Top Movie News for July 30, 2014

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Trailer Is Even More Awesome in Lego (Video) “Guardians of the Galaxy” already looks like it's going to be one of the most awesome movie tickets of the summer. Now imagine it as a Lego movie. As the insta-classic “Lego Movie” song says, “Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you're part of a team.” Even if it's a dysfunctional team of interstellar outlaws. Lego and Marvel enthusiast Forrest Whaley has made imagination a reality by creating a Lego version of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” trailer for his YouTube page.

7 Unsettling Thoughts I Had While Watching The New Interstellar Trailer The new trailer for Christopher Nolan's space epic "Interstellar" is chocked full of new footage. But there's also a lot of weird subtext to unpack.

The Mummy Lives Again with Alex Kurtzman Universal recently confirmed that they're relaunching their classic movie monster stories with creative direction from Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan. The first film to come from this reboot is The Mummy, and The Wrap reports Alex Kurtzman is getting close to a deal to direct the film. Also according to The Wrap, the modern Mummy will be set in present day, and it won't be all about the horror. The tone will be more action and adventure oriented and family friendly. It sounds like a summer tentpole flick. Continue reading…

Jamie Foxx to Lead Mike Tyson Biopic by 'Wolf of Wall Street' Writer After having his head tattooed in Horrible Bosses, Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx will end up getting one on his face next. Variety has word that Foxx will be getting into the boxing ring to play iconic boxer Mike Tyson in a biopic that will be written by "Boardwalk Empire" creator and The Wolf of Wall Street scribe Terence Winter. The film will be produced by Rick Yorn, who also happens to be Foxx's manager, and it will be shopped to a studio once the entire package is put together. But the real question is how will Foxx, at 47 years of age, be able to play Tyson in his younger years.

‘Into the Woods’ Images: Disney’s Musical Fairy Tale Mashup Walt Disney Pictures’ animated feature offering for 2014 will be the Marvel sci-fi/action comic book adaptation Big Hero 6, but that doesn’t mean the Mouse House won’t also be releasing a fairy tale-inspired musical (one involving princesses - this is Disney after all) this year.

Tom Hiddleston Thanks Whedon for Avengers Role Ever since he rose to fame as the villainous Loki, Tom Hiddleston has gained a reputation as a fangirl heartthrob and all-around classy gent. If there were any worries that the actor's humble reputation is anything less than genuine, they can be put to rest now. In her book Joss Whedon: The Biography, author Amy Pascale includes an email exchange between Hiddleston and Whedon in which the English actor graciously thanks Whedon for including him in The Avengers. "I am so excited I can hardly speak," writes Hiddleston.


Con Air 2: Nic Cage in Space? Director Simon West burst onto the action filmmaking scene with 1997's Con Air, a star-studded Jerry Bruckheimer production that marked the first action movie that Nicolas Cage carried (The Rock being a two-hander with 007 himself, Sean Connery). So it's rather surprising given the commercial success of the film ($224 million at the worldwide box office) that there was never a Con Air 2. Now West has chimed in on what it would take to get him to make the sequel. “There are always rumours about a Con Air 2," West told ScreenDaily. “I would do it if it was completely turned on its head.

Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight Gets Poster The tumultuous history of the Quentin Tarantino film The Hateful Eight may finally be back on the right track. AiCN is reporting that this new poster shows it will be Tarantino’s next film and will be out in 2015. Last year Tarantino was hinting that production was starting when a copy of the script was leaked on-line without consent. This led to the writer/director trashing the whole project and vowing to never shoot it.

Olivia Wilde, Elisabeth Moss, Natasha Lyonne Join Female DP's Directorial Debut Veteran cinematographer Reed Morano has cast three strong actresses in her feature directorial debut, as Olivia Wilde, Elisabeth Moss and Natasha Lyonne will join Luke Wilson in the psychological drama “Meadowland,” it was announced Wednesday by producer Bron Studios. Morano is the award-winning cinematographer behind “The Skeleton Twins,” “Frozen River,” “Kill Your Darlings” and HBO's “Looking.” She will direct “Meadowland” from a script by Chris Rossi. Also read: Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig Bond as Brother and Sister in

Cool Videos: Hear Vin Diesel say I Am Groot in five different languages While Vin Diesel says he recorded the single line of dialogue "I am Groot" thousands of times for his role in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, he didn't share that he also recorded it in multiple languages. The latest international TV spots for the Marvel space opera show the same collection of scenes we have become accustomed to along with a new closing shot of Diesel in studio recording his single line in... Read More...

Warner Bros. Forms Harry Potter Global Franchise Development Team The eight Harry Potter movies have collectively grossed more than $7 billion worldwide, and that kind of coin is not so easily replaced. So, what will Warner Bros. do to fill that void? Attempt to keep the gravy train going, of course. read more

First 'Night at the Museum 3' Teaser Trailer with Ben Stiller/Kingsley "Their greatest adventure... has just begun!" Really? 20th Century Fox has debuted the first full-length teaser trailer for Shawn Levy's Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, the third movie in the adventure-comedy franchise Night at the Museum, which started at the Museum of Natural History some eight years ago.

Shailene Woodley sees Edward get stabbed in 'Divergent' deleted scene Shailene Woodley stars in a highly-anticipated previously unseen deleled scene from "Divergent."

J.J. Abrams, Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino Help Keep Film Stock in Production Film ain’t dead. It is having a hard time, but that combination of polyester and emulsion that records light with such a warm, natural “feel” still has its adherents. And those acolytes, including major movie industry players such as Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, and J.J.

John Goodman In Talks For Trumbo He may co-star with Bryan Cranston & Helen MirrenThey may not have shared any scenes, but Bryan Cranston and John Goodman were both great in Argo. Now they may get the chance to shine together as director Jay Roach has Goodman in talks for a role in Trumbo, which Cranston is locked to star in alongside Helen Mirren.It’ll be based on the experiences of Trumbo, who was locked up in 1950 for refusing to answer questions before the notorious House Un-American Activities Committee, led by Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Rodrigo Cortes to Direct DOWN A DARK HALL; Lionsgate Acquires Supernatural Drama Produced by Stephenie Meyer Lionsgate has acquired the suspense thriller Down a Dark Hall and set Rodrigo Cortes (Buried) to direct.  The young adult novel by Lois Duncan centers on Kit, a new student at Blackwood Boarding School: "It is the opportunity of a lifetime, but Kit quickly realizes something strange is happening behind its walls as she confronts the darkly seductive powers of Blackwood’s headmistress and comes face to face with the supernatural powers that could make her great or destroy her."  Michael Goldbach (Daydream Nation) adapted the first draft---Chris Sparling (Buried) has joined the team for addition

Zooey Deschanel Poses With Bill Murray to Celebrate Wrapping ‘Rock the Kasbah’ (Photo) Barry Levinson‘s next comedy, “Rock the Kasbah” has an all-star lineup, and Zooey Deschanel showed most them off while celebrating the end of production. The “New Girl” star posed with Bill Murray, Danny McBride, Bruce Willis and Scott Caan in a picture she posted to Twitter on Wednesday. See photo: Bill Murray Crashed a Couple's Engagement Pictures, Thereby Blessing Their Marriage Murray takes the lead in “Kasbah” as a music manager who goes on the USO tour to Afghanistan with his last remaining client, and then finds himself abandoned in the fore

‘Sharknado’ Confounds Congress’ Longest-Tenured Member John Dingell Representative John Dingell has faithfully served Michigan's 12th District for nearly 60 years, so you'll pardon him if he hasn't had time to decipher the science behind Sharknadoes. “So it's a tornado full of sharks?” the United States Congressman tweeted Wednesday (see below).

The roles keep rolling in for Oscar Isaac. The Star Wars Episode VII actor has been set to star in HBO’s Show Me a Hero, from The Wire creator David Simon. Catherine Keener also boards the civil rights drama, based on the nonfiction book by Lisa Belkin. Hit the jump for more details. Variety reported the news. Show Me a Hero has just received the greenlight from HBO after being in development for about a decade. The six-hour miniseries was scripted by Simon and William F.

Dakota Johnson, star of the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey, has lined up a role in I Am Love director Luca Guadagnino's next project, A Bigger Splash. Variety has the news, reporting that Johnson will join Ralph Fiennes and Tilda Swinton in the remake of Jacques Deray's 1969 sexual drama, La Piscine (The Swimming Pool).

Elle Fanning Finds A Storm In The Stars She'll play a younger Mary Shelley The story of how Mary Shelley came to write Frankenstein has been well documented, but how about how she came to be Mary Shelley. A Storm In The Stars promises to explore the younger romantic life of the real-life author, with Elle Fanning set to star.A Storm In The Stars finds Wadjida director Haifaa Al-Mansour working from a script by Emma Jensen that charts the passionate love affair between the 17-year-old Mary Wollstonecraft and Percy Shelley, the charismatic poet and her future husband.

So About That New Constantine Pilot At San Diego Comic Con – With Brief Teases From David S. Goyer By Ray Flook   Heading into San Diego Comic-Con with a pilot that “somehow” (I’ll explain that later…) found its way onto several torrent sites  and a major shake-up in the show’s casting (Lucy Griffith‘s Liv Aberdine replaced by Angelica Celaya‘s Zed), I was expecting Constantine executive producers Daniel Cerone (Dexter) and David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight trilogy) to look/sound a bit nervous and defensive regarding the reaction they would receive at their panel on Saturday at San Diego Comic Con.

On this week's episode of The Golden Briefcase, Tim and Jeremy are joined by guest Liam O'Donnell of Hydraulx Entertainment to talk about their latest picks of the week and much more. For the main topic of the night the guys spend some time discussing the film career of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in honor of Brett Ratner's interpretation of Hercules in theaters this past weekend. The guys talk over some of his best and worst career moves as he transitioned back and forth from the ring to the screen and remained the People's Champ through it all!

‘Star Wars’ Creatives Explain Why Canon vs Expanded Universe Shouldn’t Matter While movie audiences were left to wonder about the world of Star Wars that lived outside of the films, readers of the franchise’s ‘Expanded Universe’ had dozens upon dozens of novels rounding out each corner of the universe with George Lucas’ blessing.

The struggling domestic box office pushed AMC Entertainment's revenues down by 4.7 percent in the second quarter and profits plunged, the exhibition giant reported Wednesday. With the overall box office running roughly seven percent from last year, AMC's profits fell by nearly half.

"The McConaissance" continues as Gus Van Sant’s new project Sea of Trees starts shooting today.  As you may have guessed, the film stars Matthew McConaughey as well as Ken Watanabe and Naomi Watts.  Penned by Chris Sparling, the story follows a man who enters the “Suicidal Forest” at Mount Fuji with the intention of taking his own life.

"Glee" star Harry Shum Jr. has, according to a story at The Hollywood Reporter, just joined the cast of the upcoming Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel. He will play the role of Tie-Fang opposite the previously announced Donnie Yen as Silent Wolf and Michelle Yeoh as Yu Shu-lien. Legendary action choreographer Yuen Wo Ping -- director of Donnie Yen's Iron Monkey -- is directing.

Joining Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy & MoreAs if Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu’s The Revenant wasn’t already loaded down with great talent, plus some chancer named Leonardo DiCaprio, the director is adding one more solid actor to the line-up. Domhnall Gleeson is now in negotiations.Adapted from Michael Punke’s novel by Mark L. Smith and the director, The Revenant follows an ill-fated fur trapping expedition to chilly 1820s South Dakota. Hunter Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) is mauled by a bear in the harsh climate, and his companions leave him for dead.

Remember that horrifically awkward scene in Girls where Marnie tries to live out her pop star fantasies by serenading her ex-boyfriend at a company party? Well, stretch that out to about two hours, replace Kanye West with Peter Pan, and you’ve got NBC’s next live musical event. Allison Williams has just been cast as the title character in NBC’s Peter Pan Live!, airing this winter. She joins Christopher Walken, who plays Captain Hook. Hit the jump for the latest details on the show. NBC announced the casting today (via Variety).

And The Who may consult on the music...He’s most usually known for hyperactive, Bruckheimer powered films such as Con Air or, sans the Bruck, The Expendables 2. But director Simon West has his eye – or rather his ear – on music for a new TV show, aiming to work with The Who on what is currently called Mods And Rockers.West has the likes of Pete Townsend and Roger Daltry in talks to handle the music on the series, which he would direct and produce.

Word from THR is that Mythology Entertainment will adapt Zenescope’s series The Library as a feature film. The Library is a spin-off of Zenescope’s flagship series Grimm Fairy Tales and focuses on of a teenage girl and her brother as they accidentally unlock various portals within a historic library that physically transport them into the strange worlds of the books around them. Mythology Entertainment is Brad Fischer, James Vanderbilt and Laeta Kalogridis, and they are currently working on an adaptation of Mary Mapes‘ memoir Truth and Duty that has Cate Blanchett and Robert

For the life of him, Robert Pattinson can't understand why anyone would care about his failed relationship with “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart. “Shit happens, you know?” he told Esquire UK in the cover story for the magazine's September issue.

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom‘s ridiculous feud continued Wednesday, providing comedic fodder across Hollywood social media. The pop star fired the most recent shot when he shared a caption-less photo of Bloom looking weepy on Instagram.

Elizabeth Banks will produce “Resident Advisors,” a comedy series for Paramount Digital starring “Veronica Mars” actor Ryan Hansen and “Hangover” actress Jamie Chung, the studio said Wednesday.

Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day today is 55% off the Pacific Rim Collector’s Edition, which includes the movie on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD, UltraViolet and comes packaged in a collectible Jaeger packaging. The special features include Audio Commentary by Guillermo del Toro, Focus Points, “Drift Space”, The Digital Artistry of “Pacific Rim”, “The Shatterdome”, Deleted Scenes, Blooper Reel, 14 Featurettes Provide In-Depth Looks at Kaijus, Jaegers, Sets, Stunts, Sounds, Effects, and the Mythology and Making of the Film.

Many of us, in our preteen years, conceived stories in crayon and pencil, but most of us did not grow up to be among the most significant directors to work in the medium of film. Martin Scorsese did, of course, and that makes his preteen doodles a bit more interesting than most others.

The Doors Aren’t Closing in the Trailer for The Maze Runner Trust me when I say this, in The Maze Runner, you want those damn doors closed come nighttime, otherwise nasty things are gonna come out and murder you, horribly. The Maze Runner is a sci-fi action flick based on a young-adult post-apocalyptic trilogy written by James Dashner. So you know what that means, if The […] Read The Doors Aren’t Closing in the Trailer for The Maze Runner on Filmonic.

Some Twitter-users had the luck be at an advanced screening of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES which had been held recently. And if we trust their judgment, the movie will be great. Do yourself a favor and go watch the Ninja Turtle movie when it comes out! #TMNTMovie #warpedtour — Larry Ohh (@LarryOhh) 29. Juli 2014 Warped tour just had the best field trip. #TMNTMovie was petty damn great! — SolBianka (@SunxCity) 29.

Does anyone read movie novelizations any longer? Before the Internet, before DVD and all the myriad other ways we consume movie stories, film novelizations were the quickest way to take a film home. Many featured extended characterizations and new scenes and concepts, some drawn from the original screenplays, some invented by the authors.

Samuel L. Jackson is a national treasure. There are very few actors out there who I feel instantly make a movie more watchable. Morgan Freeman is one and Samuel L. Jackson is another. Both actors have iconic voices and have lent themselves to some of the biggest films of the last four decades. The biggest difference between the two? The sheer numbers of times they utter the word motherf*cker. While I have not... Read More...

Legendary's president of digital content and distribution Tom Lesinski will leave the company and segue into a producing deal, two individuals with knowledge told TheWrap. Neither Legendary nor Lesinski commented on the departure. Also read: Legendary Picks Its First Digital Project: A Movie Based on ‘Dead Rising’ Legendary hired Lesinski last fall to oversee its growing digital production outfit, reporting to Bruce Rosenblum, who oversees both television and digital at the studio.

Baymax and Hiro take flight in a new international Big Hero 6 poster meant for the Spanish speaking crowd. A robot prodigy and his home nurse become best friends, forming a pack to fight for truth, justice and the San Fransokyo way after they discover an evil plot to destroy their home town. This crime fighting pair team up with four other superheroes, including GoGo Tomago, Wasabi, Fred and Honey Lemon, in Disney's first-ever animated adaptation of a Marvel comic book.

After signing her name to an open letter condemning the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza as “genocide,” Penelope Cruz has walked back her stance on the complicated Middle East crisis. “I don't want to be misunderstood on this important subject,” the actress says in a statement. “I'm not an expert on the situation and I'm aware of the complexity of it.

One of TV’s most influential and memorable series, David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks has been an enduring cultural touchstone and a huge influence on the television landscape since it went off the air in 1991, after just two seasons. This week, the long-awaited Blu-ray of the show -- under the title Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery -- was released, not only giving the series its first-ever HD release but pairing it with the feature film prequel, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, for the first time.

Elle Fanning recently played Sleeping Beauty in Disney's live-action Maleficent, and she'll be taking on a different kind of iconic role in A Storm in the Stars. The Hollywood Reporter states she'll be starring in the drama directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour. Fanning will be playing a young Mary Shelley, then known as Mary Wollstonecraft. Wollestonecraft will be 17-years-old in the film, which means it's just one year before she writes Frankenstein. Written by Emma Jensen, A Storm in the Stars explores a romance between Mary and poet Percy Shelley. Continue reading…

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