Top Movie News for October 13, 2015

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Steve Zahn Joins Cast Of 'War for the Planet of the Apes' Actor Steve Zahn (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) has joined the cast of War for the Planet of the Apes. He will play one of the titular primates in the film.War for the Planet of the Apes cast includes Andy Serkis, who will reprise the role of Caesar, Gabriel Chavarria (“East Los High”) and Woody Harrelson (“True Detective,” Zombieland).“I know that part of the desire for Matt [Reeves] to do this next movie is about continuing the enjoyment of seeing these apes evolve.

Hateful Eight: Quentin Tarantino On 70mm & Regular Theatrical Cut Differences Quentin Tarantino’s filmmaking career has been marked by films that would be described as anything but conventional. Pulp Fiction, for instance, was one movie that told three stories. Meanwhile, the director made one-fourth of Four Rooms, one half of Grindhouse, and two different halves of Kill Bill. Tarantino’s next film, The Hateful Eight, is set to arrive this December.

Steven Spielberg Won't Be Referencing Much Steven Spielberg in 'Ready Player One' It looks like Steven Spielberg is really committed to directing the adaptation of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One — for better or worse. The iconic filmmaker is just now gearing up to head into production on the project, and while he doesn’t have much to offer at the moment, he has revealed a couple of things we should expect as well as at least one thing we shouldn’t. Continue reading…

Escape From New York Remake: Luther Creator To Pen Script Remakes have become a staple among Hollywood studios over the last decade. An optimist would say  they allow filmmakers to try new and interesting things with beloved properties, while a cynic would likely tell you that they cheapen iconic pieces of cinema.

New 'Shannara Chronicles' Trailer Debuts At NYCC 2015 A new mythology-fantasy series is coming to MTV. Based on the best-selling fantasy novels by Terry Brooks, The Shannara Chronicles is a mix of Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, and Lord of the Rings. The first trailer debuted at New York Comic-Con, and now it's online.

Exclusive: Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain talk Crimson Peak! On October 16th, visionary director Guillermo del Toro will unveil his latest piece of gothic craftsmanship, CRIMSON PEAK, a supernatural thriller the director has been working on for a little under a decade. Featuring dilapidated manors, tortured spirits, dark aristocratic secrets and a general sense of "old dark house" unease, the film feels like all of del Toro's creepiest fantasies... Read More...

Daredevil Season 2 Trailer Online Say hello to The Punisher and ElektraThis past weekend, attendees at the New York Comic-Con got to see a sizzle reel that included quick flashes of footage from the second season of Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil. The streaming service has now put that reel online, so take a look below.Season 1 was awesome. Watch the @Daredevil #NYCC sizzle... Season 2 looks epic!

New Road House Gets A Director Nick Cassavetes is in the frameAs announced a month or so ago MGM is developing a new version of the Patrick Swayze action classic Road House, retooled to star UFC fighter-turned actor Ronda Rousey. Now that project also has a writer/director. Nick Cassavetes will be sweeping up the eyeballs at the Double Deuce.Son of John, brother of Xan, Cassavetes has a long CV as an actor (he even played himself in Entourage, as did Rousey in the movie), but also has eight credits to his name behind the camera, with several other projects in the works.

Furiosa Might Not Return For ‘Mad Max: The Wasteland’ To call Charlize Theron‘s Imperator Furiosa a scene-stealer in Mad Max: Fury Road wouldn’t be fair to her performance. Although both Max (Tom Hardy) and Furiosa find hope and redemption, Fury Road is really more of Furiosa’s story than the road warrior’s. The character was a huge hit with fans and general audiences, and yet, there may be no Furiosa in the Mad Max sequel. Learn more after the jump. Director George Miller is currently speaking with Warner Bros.

Final Trailer for 'Beasts of No Nation' - Go See This Film in Theaters "All of you that have never been listened to before… you now have something that stands for you!" Netflix has debuted one final trailer for Cary Fukunaga's masterpiece Beasts of No Nation, a helluva film that is going to make a mark when it hits theaters this weekend. I love this film (read my review from the Telluride Film Festival), it's phenomenally well-made and features incredible performances, and a brutal but honest story that we don't often hear about.

Bryan Cranston wants to play X-Men villain Mr. Sinister Breaking Bad star, Bryan Cranston has said he's keen to play a superhero, with the X-Men villain, Mr. Sinister at the top of his list...

Rumor: 'Thor: Ragnarok' to be a Buddy Flick Featuring a Blond and a Brucenette Good news everyone! Thor 3 just sky-rocketed to be the most anticipated comic book film after this recent report came out of Joblo where the website has revealed that one green goliath is going to stand side-by-side with the warrior Asgardian.

Did Jeff Goldblum leak the cast of Wes Anderson's next movie? It sounds as though Jeff Goldblum will be running with the pack in Wes Anderson’s next movie, a stop-motion animated tale centering on canine characters — at least according to the actor himself. According to a Nerdist report, Goldblum dished about his participation in the movie during a recent...

Box Office: The Martian Repeats While Pan and The Walk Bomb The Martian and Hotel Transylvania 2 are the first films in almost two months to gross over $100 million domestically, and both made it there on the same weekend. The Martian was again on top, now with $37 million, down only 31.9% compared to last week. That’s a smaller drop than Interstellar‘s 40.4%, but not quite […] Read Box Office: The Martian Repeats While Pan and The Walk Bomb on Filmonic.

'Star Wars 7' Disney Infinity 3.0 Figures & Photos Unveiled 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' character Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren are revealed in new images from the Disney Infinity 3.0 play set.

Full Trailer For Netflix's W/ Bob & David Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are back togetherBefore they were in shows such as Better Call Saul and Arrested Development, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross were a prime comedy duo, pumping out series such as Mr. Show. They’ve reunited for more sketches in a show for Netflix called W/ Bob & David, and the trailer is below. Attempting to convince the world that they have either been in cryogenic suspension or dishonourably discharged from the Navy SEALS, the pair promises four shows that bring together funny folk that used to populate Mr.

Hoverboard commercial hypes 'Back to the Future' 30th anniversary Light as a feather, stiff as …

FX As my good friend and Storm of Spoilers co-host Joanna Robinson wrote earlier today over at Vanity Fair, there’s a lot of thematic mileage in Fargo‘s second season, which debuts tonight on FX. Even though it’s set in the late 1970s, the new story in the anthology series has a lot to say about feminism, the things we bring back from war and the issues of equality that permeate today’s America. For more on that, read Joanna’s piece.

His Appian Way will produce with Paramount Pictures

Charlize Theron is attached to star in Sony Pictures' adaptation 'The Gray Man', following a special agent trying to save his daughter's lives.

‘12 Years a Slave’ Writer John Ridley to Direct L.A. Riots Drama John Ridley is turning his attention to another unhappy chapter in American history. The Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave screenwriter will write and direct an untitled movie about the 1992 L.A. riots, which followed the near-fatal beating of Rodney King by local police. Get details on the John Ridley LA riots project after the jump.  Ridley’s L.A. riots script has been set up for years at Brian Grazer and Ron Howard‘s Imagine Entertainment. But it’s just gotten a fresh jolt thanks to Broad Green Pictures, which has come aboard to produce and distribute.

Vin Diesel’s ‘Dad Bod’ Proves Hollywood Fat-Shaming Isn’t Just for Women Anymore Unflattering paparazzi photos of a shirtless Vin Diesel prove that male stars can be subject to the same body-shaming scrutiny that has plagued women in Hollywood for decades. “The Last Witch Hunter” star, who continues to make an impressive career out of a gravelly voice and a big pair of biceps, was photographed in Miami appearing softer around the midsection than usual.

Johnny Depp might not want to win an Oscar, but a few of his characters would love to.

Guillermo del Toro says that he may be done making Hollywood blockbusters It's not always sunshine and unicorn farts being a Guillermo del Toro fan; for every piece of entertainment he produces there are countless other promising projects which are abandoned, either by del Toro himself or by a studio reluctant to cough up the dough. PACIFIC RIM 2 is the latest del Toro project to encounter a laundry list of issues which ultimately led to the studio bumping... Read More...

How do filmmakers adapt one of the most successful children’s book series? Well, if it’s the Harry Potter book series, the answer is, sequentially. But, in the case of Goosebumps, the only recurring character throughout the series is author R.L. Stine. So, the Goosebumps movie chooses the less obvious route and delivers a creative solution designed to delight fans. The story follows a teen (Dylan Minnette) who has just moved to Madison, Delaware, and is thrilled to discover...Read MoreRead Comments

Fox Buys Sci-Fi Script Ascension For Matthew Vaughn He'll produce and may directThough his plate would seem to be full at the moment, what with plans for the Kingsman sequel moving forward and his recent attachment to espionage novel adaptation I Am Pilgrim, 20th Century Fox has picked up spec script Ascension for Matthew Vaughn to consider producing, developing and even directing.According to Deadline, no deal has been hatched yet, but the director certainly seems interested.

How ‘Steve Jobs’ Steamrolled Objections of Apple Founder’s Family “Steve Jobs” has received raves from critics, awards voters and early audiences in Los Angeles and New York, but the late tech icon’s family has been putting roadblocks in the way of Danny Boyle‘s movie from the start. In fact, Boyle revealed to TheWrap that the filmmakers and Universal Studios’ lawyers had to invoke the fair use exception to U.S. copyright law in order to use Apple’s famous “1984” Super Bowl commercial.

Chris Vance, star of The Transporter television series will appear on CBS’s Supergirl as Non, according to The Hollywood Reporter. As seen in the Richard Donner directed Superman feature films — if one accounts for the special cut of Superman II on home video — Non, played by Jack O’Halloran, is a mute brute of tremendous strength, even amongst Kryptonians. Between 2006 and 2008, writer Geoff Johns redefined the character as a mentor of Jor-El who lost his intellect and speech as a punishment for leading a separatist movement. THR reports Vance’s character will be

A little under two weeks ago it was announced that the sequel to KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE was set to begin production next April despite neither having a script nor a director in place. However, there was one snag at the time as Taron Egerton was attached to play the lead role in Lionsgate's ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS, which was set to begin a lengthy production next February. Egerton is contracted... Read More...

"I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice." In 2017, after eighteen amazing years and eight (potentially ten) films, long-time X-Men star Hugh Jackman will finally hang up the claws and bid farewell to Wolverine. It'll be an emotional goodbye for the Academy Award-nominated actor as well as for fans everywhere that grew up watching him.

This 10-Foot Tall Hulkbuster Cosplay From New York Comic-Con Is Amazing If you’ve been to enough Comic-Cons (or at least browsed enough Comic-Con photo galleries), it becomes harder and harder to be impressed by the cosplay. But, then you see something like this 10-foot tall Hulkbuster from New York Comic-Con, and it’s hard for even the most jaded comic book fan to not be really, really impressed. Continue reading…

While he doesn't put the same kind of emphasis on it that we'll likely hear in Jessica Jones or Luke Cage, you can hear Mike Colter say "Sweet Christmas!" for the first time in the video below. He also weighs in on the character's use of the catchphrase, stating: "I was afraid of that phrase, but it actually fits so well, I don't know why, I don't know why it fits so well into Luke's mouth.

United Talent Agency is seeking a dramatic rewrite to the lawsuit brought rival Creative Artists Agency, with UTA declaring CAA’s accusations of fraud and malice untruths designed to publicly shame the younger agency. A CAA civil suit filed on April 2 — sparked by the March 31 exodus of top CAA comedy agents for UTA with star clients in what the former called a “lawless, midnight raid” — has seen significant bloodshed, and UTA is balking at legal language that ratchets up its alleged misdoings. In a new documents filed Friday in L.A.

The Tracking Board reports Cinemax has ordered a pilot script based on George R.R. Martin‘s novella Skin Trade.

Jeff Goldblum, Bob Balaban, Ed Norton and more will be dogsWes Anderson has a reliable troupe of actors he likes to work with time and again. And he also has the pre-production wheels in motion for a new, stop-motion animated film in the vein of Fantastic Mr. Fox, this time focused on a group of dogs.

Season 2 Episode 4: "Strike Force" Synopsis: Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis) is called to duty to create a law-abiding task force, with the help of Gordon. Meanwhile, Penguin gets caught up in a favor for Galavan, and Nygma asks Kringle out on a date. Recap: OThere is definitely something working right this season on Gotham. I will not pretend that I was... Read More...

THE DEAD ROOM: Watch The Full International Trailer For Jason Stutter's Haunted House Horror Jason Stutter's New Zealand based haunted house horror film The Dead Room is set to have its world premiere at the prestigious Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival this coming Wednesday and for a taste of what is to come we've got the full international trailer of the film to share.When a terrified family flees a desolate southern New Zealand farmhouse, two cynical scientists and a young psychic are sent to investigate their claims of a haunting.

First Episode Of 'Jessica Jones' Takes Marvel In A Bold, New, Sexual Direction **SPOILERS AHEAD** Next month, "Jessica Jones" hits Netflix, and given the teasers so far, it seems like another pre-packaged program from Marvel, following a template they established to excellent success with "Daredevil." It's something a little grittier and more adult than their big screen fare, but palatable enough to still reach a wide, mainstream audience.

Winona Ryder wants to know what's up with "Beetlejuice 2" just about as much as we do.

It seems we have not yet hit Peak TV Nostalgia as Deadline reports a remake of the ABC series Fantasy Island is in the works once again at ABC. The original program, which ran from 1977 to 1984, featured an island in the Pacific where guests paid a genial, white-suited man for elaborate fantasies, but often learned deep truths about themselves. ABC tried reviving the series in 1998 starring Malcolm McDowell as a black-suited and often sharp-tongued version of Ricardo Montalban‘s Mr.

One swallow does not a summer make. Just because “Boyhood” was nominated for Best Picture and fared very well at last year’s Oscars doesn’t mean films that played at Sundance are going to be part of the awards season narrative each year.

Cursed with immortality, Kaulder (Vin Diesel) is the last of his kind, a witch hunter who has spent centuries defending humanity from rogue witches looking to destroy mankind. However, now with the resurrection of the Queen Witch (Julie Engelbrecht), he is destined to enter a battle with the survival of the human race at stake. In this exclusive Fandango Movieclips clip, "Wake Up" from The Last Witch Hunter,  Kaulder wakes to find himself trapped and embroiled in a fight with...Read MoreRead Comments


Is 'Thor 3' Bringing in the Hulk? Mark Ruffalo's Hulk is rumored to appear in 'Thor: Ragnrok', which will be set on a distant planet that is not Asgard or Earth.

The new Outcast trailer has answers for all of your burning questions. What show will Cinemax add to its line-up to actually make you tune in when The Knick isn’t airing? When will The Walking Dead mastermind Robert Kirkman take advantage of his TV clout and bring another series based on his work to the small screen? Where did that kid from Almost Famous go?

The Gaspar Noé-directed 3D erotic drama Love, the Zoë Bell-starring action-thriller movie Camino, and the horror-comedy Aaaaaaaah! — about humans living like wild apes in present-day London — will all screen at this year’s Denver...


'The Goldbergs' creator Adam F. Goldberg has pitched Disney an idea for 'Mighty Ducks 4', but he doesn't have very good news.

Lehane will adapt the forthcoming book for the big screen.

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