Top Movie News for June 30, 2015

‘Terminator Genisys’ Reviews: Critics Nostalgic, Bored Over Reboot The latest installment in the “Terminator” franchise, director Alan Taylor‘s “Terminator Genisys” has been taking a beating from critics. The latest attempt to revive the franchise starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, which began in 1984 with James Cameron‘s “The Terminator” has been billed as obvious setup for more movies down the line. “The least inspiring thing about ‘Terminator Genisys’ is how it’s a fifth film that doesn’t improve or expand on the prior four so much as it’s meant to clearly set up Part Six, Par

James Gunn says Ant-Man is one of the top three Marvel movies ever If there is anyone that Marvel fans trust now more than James Gunn, I don't know who it is. Joss Whedon used to be that guy, but with AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON not meeting many expectations and his departure from the studio ranks, Gunn seems to be the guy everyone looks to for confirmation. Gunn is very outspoken on social media and does not mince words with what he thinks about everything Marvel and otherwise.... Read More...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the Most Wanted Man in the World in Snowden Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Edward Snowden, the man who leaked thousands of classified NSA documents to the press in 2013. This is the teaser trailer for Oliver Stone’s next film, Snowden. Well that was disappointing, I guess it’s my fault for expecting some actual footage from a teaser trailer. All we get are a few lines […] Read Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the Most Wanted Man in the World in Snowden on Filmonic.

'Secret in Their Eyes' Trailer: Chiwetel Ejiofor and Julia Roberts Hunt for a Killer Secret in Their Eyes is based on the acclaimed, Oscar-winning Argentinian film The Secret in Their Eyes (differentiated by the titular “The”), and the new English remake looks like it may very well be gunning for an Oscar, too. Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor star in the upcoming dramatic thriller, which centers on a brutal murder and the pursuit of justice that follows. Continue reading…

'Magic Mike XXL' Review: Just Like Riding a Pony Magic Mike was a movie about strippers trying to make ends meet in the midst of the Great Recession, the difficulty of modern romance, and the dangers of drug use. Magic Mike XXL is a movie about strippers stripping. And not a whole lot else. Continue reading…

Here's the Ghostbusters Reboot Proton Pack When busting ghosts, a lady must always carry a Proton Pack. Especially one of the new ones Ghostbusters director Paul Feig revealed via Twitter today with the hashtag #whatyougonnashoot. #whatyougonnashoot — Paul Feig (@paulfeig) June 30, 2015 This is one of several teases and reveals from the set of the all-female Ghostbusters film currently in production. Several photos of the four starring women in costume were recently leaked from the set, suggesting some of the traits of their characters.

Director Says No Back to the Future Remake Back to the Future director Robert Zemeckis is adamant that his classic film trilogy will never have a remake in his lifetime. “Oh, God no,” he told the Telegraph when asked about the possibility. “I mean, to me, that’s outrageous. Especially since it’s a good movie. It’s like saying ‘Let’s remake Citizen Kane. Who are we going to get to play Kane?’ What folly, what insanity is that? Why would anyone do that?” Co-writer and co-rights holder Bob Gale agrees with Zemeckis, and both claim they'll never sign off on a remake as long as they live.

'Batman v Superman' Lego & Funko Pop Comic Con Exclusives Revealed Lego has unveiled its first product tied to 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', the new Batmobile which will be on display at Comic-Con.

SDCC 2015: ‘X-Men: Days of Future’ Past Rogue Cut Screening Tickets Giveaway Attention Latino-Review readers who are attending San Diego Comic-Con this year!Latino-Review review is hosting a giveaway to 10 of our lucky readers with a guest to receive guaranteed VIP access wristbands to watch a fan screening of the Rogue Cut’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”The screening will take place at Reading Cinema in San Diego’s Gaslamp District, 701 Fifth Avenue in Downtown San Diego on Saturday, July 11th at 8 p.m.

Justin Lin Reveals New Star Trek Film Title Star Trek 3 director Justin Lin tweeted out an image yesterday of a Starfleet shoulder patch to be used in the upcoming film. He also gave us the title of the new film… Star Trek Beyond. Lin, from the Fast And Furious franchise, came over to direct the film after Robert Orci and Paramount parted ways. The first two films in the rebooted franchise were directed by J.J. Abrams who left to do Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Both Abrams and Orci are still attached to Star Trek Beyond as producers.   Let the next Starfleet voyage begin!

Stan Lee approves of Tom Holland as Spider-Man The new face of Spider-Man was announced just last week and Tom Holland already has one big supporter in his corner; Stan Lee, who created the hero with Steve Ditko back in 1962, spoke with Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of ANT-MAN where he was asked what he thought of Tom Holland stepping into the role he helped create. He’s good to me! I can’t see anything wrong with... Read More...

The Snap Daily: Why Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner probably divorced Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are ending their marriage of 10 years. But why? We're pretty sure we know.

I Am Chris Farley Trailer: Remembering a Comedy Icon Even if you didn’t love Chris Farley‘s movies or follow him enough during his time on Saturday Night Live, you have to recognize the tragedy of his death. As for the extent of why it’s awful that he hasn’t been with us now for nearly 18 years, the new documentary I Am Chris Farley should prove his talent as a comedian and worth as a human being. As you may have learned from another documentary out this year, Misery Loves Comedy, the sad and funny go hand in hand (and as we learned from Inside Out, sadness and joy are a perfect team).

Review: Asif Kapadia's Powerful Amy Winehouse Documentary 'Amy' There is something intensely macabre about the process of watching the shattering new documentary on British singer/songwriter sensation Amy Winehouse, who died of alcohol-related heart failure at the age of 27 in July 2011. It's a gripping and thoroughly effective, perhaps even brilliant piece of biographical documentary filmmaking, as one would expect from the director who brought us award-winning biodoc "Senna" in 2010.


18 Awesome LGBT Characters

IGN Movies - 5 hours 57 min ago

18 Awesome LGBT Characters June is National LGBT Pride Month, plus gay marriage was made legal in the United States last week, so we are celebrating by listing off our favorite LGBT characters from movies, television, comics, and video games. Take a look at our list, then let us know your favorites in the comments. Why It Matters if a Fictional Character Is Gay Continue reading…

Kevin Feige says Thor: Ragnarok will not be directed by Kenneth Branagh A few weeks ago, a rumor surfaced that had THOR director Kenneth Branagh potentially returning to helm THOR: RAGNAROK. The reception was mostly positive even if it seemed like a long shot. Now, we have confirmed that this will not be happening. Speaking with Collider, Marvel's Kevin Feige has said there is no truth to the rumor of Branagh's return. In fact, Feige doesn't know... Read More...

Michael Bay has shot his Benghazi movie, based on the Mitchell Zuckoff‘s book about the dual 2012 attacks on American compounds in Libya that took four American lives and created a political firestorm that continues to burn even after official inquiries have been handed down. The film, formerly called simply 13 Hours, now has a longer title. It also has a release date, as Paramount will get the film into theaters in January 2016.  THR reports the film’s new title, which is 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

Focus Features is in discussions to acquire domestic distribution rights to “Book of Henry,” which is expected to be the next film from “Jurassic World” director Colin Trevorrow, an individual familiar with the project told TheWrap. “Book of Henry” is an original screenplay written by best-selling novelist Gregg Hurwitz (“You’re Next”). The plot is being kept under wraps, and production will start this fall in New York. Sidney Kimmel Entertainment will finance and co-produce the film with Double Nickel Entertainment.

He's in talks to make his directorial debutWriter Jason Hall already has a connection to Steven Spielberg: the director was attached for a while to make his American Sniper script before passing on the job to Clint Eastwood. Now Hall’s latest military-themed screenplay, Thank You For Your Service, has become available after Spielberg flirted with the idea but moved on to other things.

Soon dancer/actor/producer/Sexiest Man Alive Channing Tatum will swagger back into theaters with Magic Mike XXL this week. To toast his return as well as his rise over the past decade, we're taking a look back at his many looks, from humble supporting player, to drool-inducing love interest, and devastatingly charismatic leading man.   10. Coach Carter (2005) The Look: Playing a baller from a bad neighborhood, Tatum sported a shaved head with his school colors and oversized...Read MoreRead Comments

‘Bojack Horseman’ Season 2 Trailer: Is the Horse Making Progress? The Netflix series BoJack Horseman has a goofy comic concept: Will Arnett voices a drunk, washed-up actor who is also a horse. And while the show’s first season was often pretty goofy, it also turned out to be a brutally funny and frequently very dark evisceration of celebrity culture, media, and many other aspects of modern life. It also works well as a full season of interconnected stories — the show isn’t just a string of jokes, but a character piece that builds some involving arcs. Now there’s a trailer for the second season.

Terminator Genisys isn’t winning over film critics just yet, but its Emmy-winning director, Alan Taylor—a stalwart TV veteran whose credits include Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and The Sopranos—gets points for speaking his mind about his previous blockbuster...

Don Harris, president of domestic distribution at Paramount Pictures, will not renew his contract with the studio when it expires later this summer. “We are very grateful for his dedication and leadership during his many years with the studio,” said Megan Colligan, president of worldwide distribution and marketing, in an internal memo announcing the move on Monday. Harris is “among the most respected executives in his field, and has led Paramount to a tremendously successful run during his time here,” she said. Harris became domestic distribution chief in 2001, replacin

New Easter eggs are spotted on the set of 'TMNT 2' hinting at the presence of a few fan favorite characters.

'Suicide Squad' star Jai Courtney reveals that the rat Jared Leto gave to Margot Robbie now resides with a prominent filmmaker.

Casting twins is always tricky; is it better to use two similar actors, or actual twins, or one actor to play both roles? We’ve seen it done via all these methods, and while it was once very difficult to have one actor convincingly play twins (see all the effort put into Jeremy Irons’ performance for Dead Ringers), digital effects make it a lot easier, on the technical side at least, for one actor to do the job. The Minority Report TV series originally cast one actor, Stark Sands (above, right), to play precog twins Dash and Arthur.

EXCLUSIVE INFOGRAPHIC: Arnold's Arsenal and Box Office Body Count Over the course of his film career as a blockbuster action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger has amassed a pretty hefty body count. Check out the infographic below for a more in-depth look at some of the high points - and high caliber weapons - from some of Arnold's biggest hits. Arnold adds to his body count when Terminator Genisys blasts into theaters July 1.Read MoreRead Comments

As a fan of Saturday Night Live, I’ve always wanted to see the sketches that end up getting cut for time. Since SNL is a live show, some sketches end up getting cut if the show runs long. But those cut sketches are usually recorded in the two-hour dress rehearsal that happens before the show airs live at 11:30 Eastern time. Since SNL has found new life online with sketches that go viral with every new episode, there’s finally a place for cut sketches to see the light of day.

Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Dano, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead Join ‘Swiss Army Man’ The headlining trio of Paul Dano, Daniel Radcliffe and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is all the sales pitch I really need to be interested in a new film, but the plot of their new project Swiss Army Man sounds particularly odd. The three actors have all signed on for the film which will be directed by the team of Daniel Kwan & Daniel Scheinert — if you don’t know those two names, you may know the name Daniels, under which they’ve directed many music videos and short films.

Can't wait for "The Hunger Games: The Exibition" to premiere on July 1st? We got the chance at a sneak peak

A fresh installment in the Tomb Raider video game series, Rise of the Tomb Raider, is visible on the horizon, but it’s not clear just how far away the developing Tomb Raider movie franchise reboot is, by comparison.

Whether you like it or not, there’s a new Power Rangers movie coming from Lionsgate, with the studio hoping to ignite a successful new franchise as The Hunger Games comes to an end this fall. We’d heard that the new movie would somehow keep the mythology of the original Power Rangers series intact, and now we have details on just how that will happen. The beginning of the movie has been uncovered, with details including a reveal of the original Power Rangers, how we meet the new team, and what our new heroes have to do in order to save the planet.

Christine McCarthy has been named senior executive vice president and chief financial officer of The Walt Disney Company, while Kevin Mayer has been named senior executive vice president and chief strategy officer effective immediately, the company announced Tuesday. As CFO, McCarthy will now oversee investor relations, corporate planning and control, tax, corporate treasury, corporate real estate, facilities, integrated supply chain management and corporate citizenship.

The latest Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials trailer doesn’t have any new footage. In fact, it doesn’t really have any footage at all. Or at least not from the film. 20th Century Fox has released a Minecraft-ized version of the Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials trailer, showing us what Thomas, WCKD, and the Scorch would look like as colorful, pixelated blocks. Watch it after the jump.  Fox unveiled the Maze Runner The Scorch Trials Minecraft trailer on YouTube.

Guillermo del Toro no longer attached to direct Justice League Dark movie Insiders tell THR that Guillermo del Toro has exited the planned JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK movie. The site doesn't have any details on why he left, just that he's is no longer attached to direct. JLD is one of the DC Vertigo properties staying at Warner Bros., so the film isn't dead, however del Toro leaving is obviously a huge blow to the project. For those not in the know, Justice League Dark... Read More...

It looks like NBC are taking some inspiration from Netflix's Daredevil, releasing two new visually impressive motion posters to promote the arrival of Heroes Reborn in the fall. Putting the spotlight on two new characters, the one sheets give us a great look at Ryan Guzman as 'Carlos' and Francesca Eastwood as 'Molly'. You can check them out below (courtesy of Yahoo! TV):   According to NBC, Carlos is a ex-soldier discovering his powers for the first time, and represents "a different type of hero" to the other characters.

Cannon Film Distributors (Screenshot) We bring Junkfood Summer School to a close with this graduate course on one of the weirdest teen “comedies” of the 1980s. Dressed up as nothing more than a run-of-the-mill boner jam, The Last American Virgin breaks a lot of conventions that were still being established and ends with a seriously brutal kick to the emotional groin. If you haven’t seen this Cannon Films oddity, we’re about to punch your V-Card! You should follow Brian (@Briguysalisbury), Cargill (@Massawyrm), and the show (@Junkfoodcinema). Download Episode #62 Direct

Is there a movie star more universally beloved right now than Dwayne Johnson? The guy is so powerfully charismatic, he’s been dubbed “franchise Viagra.” He can rock the hell out of a Taylor Swift anthem and make a gritty Bambi reboot seem like a good idea.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has you fooled. He’s convinced you he’s nothing more than a catchphrase generator. A bodybuilder, not a brainiac. A nostalgia act trapped in the past. Continue reading…

A watery death is coming to the fjords of Norway courtesy of Cold Prey director Roar Uthaug. Uthaug has taken the actual events of 1934 when a landslide into a fjord triggered a tsunami that essentially wiped the community of Talfjord off the map and used it as the basis for his upcoming disaster epic The Wave (Bolgen). Uthaug is a long time favorite here at Twitch, one of the most technically proficient directors in the world, and so we've been keeping an eye on this one for quite some time.

Jeremy Renner on J.Lo jokes, gay rumors, and how 'Avengers' nearly killed him Jeremy Renner can kick your ass. Or as he says in a wide-ranging interview with Playboy, he can “choke [you] out.” But Renner can also outsmart you, with a self-proclaimed I.Q. of 175 and a background in fixing up and flipping million-dollar homes. Here are some of the highlights from the...


15 Films To See In July

The Playlist - 4 hours 31 min ago

Last month, I featured 15 titles that made the cut for film to see in June, and July is no different. It’s a packed summer schedule, and It’s completely understandable if you’re still trying to catch up with films that came out last month. This is simply the reality of the moviegoing cycle this time of year, where titles feel “old” after a week in release and most of us are ready for the new bright and shiny thing.

MARVEL v DC: DAWN of the FANBOYS: Justice has nothing to do with what goes on in a courtroom; Justice is about what comes out of a courtroom. Your honor, may I approach the bench? Marvel Studios, the plaintiff, claims the appelant 'DC cinematic universe' poses no real threat to their reign over the filmmaking industry, and says that being a fan of the DCCU is like being a fan of the spacestation on Mars, that it technically doesn't even exist yet beyond a concept.

It feels I am still dealing with the fallout of E3, and already it is time to turn my attention to GamesCom. The event is just over a month away meaning it is time to get back on that convention wagon. Sony are going to be missing the show this year, which means Microsoft have a full run of the convention to do what they want. A few details have been outlined now too about the company’s annual [pess conference.

PlayStation has always dominated Europe. I’m not exactly certain why, perhaps Europe prefer establish brands. The Xbox 360 certainly made up ground on the previous generation, but it seems the PlayStation 4 has reclaimed that lost ground in a big way. According to SCEE president Jim Ryan, speaking to VG247, the number of PlayStation 4s sold in Europe is incredibly strong compared to other competitors. Well, we have market leadership in every country in Europe, and have very significant market leadership in continental Europe. Extremely significant.

He'll star alongside Bryan CranstonSelma brought Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King back to UK screens in February, with David Oyelowo in the role. Now Anthony Mackie will be portraying the historical icon, signing on to star opposite Bryan Cranston in play adaptation All The Way.Jay Roach is directing the TV movie for HBO, working from playwright Robert Schenkkan’s own adaptation. Cranston, who won a Tony for his performance on stage, is playing 36th US President Lyndon B. Johnson through a turbulent time in his career. When the assassination of John F.

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