Top Movie News for September 18, 2019

Joker IMAX Poster Has the Clown Prince Ready to Set the World on Fire IMAX has unveiled their exclusive new poster for Joker featuring Joaquin Phoenix against a fiery backdrop.

We talk Rambo: Last Blood with the legendary Sylvester Stallone! As an actor, it’s rare to find that perfect role that becomes more than simply a performance, it becomes an icon. Then there are guys like Sylvester Stallone who not only gave us ROCKY, but he also gave one hell of a show in FIRST BLOOD which lead to one of the most intense action figures in cinema today. With the latest sequel, Stallone is still at the top of his game with RAMBO: LAST BLOOD. And I absolutely loved it! Last Blood is exactly what fans are hoping for. This impressive and… Read More...

Second Trailer for Rian Johnson's Murder Mystery Movie 'Knives Out' "Are you baiting me, detective?" Lionsgate debuted the second official trailer for Knives Out, the new film from Rian Johnson described as a fun modern murder mystery inspired by mystery mastermind Agatha Christie (and Clue), with "ingenious twists and turns." This just premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to rave reviews from all kinds of critics, which is a relief. A detective arrives at the mansion to investigate the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family, and keeps everyone locked in until they figure out who did it.

Pitt says he's "gonna abstain" from awards campaigning for Astra, Hollywood Within the last two months, Brad Pitt has turned in some of his best work in years between the movies AD ASTRA and ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD. Both performances have received some serious Oscar buzz, and he has a great chance of earning his fourth (and fifth?) acting nomination. But as Pitt reminded us in HOLLYWOOD he's just too cool for all that golden statue jazz, and in a new interview,… Read More...

Halloween Kills Begins Shooting, Michael Myers' Knife Returns in First Set Photo Blumhouse Productions has shared the first set photo from Halloween Kills as filming gets underway on the sequel.

Blumhouse's Invisible Man Reboot Wraps, Director Shares Final Set Photo Director Leigh Whannell reveals filming has wrapped on The Invisible Man reboot, with the editing process about to get underway.

At the beginning of the summer, we reported on Sony Pictures Animation expanding their scope to include international stories and alternative animated projects geared towards adults. One of those projects included a revival of the Adult Swim series The Boondocks, but unlike the original run of the series, the revival won’t be heading to cable.

Jon Favreau Wants to Make a New ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’ Even though the Star Wars prequels received their fair amount of criticism from longtime fans of the sci-fi saga, nothing has ever received as much scorn as the totally weird Star Wars Holiday Special. Aired in 1978, the program took place after the events of Star Wars: A New Hope and followed Han Solo and Chewbacca as they tried to evade the Empire and get to the Wookiee home world of Kashyyyk in order to celebrate “Life Day” with Chewie’s father Itchy, his wife Malla, and his son Lumpy.

Dark Phoenix Honest Trailer Punches Hard at Dying X-Men Franchise The Honest Trailers team takes down Dark Phoenix and destroys the X-Men saga ending sequel.

‘Dream Doll’ Will Tell the Story of Barbie Creator Ruth Handler’s Rise to Success There’s already a Barbie movie in the works at Warner Bros. Pictures with Margot Robbie playing the titular blonde doll and Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach writing the script. But that’s a movie that focuses on the doll as the lead character. What about the woman behind the creation of the beloved toy? Dream Doll is a new movie in development at Bron Studios that will tell the story of Ruth Handler, the woman who invented Barbie, turned Mattel into a toy giant, and went on to become one of the first women to run a Fortune 500 company.

Warner Bros. blames a bad marketplace after The Goldfinch bombs Warner Bros. has not been having the best year. While movies like SHAZAM! and DETECTIVE PIKACHU did fine at the box office, high-profile movies like THE LEGO MOVIE 2, GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS, SHAFT and THE KITCHEN all either came in well under expectations or flat-out bombed. When it comes to their newest release, THE GOLDFINCH, they perhaps hit their biggest speedbump, as the movie… Read More...

Amazon's Lord of the Rings series will officially film in New Zealand At this point in time, the first thing you may think of when someone brings up New Zealand is Taika Waititi in a sort of straw hat and wearing a shirt with tomatoes on it, but you would very soon after likely think of the LORD OF THE RINGS films. The country became synonymous with Middle-earth after director Peter Jackson shot all the movies there – including THE HOBBIT trilogy… Read More...

Breaking Bad Movie El Camino Brings Back Matt Jones as Badger Matt Jones will join Charles Baker to reprise the roles of Badger and Skinny Pete in the Breaking Bad movie.

A remake of The Princess Bride? Cary Elwes says drop your sword "Who says life is fair? Where is that written?" - William Goldman, The Princess Bride It's a given that the internet is always in a snit about something at any given time, but Variety's recent profile focusing on legendary producer Norman Lear has many up in arms after it was said that a remake of Rob Reiner's THE PRINCESS BRIDE could be on the way.… Read More...

Michael B. Jordan fathers a superhero son in Netflix's Raising Dion trailer Netflix has unveiled a trailer for its upcoming superhero series RAISING DION. Based on the comic book and short film of the same name by Dennis Liu, RAISING DION tells the story of a woman named Nicole (Alisha Wainwright), who raises her son Dion (newcomer Ja’Siah Young) after the death of her husband, Mark (Michael B. Jordan). The normal dramas of raising a son as a single mom are amplified… Read More...

Riding a wave of positive reviews and critical acclaim for stars Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez, Hustlers scored a major victory at the box office over the weekend. Audiences responded well to the real-life tale of clever female strip-club employees who decide to team up against their well-heeled male Wall Street clients. The success of the female-empowerment drama, directed by Lorene Scafaria, showed once again that audiences are hungry for more such stories. Here are three more strong...Read MoreRead Comments

NBCU rebooting Battlestar Galactica, Saved by the Bell for streaming service Don’t you just love the smell of reboot news in the morning? With every movie studio and television network digging into their archives for possible shows to reboot, make sequels for, or revamp, the folks at NBCUniversal are adding several more to their own pile with reboots for shows BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and SAVED BY THE BELL. The shows will be made for their upcoming… Read More...

Birds of Prey Poster Throws Harley Quinn Into Dizzying DC Mayhem Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn takes the lead in a stunning new poster for DC's Birds of Prey.

What the Surprise ‘Jurassic World’ Short Could Mean for the Next Film Although Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a convoluted mess, full of dino pro-life campaigns and forced romance yet somehow void of gripping dinosaur attacks, the movie did offer an open-ended resolution. Dinosaurs, now freed from the constraints of Isla Nublar, roam free on Earth. Monologuing in a US Senate Hearing, Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) declares the beginning of the Neo-Jurassic Age.

Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson Confirm They Will Appear in ‘Ghostbusters 2020’ If there’s a Ghostbusters project brewing, you better believe that Dan Aykroyd will be involved with it in some capacity. Out of everyone involved with the original film, Aykroyd is the biggest cheerleader, spending the last few decades preaching from the holy book of all-things-Ghostbusters. Which means it was only a matter of time before we learned Aykroyd would appear in Ghostbusters 2020, the upcoming Ghostbusters sequel/reboot from Jason Reitman. In addition to that, Winston Zeddemore himself, Ernie Hudson, confirmed his return as well.

Earlier this year Mark Ruffalo was taking on a big Thanos in AVENGERS: ENDGAME, and now as we approach the year’s final months, we will see him take on the big chemical company, DuPont, in the drama DARK WATERS. Inspired by a true story, Ruffalo plays defense attorney Robert Bilott, who after defending big chemical companies will fight back against them as he learns that they… Read More...

The CW has released a new batch of photos from the season six premiere of The Flash, titled "Into The Void," and as well as a detailed look at the hero's new suit, we get a few other reveals to boot...

First Full Trailer for Vincenzo Natali's Horror Thriller 'In the Tall Grass' "You think this was just chance? We're all here for a reason." Netflix has launched an official trailer for the indie horror thriller In the Tall Grass, adapted from the novella by Stephen King and Joe Hill. Another new Stephen King adaptation this year! After hearing a young boy’s cry for help, a sister and brother venture into a vast field of tall grass in Kansas but soon discover there may be no way out… and that something evil lurks within.

His new Marvel Comic has some MAJOR surprises for Spider-Man fans. Continue reading…

‘The Fugitive’ Remake Coming to Quibi, Kiefer Sutherland to Chase Boyd Holbrook The Fugitive, the popular 1960s TV series about a wrongfully accused man who goes on the run to prove his innocence as a dogged government agent tracks him down, has already been adapted into an acclaimed 1993 movie and a largely-forgotten TV series that aired in the year 2000.

‘The Night Monkey’ Trailer: Who Is This European Superhero Everyone Is Talking About? Between The Avengers and Justice League, there are tons of superheroes on the big screen. But lately we’ve been hearing about a new superhero on the scene on the other side of the globe, and he’s proving to be rather…amazing. Night Monkey is a new European superhero who is decked out in all black, stealthily leaping through the streets, and helping citizens deal with some very mystifying and dangerous threats.

Netflix masters their own domain and secures Seinfeld streaming rights "I was in the pool!" - George Costanza There's a story making its way around the net that Netflix has landed the SVOD rights to SEINFELD. For those of you wondering about the validity of this claim, I've got some fantastic news. The deal is real ... and it's spectacular! Beginning in 2021, Netflix will become the exclusive streaming home of one of the funniest… Read More...

IT Chapter Two Pushes Pennywise Past $1 Billion at the Box Office IT and IT Chapter Two have now grossed more than $1 billion combined at the global box office.

Spider-Man: Far from Home Beats Captain Marvel as 3rd Biggest Movie of 2019 Following the Sony/Disney split, Spider-Man: Far From Home has become the third highest-grossing movie of 2019.

‘Saturday Night Live’ Will Not Be Hiring Shane Gillis After Racism Controversy Last week, Saturday Night Live announced the hiring of three new comedians as featured players for the 45h season of the late night sketch series. However, one of the trio, comedian Shane Gillis, was immediately embroiled in controversy when undeniably racist comments made on a podcast from last year came to light. Thankfully, SNL has made the right choice by choosing not to bring him on board the show.

M. Night Shyamalan Has Two Original Thrillers in the Works at Universal Glass may not have shattered any box office records, and critics may be split on M. Night Shyamalan as a director, but Universal is investing in the filmmaker’s next two movies. Following the successful theatrical trifecta of The Visit, Split and Glass, Shyamalan is renewing his partnership with Universal for two more untitled thrillers, set to be released in 2021 and 2023. Universal announced the release dates for two M. Night Shyamalan original thrillers, set for theatrical release on February 26, 2021 and February 17, 2023, respectively.

Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, and Woody Harrelson are all featured in the latest look at Zombieland: Double Tap.

In the Shadow of the Moon Trailer Arrives for Netflix's Sci-Fi Serial Killer Thriller Boyd Holbrook and Michael C Hall star in Netflix's upcoming sci-fi mystery In the Shadow of the Moon, coming September 27.

Legendary producer and New Line Cinema founder Bob Shaye takes some time to weigh in on how someone could reboot Nightmare on Elm Street.

It was revealed last week that HBO was close to giving a pilot order to another Game of Thrones prequel series. The prospective series, which will be crafted by George R.R. Martin and Ryan Condal (Colony), is said to be set 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones and will track the beginning of the end for House Targaryen.This new project is based upon George R.R. Martin's… Read More...

Jupiter’s Legacy is off to a shaky start. Netflix’s adaptation of the Mark Millar superhero comic book has lost showrunner Steven S. DeKnight, who stepped down over creative differences. But DeKnight’s exit comes halfway through production of the eight-episode first season, leaving Netflix scrambling for a replacement as filming continues. Deadline broke the news that Steven S.

"How long until this stuff is supposed to kick in?" Epic Pictures has unveiled the first teaser trailer for an intriguing new psychedelic thriller titled The Wave, the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Gille Klabin. This film is premiering at Fantastic Fest coming up, hence the new trailer just in time for its debut down in Austin, TX. Justin Long plays a man on the verge of a promotion takes a mysterious hallucinogenic drug that begins to tear down his reality and expose his life for what it really is.

In a new interview, Avengers: Endgame star Tom Hiddleston promises that the Loki TV series on Disney+ will answer two big questions about the God of Mischief's role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

Fantastic Fest, the Austin, Texas-based, Alamo Drafthouse-hosted film festival celebrating the wildest and most unique genre movies from around the world, turns 15 this year. As someone who has been attending this event for literally a decade, I can say with utmost confidence that it is my favorite week of the year, every year. It’s eight days of shocks and surprises, with bold new discoveries lurking around every corner. It’s where I go to rekindle my love of movies.

The full list of titles coming to Disney+ has been revealed and it includes a wide variety of content.

David Ayer has finally responded to James Gunn stepping in to continue the story of his Suicide Squad movie.

Will Rise of Skywalker Follow Canon and Use an Endgame Plot Device? A supposed leak, coupled with an episode of Rebels, leads some to believe Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is going where the movies have never gone before.

It’s been over ten years since Brad Pitt’s Lt. Aldo Raine instructed audiences that the “Nazi ain’t got no humanity” in Quentin Tarantino’s Inlgourious Basterds. In the decade that followed, we watched as a quaint, yet uproarious tale of obliterating Nazis turned from celluloid fantasy to real-world nightmare.

An official poster for Martin Scorsese's The Irishman features Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

Paul Rudd has already defied aging, so obviously the next thing for him to defy is the natural order of the world. It’s Paul Rudd versus Paul Rudd in the new Netflix black comedy series Living With Yourself, which follows a man who undergoes a strange spa treatment only to discover that he’s been replaced by a better version of himself.

There can never be enough horror anthologies — whether they take the form of movies or TV shows — as even the lesser entries still offer worlds of possibility and varied voices. One of the best on the film side remains 1982’s Creepshow which sees director George Romero and writer Stephen King paying glorious homage to the horror-filled EC Comics of old with tales of greed, jealousy, murder, and the occasional monster. It pairs grim tales with even darker humor and a visual style that plays up the garish colors and comic panels of the comics themselves.

What would Guardians of the Galaxy have been like if James Gunn wasn’t involved?


Review: Guns Akimbo (TIFF 2019)

JoBlo - Tue, 2019-09-17 07:54

PLOT: Miles (Daniel Radcliffe), a nerdy videogame designer, gets his kicks trolling the fans of “Skizm”, an illegal death-match club live-streamed online. After antagonizing the wrong troll, he wakes up to find two pistols have been surgically fused to his hands, and he’s now not only a part of the game but is being pitted against the all-time champ, the trigger-happy… Read More...

The Angel with the Scabbed Wings himself, Marilyn Manson, is joining the cast of AMERICAN GODS for the show's third season. Upon entering the realm of gods and mischief, Manson will play Johan Wengren, the lead singer of Blood Death, a Viking death metal band. Word around the pantheon is that Wengren and Blood Death serve as a source for the Ian McShane-acted character, Mr. Wednesday.… Read More...

Timothy Olyphant joins the cast of Fargo Season 4 How's it goin' there, eh? I'm not sure if you're aware, but living in the Great White North comes with its fair share of perks. Take today for example. Not long ago, a moose lumbered over to my office window and started licking the glass as a way of getting my attention. Once I'd opened the window to see what was the matter, the moose informed me that… Read More...

As the directors who introduced Tom Holland‘s version of Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Anthony and Joe Russo know how hard Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige had to work to reach an agreement with Sony Pictures to share that character on the big screen. When word came out that that delicate deal fell apart earlier last month and Spider-Man would no longer be a part of the MCU, the Russos seemed resigned to it.

Actress Salma Hayek has taken to Twitter to share a photo and express her excitement to begin working with Game of Thrones star Kit Harington on Marvel's The Eternals. Check out her pic after the jump...

Alexandre Aja's alligator attack horror movie Crawl gets a home video release date from Paramount.

Director Tim Miller thought Arnold Schwarzenegger was perfect the way he is for Terminator: Dark Fate.

The Dardenne brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc are known for their emotional slice-of-Belgian-life dramas, but none of their work can prepare you for gut-punch that is Young Ahmed. Their latest film tells a tough story that many Americans have probably never allowed themselves to consider. A teenage Muslim in Belgium becomes enthralled with extremists and plots to kill his schoolteacher to impress his imam, who has been radicalizing him in secret.

If you'd recently heard the echoes of an unexplained shout on the wind, it could have been the result of Lionsgate staff members engaging in a collective cheer spawned by the home release sales for JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 - PARABELLUM. A recent report from Deadline states that the latest installment of Keanu Reeves' John Wick franchise has sold more than 3 million units in… Read More...

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