Top Movie News for January 21, 2018

Star Wars Gets A New York Times Coffee Table Book The New York Times is releasing a unique coffee table book featuring the publication’s four-plus decades of Star Wars coverage.

The second, nationwide Women’s March took place on Saturday amid the government shutdown and saw the return of Scarlett Johansson, who voiced support last year for Planned Parenthood, in Los Angeles. This year, the highest grossing actress of all time’s speech revolved around the Time’s Up movement.

‘American Animals’ Review: A Quasi-True Story of An Art Audacious Heist [Sundance] Heist movies are all about setting up the illusion of clockwork precision, but every good heist film features at least one scene where the job goes horribly wrong – and the great ones often dive into the bitter consequences of crossing the line. In that tradition comes American Animals, a compelling new heist drama from writer/director Bart Layton, the filmmaker behind the impressive 2012 documentary The Imposter.

Shape of Water Wins Best Picture at Producers Guild Awards Writer-director Guillermo del Toro’s fantasy romance The Shape of Water  was named the top film of 2017 at the 29th annual Producers Guild of America Awards Saturday night in Los Angeles.

‘The Catcher Was A Spy’ Review: Not Even Paul Rudd Can Save This Dull Spy Drama [Sundance] The Catcher Was A Spy was one of our most anticipated movies of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, so it brings me absolutely no joy to report that it ranks as my most disappointing movie of the year so far.

‘Jurassic Park': Samuel L. Jackson Death Was Supposed to Be on Screen, Actor Says Did you know that Samuel L. Jackson’s character “Arnold” in the very first “Jurassic Park” movie was supposed to die on screen? “I was actually supposed to go to Hawaii, to shoot my death scene,” the “Pulp Fiction” actor said in a recent interview with The AV Club. ” But there was a hurricane that destroyed all the sets,” he added of his role in the 1993 blockbuster movie. “So I didn’t get to go to Hawaii.” “All you see is the residue of my body, my arm.

Gerard Butler is more often than not the biggest guy in the room. Or at least in his movies. Whether he’s going after the justice system, protecting the president, or delivering Shakespeare, he’s going bigger than everyone else…and he’s usually ripped.

Is Danny McBride's Crocodile Dundee Movie a Joke? A new trailer for Crocodile Dundee 4 dropped unannounced on Friday evening, and a lot of people believe it's an elaborate prank or Super Bowl stunt.

‘Eighth Grade’ Review: An Awkwardly and Endlessly Charming Coming of Age Gem [Sundance] Any adult will tell you that middle school is one of the most awful parts of adolescence. Faces explode with acne, hormones are raging, conversations are awkward, and everyone sucks.

Armie Hammer Reveals He Stole Justice League: Mortal Script Long before Ben Affleck suited up to play the Dark Knight, Armie Hammer reveals that he stole a script from George Miller’s cancelled Justice League: Mortal. Tipped to be the first big comic book movie team up, Mortal was due to include actors like Hammer as Batman, D.J. Cortona as Superman, model Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, and The OC‘s Adam Brody as the Flash.

‘Detective Pikachu’ Film Gains Ken Watanabe We’re still not really sure what Universal and Legendary Pictures are planning with their upcoming live-action Pokemon film Detective Pikachu, but their cast sure is getting good.

Get Out Director Jordan Peele Retires from Acting Keanu and Key and Peele star Jordan Peele will focus all of his energy on filmmaking as opposed to acting in the future.


Review: Mandy (Sundance)

JoBlo - Sat, 2018-01-20 13:37

Review: Mandy (Sundance) PLOT: 1983 A.D - the Shadow Mountains. Red Miller (Nicolas Cage)’s idyllic life comes crashing down when his beloved girlfriend, Mandy Bloom (Andrea Riseborough) is kidnapped by a demented cult, sending him on a bone-chilling quest for revenge. REVIEW: MANDY is director Panos Cosmatos’s long-awaited follow-up to BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW, to which it shares some thematic similarities,... Read More...

Robert Downey Jr. Thanks Infinity War Crew With Personalized Gifts Robert Downey Jr. did not forget to send thank you presents to the crew who worked tirelessly on Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, gifting each of them customized chairs. Production for the Marvel ensemble flick kicked off in January last year, and it wrapped only several days ago. Throughout the 12 months of principal photography, both the actors and the countless staff involved poured all their efforts in the hopes of making history via the much-anticipated spectacles. As the new year rolled out, more and more cast of the Avengers films started wrapping up their roles on the project.

‘Jane Fonda in Five Acts’ Film Review: Doc Explores the Many Lives of the Actress-Activist “Jane Fonda in Five Acts” could easily have been a 10-hour miniseries; it would take at least two hours merely to go through each of her 50 or so film performances.

Disney’s Live-Action Sword in the Stone Hires 28 Weeks Later Director Disney’s live-action remake of The Sword in the Stone is reportedly looking to hire 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to helm the project. The studio has been on a roll in recent years with reimagined revivals of its animated classics, from the Oscar-winning effects of The Jungle Book to the box-office juggernaut Beauty and the Beast.

Indiana Jones 5 & West Side Story Are Next for Spielberg Director Steven Spielberg is lining up his next projects, with a report indicating that Indiana Jones 5 is next, followed by a remake of West Side Story.

At a time when we’re being disappointed by our heroes left and right, it’s nice to take a look back at a TV icon who was nothing more than a pure soul who wanted to do some good in the world. The documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? takes an in-depth look at Fred Rogers, the man behind the PBS children’s program Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood who has influenced generations of children by way of his quaint yet insightful loving nature.

‘The Kindergarten Teacher’ Review: Maggie Gyllenhaal Takes Nurturing Education to a New, Unsettling Level [Sundance] At one point in the beguiling remake of the 2014 Israeli of the same name, a character in The Kindergarten Teacher evokes the name of Mozart as being a prime example of a child prodigy who was nurtured and otherwise taken care of by those who appreciated his unprecedented talent to the point where the young composer only had to focus on creating.

While yes, I’m still struggling to wrap my head around the choice to completely recast the absolutely fabulous award-winning ensemble from Netflix’s The Crown for season 3, some of the names being mentioned are pretty good.It was announced earlier this year that Oscar nominee Helena Bonham Carter will be taking over the role of Princess Margaret from the amazing Vanessa Kirby.

The long-delayed Cloverfield sequel (originally titled God Particle) was recently pushed back from its planned February release date to April. While the film still remains cloaked in mystery, a brand-new viral marketing promo has been launched to both tease the new film and mark the original Cloverfield‘s 10th anniversary. The Cloverfield viral marketing machine is heating up again. The original Cloverfield had extensive, obsessive viral marketing surrounding it, all leading up to the film’s January 18, 2008 release date.

‘Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind’ Film Review: HBO Doc Remembers Comic Actor With Tough Love Free association has rarely been freer than in the mind of Robin Williams, whose gift for improvisation made him one of the most respected comedians and dramatic actors of his generation.

A new report suggests that the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel is looking to cast a mystery femme fatale character.

Even those of us who know of the French writer Colette probably don’t know that she ghost-wrote a series of popular novels under her husband’s name, slept with women at her pleasure and otherwise asserted herself in a very unladylike manner. Keira Knightley, in the title role of “Colette,” brings the early 20th century writer to life with vivid emotion, paired with a strong performance by Dominic West who plays her domineering but somehow unhateable husband, Willy.

The Sundance Film Festival has been a launchpad for talented filmmakers all over the world, and a trailer for a new Brazilian drama called Rust has me wondering if director Aly Muritiba‘s name is one we’re going to become familiar with as this year’s fest gets underway this week. His film tells the story of a high school girl who suffers the consequences and shame of a compromising video leaking to her entire high school. Check out the full trailer below. Rust trailer Thanks to The Playlist for debuting that trailer for Ferrugem (which translates to Rust).

Harley Quinn to Return in Birds of Prey Before Suicide Squad 2? A new report claims that Margot Robbie has taken a personal interest in Birds of Prey, one of three Harley Quinn movies moving forward.

"Why did you run, Mr. Kelly?" Samuel Goldwyn has unveiled an official US trailer for an Australian racism drama titled Sweet Country, from acclaimed director Warwick Thornton (of Samson & Delilah). This first premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year, and played at the Toronto and London Film Festivals. It also plays at the Sundance Film Festival this month hitting pretty much every big fest. Sweet Country takes place in the Northern Territory of Australia nearly 100 years ago, telling the story of an Aboriginal stockman who shoots a white man and is taken to trial.

‘Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot’ Film Review: Joaquin Phoenix Shines in Disjointed Drama The last time a Gus Van Sant movie premiered at a major film festival, the film was “The Sea of Trees” and the festival was Cannes, where the movie was booed unmercifully at its first screening. So it’s with a degree of relief that we can report that Van Sant’s new film, “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot,” was met with nothing but applause when it premiered on Friday night at the Sundance Film Festival. And to be sure, “Don’t Worry” is a far better movie than the inert “Sea of Trees.” Originally in the works not

The Last Jedi Final Box Office Total Expected to Hit $1.3 Billion Globally Star Wars: The Last Jedi is tracking to pocket $1.31 billion total box office earnings as it nears the end of its theatrical run around the globe.

Weinstein Company Pulls War with Grandpa, Upside and Mary Magdaline The Weinstein Company has yanked three of its 2018 movies War With Grandpa, Upside and Mary Magdalene, as the company may change hands.

This YA dystopian movie has everything: zombies, explosions, deadly missiles, and Giancarlo Esposito in a fabulous coat. Aiden Gillen’s also rocking a sweet turtleneck, but the fashion choices of the prestigious character actors is besides the point: the Maze Runner trilogy is officially reaching the end of the labyrinth. Maze Runner: The Death Cure is closing out the YA dystopia series — admittedly, one of the better ones we’ve seen in the past decade — with a bombastic third and final act.

By Neil Miller Jason Mantzoukas and Tony Revolori make for an unlikely odd couple in the next great American road trip comedy. Hannah Fidell is a filmmaker we’ve been tracking since her 2013 feature debut A Teacher, a taut and tense thriller that we reviewed here at Sundance. In that debut, she showed a deft ability to create unnerving intimacy and hold a consistently tense atmosphere throughout a film’s entire runtime. In 2015, Fidell brought her second feature 6 Years to South by Southwest, delivering another tense and unexpectedly violent love story.

WWE wrestler-turned-movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the subject of a musical playing next week in London.

Actors Paul Dano and Idris Elba both premiered their feature directing debuts on Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival, but it would be hard to imagine two films more dissimilar than Dano’s “Wildlife” and Elba’s “Yardie.” The latter, which TheWrap will cover separately, is a rough and violent story set in East London in the 1970s.

Sundance It was when the half-man, half-horse’s penis showed up that I thought to myself, well, that’s a new one. There’s something that’s irrationally annoying about most movies that are described as “crazy.” (I realize it’s in the title of this post. Alas.) First of all, they are usually bad. Sure, they play well at midnight screenings at film festivals in front of rowdy, half-drunk crowds. But, most of the time, this is all pomp and circumstance to disguise the fact that the movie is maybe unwatchable in normal circumstances.

There's A New Best Reviewed Movie Of All-Time On Rotten Tomatoes And It Will Definitely Surprise YouThere's A New Best Reviewed Movie Of All-Time On Rotten Tomatoes And It Will Definitely Surprise You Toy Story 2 was previously the best reviewed movie of all-time on Rotten Tomatoes but that's now changed and you can find out which recent release has taken its crown after the jump. Check it out!

"Something is going down in Salem…" This is going to be wild. A teaser trailer has debuted for a film titled Assassination Nation, premiering at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival at Midnight tonight.

With what might count as cut #998 in the possible demise of Marvel’s Inhumans, ABC has removed press access to the series from its site. As originally pointed out by the folks over at SpoilerTV, the formal portal for the series on the press site now leads to a message that reads: “Error 404 Whatever was supposed to happen, didn’t happen.

While there were originally plans for a writers room revolving around ROM: Spaceknight and M.A.S.K., those movies aren't happening anymore.

“Societies accrue their greatest wealth at the moment they face death,” says one of the talking heads in the opening seconds of Generation Wealth, setting the tone for a documentary that takes a deep dive into the excesses of societies across the globe and surfaces with some disturbing results. You may recognize Lauren Greenfield as the filmmaker behind the 2012 documentary The Queen of Versailles, which documented a mega-rich Florida family’s attempt to construct the largest house in the United States.

Sundance It’s difficult to believe Monsters and Men (which just premiered Friday at the Sundance Film Festival) is Reinaldo Marcus Green’s first feature-length film. This is the kind of movie to be expected from a seasoned veteran – the kind of film that avoids the worst impulses of new directors and just lets the story marinate, instead of taking it up a couple hundred degrees to prove a point or show off. And this is doubly impressive because this is a narrative that just seems really tough to pull off. It’s a story about three separate men, and the stories do intersect, but barely.

Starz’s new original series Counterpart gives J.K. Simmons the role of a lifetime. Well, at least by sheer volume – playing a double role gives him twice as much material. Simmons plays Howard, a regular joe working a desk job, who one day meets himself. The other Howard comes from a parallel world that was just discovered,and he’s a badass spy.

With the new year well on its way it is time once again to bring about focus on Frontières and it's ongoing and awesome work to help create more international genre films.    While we would hesitate to call it a divine calling there is something certainly heavanly about their work.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters star O’Shea Jackson teases that Godzilla and King Ghidorah will have an unforgettably epic showdown. Jackson says he’s “foaming at the mouth” to see the two go at it. The highly anticipated monster flick will also feature two other prominent kaiju associated with Godzilla: Rodan and Mothra. Following the success of Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla in 2014, Lionsgate announced plans for a shared cinematic universe called the MonsterVerse that would include a sequel and Kong: Skull Island.

Director Duncan Jones reveals the February premiere date for his new film Mute, in a Twitter thread about his passion project.

Daniel Radcliffe plays a drug mule in the upcoming 'Beast of Burden'.

Film producer Allison Shearmur, whose credits include “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and the upcoming “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” along with the “Hunger Games” film franchise, died on Friday, according to multiple reports. She was 54.

***UPDATE***  As expected, AMC had something to say about Darabont’s new lawsuit, issuing the following statement through their attorney, Orin Snyder of Gibson:“At the heart of this lawsuit — and all the litigation related to ‘The Walking Dead’ — is the greed of CAA. Their goal is every dollar for themselves, with total disregard for contracts, clients, fairness or even basic decency. AMC was the only network willing to take a risk on ‘The Walking Dead,’ after many others passed.

The Guilty 6.5 Reviewer 0 Users (0 votes) BC Rating The Guilty might not be the most intense thriller but the frustration by the main character is easy to understand.Director: Gustav MöllerSummary: When police officer Asger Holm (Jakob Cedergren) is demoted to desk work, he expects a sleepy beat as an emergency dispatcher. That all changes when he answers a panicked phone call from a kidnapped woman who then disconnects abruptly. Asger, confined to the police station, is forced to use others as his eyes and ears as the severity of the crime slowly becomes more clear.

Next week, with the clock ticking down, Mack, Yo-Yo, and Flint begin a revolution against the Kree! Come check out the new promo and eight new promotional stills from the the next episode now!

According to Variety, Oscar-winning actress Dorothy Malone – whose career in Hollywood lasted from the early 40s through 1992 – passed away from natural causes at the age of 93. She was born Dorothy Maloney on January 30, 1924 in Chicago, and when she was still a child, her family moved to Dallas. While attending Southern Methodist University, an agent came to see a performance at her school specifically looking at her male co-star. Maloney made such an impression that at the age of 18, she signed a contract with RKO pictures.

Pain is not only painful; it’s repetitious. At least that’s the case in director Babis Makridis’ “Pity,” a slow-burn drama about the relentless heartache loss tends to cause. In the beginning, we find Giannis (Yannis Drakopoulos) standing inside his home, in front of the door. He’s in a white button-up shirt and horn-rimmed glasses. There’s a knock at the door. A woman enters. She has a homemade Bundt cake. In “Pity,” there is an endless supply of these luscious pastries.

We're living in a time where art, including cinema, must speak loudly about today's times, today's society and what's happening all around us. It's not just important social commentary, but a chance to really make us think and ask questions and hold a mirror up to ourselves. One of the best films from the 2018 Sundance Film Festival to do exactly that is a called Blindspotting, from filmmaker Carlos López Estrada making his feature directorial debut. This film is kind of a buddy comedy, about two friends from Oakland, California dealing with the craziness of contemporary times.

Warner Bros.' DC Films Slate Is A Lot Smaller Than The Internet Would Have You BelieveWarner Bros.' DC Films Slate Is A Lot Smaller Than The Internet Would Have You Believe Over the past twelve months or so, we've heard about a lot of upcoming DC Comics movies, including the likes of Black Adam, The Joker, and Deathstroke. Well, it turns out they're not all on the way...

Getty Image It was kind of the perfect setting to interview Nick Offerman: a folksy hotel lobby, nestled a little bit away from the hustle and bustle of Park City, Utah’s Main Street during the Sundance Film Festival. It kind of looked like a place Offerman might hang out in his free time, only probably without the reporters and publicists hanging around. (Maybe surprisingly, this is a rare occurrence at Sundance, most interviews happen at a very sterile, corporate sponsored, designated spot.

A lesbian spin on the legendary Lizzie Borden murder case is nothing new — Ed McBain posited the notion in a 1984 novel — but the stylish and haunting “Lizzie” paints a provocative portrait of a woman driven by passions and left with few options in a society that gave her little agency. In “Lizzie,” we come to know Borden’s inner turmoil, not only by her periodic “spells” but also in the way that the camera captures a bewitching Chloë Sevigny.

If only the 1980s knew the power couple it once had on its hands. Dame Helen Mirren and (regular) Liam Neeson popped by The Graham Norton Show for the program’s usual blend of celebrity chat and saucy stories. Including in the latest episode was Mirren and Neeson being asked by Norton about their former romance. Mirren made the point it wasn’t just a simple date or two. “We didn’t date, we lived together for four years — we were a serious item for a while,” she explained about her one-time main squeeze.

Hyundai Veloster isn’t the acting pseudonym of Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski. It’s actually the name of a car. And that car has been cast in a major role in the upcoming blockbuster movie from Marvel Studios, Ant-Man and the Wasp.“Fans of Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man will soon be introduced to the stylish design and exceptional performance capabilities of the all-new Hyundai Veloster as it will play a significant role in Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp,” reveals a press release.

Natalie Portman shared a harrowing story with the crowd at the Woman’s March in Los Angeles on Saturday, remembering that her first ever fan letter at 13 years-old was a “rape fantasy.” The Oscar winner spoke about the “great discomfort” she’s struggled with as a woman in Hollywood, dating back to when she was a teenager.

As part of their multi-billion dollar deal to buy various assets from 21st Century Fox, the Walt Disney Company became the proud owners of some much-coveted intellectual properties. Most of the column inches dedicated to the acquisition have focused on how the purchase would finally allow Disney to bring the X-Men and Deadpool titles under the umbrella of Marvel Studios, and the obvious issues of dealing with a potential media monopoly in the current entertainment and cultural landscape.

Nicolas Cage really outdoes himself in the wickedly enjoyable trash masterpiece Mom and Dad.

Actress Blythe Danner opened up about her daughter Gwyneth Paltrow’s role in the #MeToo movement — specifically criticism that the Oscar winner waited too long to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct. Speaking with TheWrap at Acura Studios during the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday, Danner discussed a blunt op-ed she wrote for the New York Times in response to a piece by Maureen Dowd. The columnist asserted that Paltrow ignored Weinstein’s behavior to become the “queen of Miramax,” referencing her 1999 Best Actress Academy Award for Weinstein’s fi

There’s a fair amount of pressure on Debra Granik’s new indie: Every film she’s taken to Sundance has been a winner, starting with her short “Snake Feed” in 1998. In 2004, her celebrated drama “Down to the Bone” brought awards for both her and then-up-and-coming actress Vera Farmiga. And 2010’s “Winter’s Bone” went on to earn four Oscar nominations, including one for Best Picture and another for the film’s little-known lead, Jennifer Lawrence. So yeah, comparisons will be made. But are they fair? Not really.

It’s safe to bet that everyone, at least once, has felt trapped at a sleepover they can’t leave. It brings the ugly choice: win over the room, disappear into sleep or call crying for mom. That’s the dilemma for the embattled lead in “Tyrel,” a sweet guy named Tyler, who finds himself the only black man at a weekend birthday celebration soaked in booze and fragile masculine egos. “Straight Outta Compton” star Jason Mitchell plays Tyler who in the first moments of the film is called “Tyrel” by one of his new pals.

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  • 1. Alien: Covenant
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    Gross: $35,062,000
    Total: $301,799,474
  • 3. Everything, Everything
    Gross: $12,000,000
    Total: $12,000,000
  • 4. Snatched
    Gross: $7,600,000
    Total: $32,782,600
  • 5. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
    Gross: $7,200,000
    Total: $7,200,000

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