Top Movie News for February 20, 2017

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Justice League Visual Style Will Look Like Batman v Superman Cinematographer Fabian Wagner shares a new Justice League photo while teasing how the visual style is similar to Batman v Superman.

Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: February 19, 2017 With a trio of unimpressive newcomers arriving at the box office this weekend, the path was clear for the holdovers to remain on top. Coming in first again is The LEGO Batman Movie with $34.2 million in its second weekend. That’s only a 35.4 percent decrease from its debut, which is an excellent hold. It isn’t surprising the film has had nice legs, given it was a hit with critics and generated enthusiastic word-of-mouth from audiences. LEGO Batman is a fun time at the multiplex for viewers young and old, and its status as the only real family film in town helped as well.

Baby Groot Gets Explosive in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Poster Get a better look at the adorable Baby Groot in new international artwork for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, in theater this May.

‘Moonlight,’ ‘Arrival’ Win Writers Guild Awards: Complete List of Winners “Moonlight” has won the Writers Guild Award as the best original screenplay of 2016. “Arrival” won the award for adapted screenplay. The WGA handed out awards simultaneously in Los Angeles and New York. “Arrival” won the adapted-screenplay award in New York before the category had been announced in Los Angeles, where “Arrival” screenwriter Eric Heisserer was.

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart on the Incidental Politics of Logan Logan is intended to be Hugh Jackman’s last hurrah as Wolverine, and all indications are that Jackman’s version of the character is going out with a bang. Reviews have been positive so far and Logan looks like it’s set to be a big hit when it comes to theaters on March 3rd, 2017. The movie’s R-rating and intense tone will likely not deter fans from flocking to see it.

The Lion King Gets an Old Mufasa and a New Simba Donald Glover will voice Simba while James Earl Jones will once again talk for Mufasa in director Jon Favreau’s upcoming remake of The Lion King. Jon Favreau shared The Lion King casting of Simba on Twitter with the following post: I just can’t wait to be king. #Simba — Jon Favreau (@Jon_Favreau) February 18, […] Read The Lion King Gets an Old Mufasa and a New Simba on Filmonic.

Wonder Woman Action Figure Reveals Ares’ Final Form Action figures and other movie-related merchandise have become a potential source of spoilers for upcoming blockbusters. This is especially true of films featuring superheroes, as toys, statues, and other collectibles related to the project inevitably flood the market to help increase the revenue streams of studios and the gigantic corporations that own them.

Check Out Yet Another Logo For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR; Does It Also Signal A Title Change? Various members of the Avengers: Infinity War cast have been seen sporting clothing with a cool new logo for the movie, but as we mentioned at the time, it seemed interesting that Marvel had seemingly dropped the "Avengers" prefix, making it part of the title itself.

Star Wars 8: Is Benicio Del Toro Related to This Classic Trilogy Villain? There is some new evidence that suggests Benicio Del Toro may be playing the relative of a classic trilogy villain in Star Wars 8.

Nick Fury to Return in Captain Marvel? Samuel L. Jackson offers a pretty big hint that he will be back as Nick Fury in Captain Marvel.

New ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Promo Art Gives a Better Look at Shocker The first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming showed us quite a bit from the upcoming franchise reboot of Marvel’s webslinger that’s being done in collaboration with Sony Pictures this time. We know Robert Downey Jr.

‘On Body and Soul’ Wins Golden Bear Award at Berlin Film Festival The Hungarian love story “On Body and Soul” has won the Golden Bear award as the best film at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival. Acting awards went to Georg Friedrich for “Bright Nights” and Kim Minhee for “On the Beach at Night Alone,” while the prize for the festival’s best director went to Aki Kaurismaki for “The Other Side of Hope.” The awards were announced at a ceremony in Berlin on Saturday night, at the conclusion of a festival that began on Feb.

In a new interview with 'Variety,' Josh Hutcherson gushes about 'Girls' and how important it is to represent millennial voices in film and TV.

Godzilla 2 Teaser Set For Kong: Skull Island End Credits Stinger Kong: Skull Island will do more than just bring the King back to the big screen. It will also provide another building block in Legendary and Warner Bros.’ MonsterVerse edifice. That planned cinematic universe will include a sequel to 2014’s Godzilla, entitled Godzilla: King of Monsters. But outside of Godzilla and Kong, details have been slim on what other famous kaiju might be popping in to terrorize humanity as the MonsterVerse expands. It has been reported that a post-credits scene will play after Kong: Skull Island, but the exact content of this scene is still not confirmed.

Lindsay Lohan Wants to Star in Disney’s Live-Action Little Mermaid There was once a time where Lindsay Lohan was poised to become the next big thing in Hollywood. First getting noticed for playing the dual role of mischievous twins in Disney’s 1998 remake of The Parent Trap, Lohan’s star rose fast from there, starring in another successful Disney remake — Freaky Friday — by 2003.

Cinema Audio Society Gives Top Sound-Mixing Award to ‘La La Land’ “La La Land” has won the top feature-film award from the Cinema Audio Society, which handed out its 53rd CAS Awards on Saturday night in Los Angeles. The film was up against fellow Oscar sound-mixing nominees “Hacksaw Ridge” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” as well as against “Doctor Strange” and “Sully.” In the last 20 years of the Cinema Audio Society Awards, the winner has gone on to win the Oscar for sound mixing 11 times, including six times in the last decade. Also Read: Oscars: Amy Adams, Dwayne Johnson Join New Crop of Pre

Alright comic fans, it’s time to have a geek throwdown. Who would win in a fight – Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight, or Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad version? The guys over at Minute Match-Ups have come up with a pretty killer (yea, pun intended) fan short film that plays out the scenario. Kudos to Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le directing and Hisonni Johnson for writing in putting together a really solid scenario and fight scene. This is the fourth of their matchup series, with the prior battles having been Deadpool’s Deadpool vs.

‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Tops Sound Editors’ Golden Reel Awards “Hacksaw Ridge” was the big winner on Sunday night at the Motion Picture Sound Editors’ Golden Reel Awards, winning two feature-film awards, including the category that most closely corresponds to the Oscar for sound editing. Mel Gibson’s war film won awards for dialogue and ADR in a feature film and effects and Foley in a feature.

In a blockbuster-filled March, one that will see the releases of biggies like Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast, and Power Rangers, it's Daniel Espinosa's upcoming sci-fi thriller Life that seems to be the biggest wildcard of them all. The sci-fi horror/thriller stars Academy Award-nominee Jake Gyllenhaal (Nocturnal Animals), Golden Globe-nominee Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation), and Golden Globe-nominee Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) in the lead roles as three members of a six-person astronaut crew that makes a startling discovery, but inadvertantly

Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) has been an interesting and important edition to the second season of Supergirl. Both as another strong female character and as a love interest for Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh). But the series has not looked at her backstory very much, which is something that will change starting with this weeks Valentine’s Day story and then continue later in the season.

The Constant Readers of the works of Stephen King (yes, there’s a proper name for his most loyal fans) will recognize the name Castle Rock for being the fictional town of Maine where many of the author’s stories have been set. Stories like Cujo, The Dead Zone and The Body are set in that location while works like It, Dreamcatcher, Pete Sematary, Sleepwalkers, The Shawshank Redemption and Under the Dome make reference to the town. Now it appears a new show from J.J.

Spoiler: Samuel L. Jackson responds to Split & potential sequel **SPOILERS FOR SPLIT BELOW** Okay, if you ignored the above warning and are still reading then what you’re about to read is your own fault, as SPLIT has been out for a month and has made $118 million at the box office ($175 million worldwide, and on a $9 million budget) as of this writing, leaving UNBREAKABLE fans in a state of unending orgasm. A sequel is currently being written, and now... Read More...


‘The Purge 4’ Gets a Summer 2018 Release Date, But Needs a New Director Even though last year’s The Purge: Election Year wrapped up the series pretty nicely withe a political victory being the first step into having The Purge abolished and the New Founding Fathers of America put in their place, it still left the window open for chaos to return to the streets when those in support of The Purge were said to be taking to the streets with violent protest.

We still have to ask if anyone asked for more Pirates movies but here is some new promotional material for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Perhaps this will be the last time star Johnny Depp needs a paycheck. The combination of this, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar will give Disney All The Money and we can end this series for good. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will be released on May 26, 2017. Johnny Depp Needs A Paycheck In These New Posters For ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’

The Hook prequel short Bangarang has been fully funded by Kickstarter, and we could even see a feature length movie in the near future.

The Latest Trailer For ‘Power Rangers’ Injects Some Much Needed Color Let’s be frank. The none-more-gritty presentation of the Power Rangers reboot has caught some of us moldy old folks (read: ages 30 and up) a bit by surprise. Refitting an established property with a darker tone in nothing new (howdy Michael Bay’s bank account), but it is a bit jarring for those of us that think of these Angel Grove do-gooders as a silly, campy, colorful nostalgia trough. Granted, this is a personal hang-up and not the case for a new generation of juice bar enthusiasts, but the tone change can feel strange.

Armie Hammer is almost performing a one-man show in Mine. The Man from U.N.CL.E. star isn’t alone in Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro‘s thriller, but he spends much of it on his own in the frame, with one foot resting not-so-comfortably on a landmine in the desert. To stay alive, he’ll have to survive the next 52 hours by staying in one place. Below, watch the Mine trailer. Hammer plays a U.S. soldier who hesitates when he’s supposed to pull the trigger. His and his partner’s (Tom Cullen) mission goes to hell, forcing them to go on the run.

Why Matt Damon’s ‘The Great Wall’ Became a Great Big Bomb After years of hype, Legendary’s would-be China-U.S. crossover epic “The Great Wall” crumbled at the box office, earning just $18.1 million during its opening weekend in North America on an estimated $150 million production budget.

Belle Attempts To Break The Curse In A New TV Spot & Promo Clip For BEAUTY AND THE BEAST In a few weeks, Belle is surely going to have her hands full, when she takes residence at a frightening castle where she lives among a massive Beast and his whimsical castle staff - who have all been placed under a curse.

Richard Schickel — veteran film critic for Time magazine, author of 37 books and director of numerous documentaries about film — died in Los Angeles following complications from several strokes, his family told the Los Angeles Time. He was 84. Schickel’s career spanned five decades through the Golden Age of Hollywood, making him one of the most respected in his profession. “He was one of the fathers of American film criticism,” said his daughter Erika Schickel, a writer. “He had a singular voice.

Ryan Gosling plays another music man in the trailer for "Song to Song," co-starring Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender, and Natalie Portman.

Discreet is a psychological thriller about a mentally disturbed drifter, who in returning home to Texas to make amends with an alcoholic mother, is confronted with a haunted past. Desperate to deal with his demons, Alex sets out to avenge the source, while engaging in psychosexual rendezvous with various strangers along the way.

Though 2017 will be packed full of comic book characters coming to life on the big screen, Sony is looking to build a franchise off of a seminal series by Stephen King. Long in development as both a film and TV series by producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, The Dark Tower is finally coming to cinemas this summer. While not much is known about the movie, it’s said be a spiritual sequel to the conclusion of the story written in the book of the same name in 2004.

Last night’s edition of Real Time with Bill Maher was every bit the program you imagined it was with professional provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos appearing on the program. Nestled into the show’s collection of events that included Milo in baiting mode, Larry Wilmore telling the man to “f*ck off” and Real Time‘s host getting relatively chummy with is controversial guest.

Vin Diesel is a unique musical treasure. We are blessed and must treasure him. (Still crushed that he didn’t knock out three songs on the XXX: Return of Xander Cage soundtrack. Next time, please.) Sure, he doesn’t have a traditional pop star’s voice, but that’s not what you want from Vin. YOU WANT THE DIESEL, BABY! The Groot conjurer has found himself added to a current Selena Gomez and Kygo team-up to the joy of everyone with blood running through their veins. Diesel shared that he’d be featured on a mix of the breakup track on Twitter.

Acting regularly since the mid-80s, B.D. Wong has managed to carve out quite the impressive career for himself as a character actor. Wong may not get many lead roles, but he’s an actor that can be counted on to give his all to whatever part he is given. Wong is probably most closely associated with his decade-plus tenure portraying forensic psychiatrist Dr. George Huang on the long-running NBC police procedural Law & Order: SVU, but has more recently turned in memorable performances as both Whiterose on USA’s Mr. Robot and the sinister Dr.

Silicon Valley returns for season four on April 23rd. Former Pied Piper CEO, Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch), is still a nervous wreck. After all these seasons, he’s probably been nervous for good reason. A lot goes wrong for Richard on this show. Sometimes conflicts are quickly wrapped up, maybe a little too quickly sometimes, but each episode seems to provide him with a whole mess of problems. If the Silicon Valley season four teaser is any indication, he still has plenty of problems to solve. As a pair, Richard and the confident and proud Erlich Bachman (T.J.

Marvel fans are excited for this November's Thor: Ragnarok, not just because Thor will fight the Hulk in one badass-lookin' gladiatorial battle, but also because the film marks the return of Tom Hiddleston's Loki, who we haven't seen in action since 2013's Thor: The Dark World. So what kind of Loki will see see in the third Thor outing, which also features Cate Blanchett as the villainous Hela and a little more Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange? Well, for one,...Read MoreRead Comments

Rescue workers depicted in Syria’s Oscar-nominated documentary “White Helmets” have obtained U.S. visas and will now be able to attend the Academy Awards on Feb.

Paramount As long as there are things for Tom Cruise to precariously dangle from, the Mission: Impossible franchise will never die. A sixth instalment of the cinematic spin on the CBS spy drama is on its way and director Christopher McQuarrie has offered up some tasty detail chunklets to gobble up as we wait. What a sweetheart! McQuarrie, who helmed the previous entry Rogue Nation, is currently prepping the latest MI thrill ride in London and found time to chat about the project with the UK movie mag Empire.

The Rock has shared some brand new details about the upcoming Rampage movie and revealed that the movie begins shooting this April.

The twitter account for the upcoming King Arthur film has teased out a new 30 second clip ahead of a new full trailer schedule to release tomorrow on President’s Day. We’ve had two trailers thus far – one from back at SDCC last year, then one that’d dropped just shy of a month ago. From Nothing Comes a King. A new #KingArthur trailer debuts TOMORROW! — King Arthur (@kingarthurmovie) February 19, 2017 Fans of the traditional Arthurian legends will need to take a few deep breaths before jumping into this one.

While it’s certainly true that not every horror, sci-fi, or action film needs an R-rating to be good, there are definitely particular stories that cry out for the creative freedom only an R allows. Additionally, one would assume that sequels and prequels to R-rated films would most appropriately be suited by going R also, so as to best serve the tastes of those who made their predecessors a hit in the first place.

Doctor Strange challenged viewers to open their minds to experience something unlike anything Marvel had presented before. This was not just an indication that magic was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but a promise that the visuals would be something completely unique. The earliest marketing drew comparisons to Christopher Nolan’s Inception thanks to buildings folding in on themselves, but Doctor Strange took this to a completely new level. As if the exploration of multiple dimensions was not trippy enough, the film’s more revolutionary visual scene came in the third act.

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    Total: $89,663,300
  • 3. Great Wall, The
    Gross: $18,079,140
    Total: $18,079,140
  • 4. John Wick: Chapter Two
    Gross: $16,500,000
    Total: $58,692,083
  • 5. Fist Fight
    Gross: $12,015,000
    Total: $12,015,000

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