,” as White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Thursday, business experts suggest otherwise. In announcing the deal, Disney said it expects at least “$2 billion in cost savings” derived from “efficiencies realized through the combination of businesses,” without elaborating on what that means. But many analysts say the savings will likely come from job cuts.

Our latest original video offers up a comedic take on what really happened in the first pitch meeting for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As you know, a few years after the underwhelming fan response to the prequel trilogy, George Lucas sold the rights to the franchise to Disney, who then laid out plans for a new film series that would serve as sequels to Lucas’ first three efforts in the galaxy far, far away. The stakes were understandably high, but thankfully, Episode 7 proved to be a return to form for the beloved franchise.

Marvel Studios has released an awesome new 30-second TV spot for Ryan Coogler's Black Panther, featuring a ton of action-packed new footage of Chadwick Boseman in action. Come take a look!

This Sunday during #AChristmasStoryLive watch @RealHughJackman, @Zendaya, @ZacEfron & @KealaSettle in the first-ever LIVE movie commercial for The #GreatestShowman!

2017 was a strong year for cinema, with achievements that can be measured on many yardsticks: It was the year a Wonder Woman got to rock the seemingly unassailable superhero genre, the year a black sketch comedian became a massively profitable writer-director, and the year when Tiffany Haddish ascended to the comedy cosmos.

Infinity War Is the Most Viewed Trailer in YouTube History The first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War has become the most viewed movie trailer in the history of YouTube, with more than 100 million views to date.

Harvey Weinstein pushed back Wednesday night against a New York Times op-ed by Salma Hayek that accused the disgraced movie mogul of problematic behavior during the making of her 2002 film “Frida.” Through a spokesperson, Weinstein denied any malicious intent or behavior toward Hayek.

By Sheryl Oh This movie is certainly not short on memorable actors and we can only hope it turns out just as promising. Sony continues to bulk up the cast of the Spider-Man universe spin-off film, Venom, and is said to be considering Woody Harrelson for an undisclosed role. As far as we know, Harrelson is up for a henchman type part, although details remain few and far between as it has for much of the casting process. Aside from Tom Hardy playing the man himself, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams and Jenny Slate have boarded Venom.

Redbox is launching its on-demand service in an effort to keep up with the highly digitalized way of providing movie and TV content to consumers, but won’t include any Disney films. Originally a physical disc hub where people go and rent out titles for a day, the company is bringing the same service online.

Justice League’s Opening Scene is Now Officially Online The first three minutes of Justice League are now online in Full HD. Warner Bros.

"Acting is the expression of a neurotic impulse. It's a bum's life. Quitting acting, that's the sign of maturity."  - Marlon Brando BLACK SWAN and HACKSAW RIDGE producer Brian Oliver has optioned George Englund's memoir, The Way It's Never Been Done Before, with the intention of turning the novel about the life of actor Marlon... Read More...

Now that Disney has snatched up much of his film and TV business, Fox head honcho Rupert Murdoch can see a future with a combined 21st Century Fox and News Corp. — his mass media juggernaut — but not on the near horizon. “I don’t know. Ideally, yes.

A new poster for the heist film Ocean’s Eight features the movie’s all-star cast literally lined up and ready for action. The original Ocean’s franchise grossed $1.1 billion worldwide, and now the brand will carry on with an all-female take. Steven Soderbergh remains involved as producer, with Gary Ross (The Hunger Games) taking over directing duties. Sandra Bullock heads up the Ocean’s Eight cast as Debbie Ocean, the sister of George Clooney’s Ocean’s Eleven heist-master Danny Ocean. Cate Blanchett plays Bullock’s partner Lou.

"A warm, witty response to dark times." Shout! Studios has debuted an official trailer for an indie comedy titled Humor Me, from first-time director Sam Hoffman. The film stars Jemaine Clement as a struggling New York playwright who is forced to move in with his eccentric dad in a New Jersey retirement community after his wife decides to leave him. Elliot Gould stars as his father, and the two find awkward ways to bond in this predicament while figuring out how best to enjoy life.

Having tackled the topics of corruption and injustice through critically acclaimed documentaries like 13th, The Keepers and Making a Murderer, Netflix is setting its sights on the corporate world and global food production.

Awkward creator Lauren Iungerich is venturing back into the maelstrom of the teen years, bringing her new coming-of-age comedy On My Block to Netflix in 2018. Credit: John O.

Hollywood Wants to Press Delete Button on Net Neutrality Repeal: ‘Nobody Is Asking for It’ Chris Evans, George Takei and Alyssa Milano were among the Hollywood stars to speak out against the FCC’s decision on Thursday to strike down net neutrality regulations. Spearheaded by Chairman Ajit Pai, a former Verizon attorney, the FFC’s “Restoring Internet Freedom” proposal passed along party lines, undoing Obama-era regulations that barred internet service providers from speeding up or slowing down access to certain websites. “EVERYONE should care about this! It benefits no one unless you’re a faceless, mega corporation.

Editorial credit: carrie-nelson / Showtime‘s new half-hour comedy series Kidding is already a show of “firsts”: the project marks actor/comedian Jim Carrey‘s first regular series role in twenty years.

It's to be understood that there will be a varying amount opinions concerning the recent Fox-Disney deal, with some organizations being willing to vocalize their discontent more than others. Earlier today, the Writers Guild of America West released a scathing attack on the unprecendented merging of both companies by issuing the following statement: “In the relentless drive to... Read More...

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally here. While for the most part that’s only cause for celebration, fans’ anticipation of the eighth chapter in the Skywalker saga has been tinged with sadness, since this is the last time we’ll see Carrie Fisher in her iconic role as Leia Organa on the silver screen.

A nightmarish new teaser for Fox’s New Mutants promises to face Samuel Guthrie a.k.a. Cannonball (Charlie Heaton) with his greatest fear. Described as “a haunted house movie,” New Mutants is set to be unlike any other superhero film to date.

The Screen Actors Guild announced the nominees for the 24th annual SAG Awards this morning, and a few movies continue to hold strong with this year's major honors, while others are making advances in the race toward the Oscars.  The Shape of Water was once again recognized for the performances by lead actress Sally Hawkins and supporting actor Richard Jenkins, while Lady Bird also maintained its favor with nods for lead actress Saoirse Ronan and supporting actress...Read MoreRead Comments

There is no middle ground with Star Wars fans, as crowds take to social media to register their love or disgust with The Last Jedi.

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